8th Grade Damon Harge Graduates Middle School Head of His Class (Q&A)

Is He or Is He Not?


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Home Team Hoops labeled 8th grader, Damon Harge Jr., (FL) a “Young Phenom” and speaking of Phenom, we first wrote about Harge after watching him at the 2010 National Phenom Camp in San Diego, CA.

We must give credit to the real Clark Francis of Hoopvide Scoop for ranking Harge number one player at camp, his age group and Joe Keller for stressing us to take a look at then, 6th grade Harge, the Young Phenom.

Bottom line is, Harge scored 50 points at the Phenom Camp, earning a huge name. After MSE penned Harge, he expeditiously released a AAU circuit/camp, You Tube video highlight, that went viral overnight .Obviously, with all the media hype and enormous fan mail, he lived a different life that was forced to drastically change. MSE, scouts and coaches of each level began vigorously tracking Harge’s progress as a – Young Phenom.

Yahoo mentioned, Hoops Phenom Damon Harge Earns Division 1 Hoop Scholarship Offer Before Starting 7th Grade.And, ESPN high school asked, Is Damon Harge Jr The Next Hoops Phenom? MSE answered their question in our August 2010 article and Home Team Hoops backed our claim with their latest mix -tape of Harge, calling him YOUNG PHENOM, four yeas after the Phenom Camp!

But, don’t let Harge’s devastating crossover, fierce competitiveness and play making ability intimidate you; he’s a humble kid off the court. Needless to say he has skill and incredible athleticism, but what separates him is his willingness to strive for elite status. As a result, he completed middle school as top five student athlete, class of 2018. Congrats!!

Here’s our exclusive Q&A interview with Damon Harge as he leaves middle school for the next chapter in his educational and career path. Damon, your muscle memory and unique skill is a measuring tool for every player aspiring to be the mind of James Naismith and/or body of Micheal Jordan;if only mathematically two things could occupy one space at the same time but, unfortunately that’s impossible. So, either a player has elite skill or elite athleticism. Whereas physical growth reaches its eventual ceiling, skill is limitless.

It actual boils down to a matter of preference and after all, it’s basketball, so the question is which one you choose? The great athletes have chosen skill.

MSE – What’s it like living in California, North Carolina and now Florida?

DH – I was born in Cali, so Cali will always be home. NC was cool; had some great opportunities there. Met some good people: Coach Godfrey, KB, Coach Early (NC State), Coach Collins (Duke), Jason Jordan (ESPN/ USA Today). Got to play at Oak Hill while at Christian Faith. Florida is cool: got a state championship already with OCP and got to play with 5 D1 seniors, started with 4 on the floor. Looking forward to more great things here.

MSE – Is east coast or west coast better? What’s your likes and dislikes?

DH – Living on the East Coast, there is more exposure. Seems like there is a lot more competition. So far, it’s good. No complaints. In the West, there are a lot of great players but it seems like there is less recruiting. I will always love Cali though.

MSE – What’s your most memorable moment in middle school, whether off or on the court?

DH – Having Kyrie come to one of my HS games to watch me play. That was big! He’s one of my favorite players. I hope to be where he is one day.

MSE – What high school you plan to attend?

DH – Orlando Christian Prep…plan to get 4 more rings with them.

MSE– How does it feel to be considered No.5 overall and No.2 point guard in the country for class of 2018!

DH – Makes me want to work harder… There is no second best.

MSE – Are you a fan of MiddleSchoolElite.com and why?

DH – Yeah, it’s a cool website that’s trying to help kids reach their goals and dreams and get to college. Lots of us with the same dream so it’s really helpful and big of you to do what you do.

MSE – What’s your AAU team and upcoming tournaments?

DH – E1T1. Schedule keeps changing, but we plan to go to MIT, 8th grade Nationals, Vegas, and another Disney Showcase.

MSE – Name some of the toughest players you played with and against in middle school?

DH – Haven’t played much middle school ball until now, so I will see this summer! Looking forward to competing with kids in my class.

MSE– Are you still a gym rat and how are your school grades?

DH – Yeah, I’m in the gym everyday, 2 to 3 times a day. Grades are good… Have honors courses or had… Survived middle school! Have summer reading to get ready for 9th grade. Plan on taking honors courses in HS as well.

MSE – Who would you like to thank for helping you be one of the best middle school basketball players ever?

DH – 1st God. Blessed me with these gifts. Of course, my Dad for working with me everyday. My Mom for helping me with school and everything. Phil Handy, my Uncle and mentor, for adding to my package and helping me to get to where I want to go. Coach Kohn and Coach Treig at OCP for the coaching, mentoring and state championship experience. Iren  Rainey for being a good friend and mentor. KP for being a good trainer (and for the 1s!). Also, thanks to MSE for recognizing me early as a rising middle schooler… Appreciate it.

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