10 Year Old Kennard Davis Debuts at Middle Schol Elite National Camp

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Kenard Davis

Written by MSE North Carolina Rep

Kennard Davis also known as the “General” was born in Maryland but has been a resident of Charlotte, NC since 2006. Kennard is 10 years old and has two older brothers who have helped in the molding of his game and mental toughness. He is currently in the 4th grade (A true 4th grader). He is an honor student (Straight A’s 3 quarters) and a great athlete. Kennard takes his intelligence onto the court, which results into a very high IQ of the game.

Kennard is your coach on the court being one of the purest point guards in North Carolina. He is the best 4th grade point guard in the state of NC. However, he plays and dominates on both the 4th and 5th grade levels. His court awareness is above the norm.  He runs his team and knows where everyone is supposed to be the court.

Kennard executes the offense, thus the floor “General”. The “General” is small but his heart, quickness and ability to efficiently run the point makes up for it. Kennard has nice handles, can drop dime passes to the cutter, can kill you from the outside, can hit the three from long range. He can do it all.  Although, he is a pass first/shoot second point guard, he won’t hesitate to take the open shot or that shot needed in crunch time.

The kid works hard on his basketball game, but not only is he a great basketball player, he is also the starting quarterback of the reigning City Champs, the Clemson Tigers of the North Carolina Youth Football League (NCYFL). Kennard is also in the Scholar Athletics program in Harrisburg, NC whose motto is “BE MORE”. This program-with a strong focus on schoolwork and basketball allows him to be in the gym every day (“BE MORE”) preparing him for success in the classroom and on the basketball court.

Coach M. Brown (Future Magic),  Coach/Mentor D. Lewis (Phenom), Coach D. McInnis (TeamCLT), Coach/Mentor H. Holloway (Clemson Tigers Football) and Coach/Trainer/Mentor D. Nix (Scholar Athletics) all had and continue to have a huge hand in the overall development of this players game and classroom achievement. The kid is awesome.

Check him out and keep him on the radar. HE IS DEFINITELY A TRUE POINT GUARD and definitely one to watch! Stay tuned, the best is yet tot to come!

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  1. Grandma Frances Gowdy says:

    Grandson I am proud of you. Keep up the good work on and off the court. Love you.

    Grandma Gowdy

  2. Roz says:

    You go Kennard! There is no limit!

  3. home inspector md…

    10 Year Old Kennard Davis Debuts at Middle Schol Elite National Camp | Middle School Elite…

  4. Teddy Hall says:

    With Kennard Davis and 3rd grader Brooklyn Vick the south Basketball is looking real good.If you have a chance check this kid name Brooklyn Vick out on youtube or just google him. I thought it was all hype until I seen and red about him,scary talent.

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