5’10 Michal Wooldridge Is 11 Year Old Prodigy

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Michal Wooldridge“He’s not a stiff dude, he can really run,” said Mr. Wooldridge of his son 5’10, Michal Wooldridge (OK), who’s eleven years old and just a 4th grader. We told Mr. Wooldridge that his “son is going to be big time.” Wooldridges’ You Tube video highlights show him running the floor like a deer and finishing strong at the rim. At a young age, he has good muscle memory that will transfer into superior skill on the next level.

Who’s the nation’s best big man 5’10” Michal Wooldridge, 5’9″ Christian Moore (CA), 5’9″ Josiah Harris (OH) or…?

Mr. Wooldridge said his son “hasn’t had a growth spurt yet either, just grows about 3-4 inches every year.” Michal is growing at an enormous rate, and he’s off the radar. “I had him playing on lesser teams lately so he can work on his handle and passing. It’s been good for him,” said Mr. Wooldridge. That explains why Michal is still unknown, until now. Dad takes pride in keeping Michal in the books and gym. Mr. Wooldridge who’s also a college coach revealed, “mostly I just work him out, hasn’t played a lot of tournaments or been to any camps.”

We learned that Michal played on a local team to remain low key but, last summer he played briefly with Athletes First. Wooldridge has the total package; height, athleticism and jump shot. His shot pocket is above his head, which indicates he’s strong and extremely fundamental. “I kept him on short goals for a long time so he wouldn’t be dipping in to shoot. Michal’s been on a 10ft goal for the past two years. If he hits 6’10 he’s got a chance. If he’s 6’6 he got to keep developing his handle. My wife is 6’4 too. She was a 3 time All – American in small college ball , European,” Said Mr. Wooldridge.

photo(100)Mr. Wooldridge asked, “where is MSE based out of ?” “50 states”, we replied. He continued with “Michal’s mom is from Slovakia and Michal will play for their junior national teams” and “they have a 12U squad that he’ll play with next summer in some qualifying events.” Our instincts were correct; he’s a prodigy!! “Tough to know what’s best for a kid that is that much bigger than kids his age,” said Mr. Wooldridge. He rubbed in “Michal is really athletic and long. Most young bigs are thick and getting passed up by in size later.”

Mr. Wooldridge figured “…gotta be what a 7footer looks like at eleven.” We reminded Mr. Wooldridge that Micah has three key things that all scouts look for (Height, Athleticism and Jumper). “He’s still just a little boy in the head too,” he added. We iterated to Mr. Wooldridge that his son is prodigy from this day on but, stay humble because they’ll hate you for being different. “I’ll keep him local and just working out with me and lil bro. He’ll play this summer with a team but they don’t travel.”

Check out Michal Wooldridge soon at the exclusive MSE National Camp in Charlotte, NC on August 9-10, 2014

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  1. Well... says:

    I’ll go first. When did he turn 11?

  2. Loadofcrap says:

    11 in the 4th grade? The Dad has it all wrong. To get better play up. What a joke! I wish middle School elite would stop glorifying these kids who are too old. Driving in 9th grade is not elite.

  3. RepnDMV says:

    That is elite size, my son’s team has kid who is 5’6″ in 4th grade which usually makes him biggest kid on the floor. He is 10, have only seen two kids bigger than him on the circuit. One of them was from OBC and the other was from MABC Bengals.

    • Loadofcrap says:

      Look at the headline Dad. Play him up he will get quicker and better. First he is 11 now he is 10. You have the lying part of AAU down already.

      • RepnDMV says:

        I am not his dad and I was talking about another kid in the DMV who is 5’6″ and is actually legit 4th grade. We live in reclass central so we are use to this now.

  4. UK baller says:

    Normally I can see something(ie potential)with your posts but this one has me perplexed. The kid has obviously(by the age)been held back and dad basically has him playing with lesser competition. Don’t understand this one guys, lol(nothing against the kid at least dad has him grounded with school work and not living out dads dreams). But everyone gets a mulligan every now and then. But I will say that I like the fact that you’re at least looking a taller kids in the younger ages, usually its the tiny guys who have some handles but no chance of cracking 5’10” Keep up the posts and keep finding the next stars!!!

  5. set says:

    Man this site is always glorifying kids that are way to old for their grades.. My son was in 7th grade at 11

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