4th Grade Dylan Williams Will Win

Will To Win

In the class of 2022, coaches and scouts are drooling over combo guard Dylan Williams. Ever since he hit the AAU circuit Dylan has been a player people have coveted. In 2013, he lead Team Charlotte to a MIT Championship where he scored (22pts) of the 32 points in a 32-22 win over National Champs and defending MIT champs Maryland Finest.

He also led the team to a 5th place ranking in D1 3rd Grade National Tournament.
As a 2nd grader, Dylan led the New York City Gauchos to a Big Shot Championship in Baltimore over Team Glory where he scored (29pts) of the team 37 and a 37-36 win. Also the Gauchos finished the season ranked #5 in D-1 2nd Grade Nationals and #6 in D-2 3rd grade Nationals.

This young guard is a smooth and powerful guard who has all the offensive tools. He is also a great free throw shooter. Please keep an eye on this young baller because he will be playing in a city near you! Below is a Q&A interview with Dylan Williams aka (D-Will).

MSE – What city and state were you born and raised?

DW – I was born in Houston, TX and raised in Columbia, SC

MSE – How did you end up in Columbia, SC?

DW – My dad coached basketball, so we moved when I was younger.

MSE – How old are you and what’s your birth date?

DW – I am 10yrs old and my birthday is September 28, 2003.

MSE – What is your strength on the court?

DW – My understanding of the game and the ability to make my teammates better players.

MSE – I see you have played for several teams since you hit the AAU circuit, who are some of the top players you have played with and against?

DW – I been lucky to play with a lot of talented players so far, but a few who stands out to me is Antonio Sellers (Gauchos) Jaden Johnson (Maryland Finest) Doug McDaniels (Team Glory) and Javon Tracy (George Hill)

MSE – Who is your role-model?

DW – My mom and dad, they have always been there for me.

MSE – What college would you like to play Basketball for?

DW – Texas or Clemson.

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  1. Willim Gattis says:

    Not only is D-Will a very skilled basketball player, he’s also very respectable and a Great Kid!!! Much Love and Best of Luck this Season!!! #2022CarolinaHornets

  2. Good says:

    Bout time a true fourth grader

  3. Alert says:

    All the kids he named are reclasses. Except Jaden Johnson.

    • Well... says:

      Javon Tracy is not a reclass. He’s 10 years old and played up with 2nd graders when he was in 1st grade. He’s a legit 4th grader.

    • Mad or Nah says:

      Jaden Johnson is also a reclass/late bday….as well as the rest of AAU….

  4. Forgot says:

    They forgot to mention the 6 points he scored against Banneker in the elite 8 at nationals last year. He good though

  5. Sparky says:

    This kid scored double figures EVERY game in 3rd grade Nationals!

    He had 6pts in the first few minutes of the game!

  6. bball mind says:

    I doubt that but hey the can go………what was that final score again….lol

  7. Hello says:

    Lol at bball why you mad? Banneker is a joke they had a 5th Grader ( Andre Crawley ) playing at 3rd grade Nationals last yr and still couldn’t win it. Yeah we lost by 7pts but it was with true 3rd graders. Gtfoh with your Loser ass

  8. Haha says:

    Thats y he left yall…cause yall true.. Put that doe up he will be in Kentucky and once again he still will be ine of the youngest players in the building.

  9. bball mind says:

    Banneker kings 2 wins team charlotte 0 who’s mad not banneker

  10. bball mind says:

    Again not taking nothing away from the kid because they are kids he can play and hope he bas success with the gauchos

  11. Willim Gattis says:

    D-Will will be Fine wherever he goes. He comes from Great Stock that has and is providing a solid foundation for this kid. Why come on this positive website and talk down about a kid. Grow Up!

  12. Hello says:

    Banneker kings one 5th grader two 4 graders playing 3rd grader. Team charlotte one 2nd grader the rest tru 3rd graders.. Gtfoh with y’all scum Bucket ass

  13. Wrong says:

    Wrong 4 fourth gradres all birthdays after sep 1st. See u in Kentucky we goin defend ours. Where team charlotte goin b. O they gone. Banneker in the gym

  14. Hello says:

    But will up coming 7th grader Andre Crawley be in the building?? Lol your a joke 6th grader playing 4th grade and you Proud of that..

  15. Names Numbers says:

    So Banekker 4th grade team currently, right now, has four kids who will be starting 6th grade in the fall instead of 5th grade) who do not turn 11 years old, ELEVEN, until AFTER Sept 1st of this year? Banekker has four 10 year old kids who just finished the 5th grade? What are their names and jersey numbers?

  16. Hello says:

    Andre Crawley??? What about him?? Due tell us why he was playing 3rd grade Nationals last yr..

  17. So Sad says:

    I feel so sad for these kids. You should play competition. If you are 6 months older at this age you have an extreme advantage now but it thins out by the time you are 18 and is nearly gone when you are 20.

    There is a big difference when a 5th grade team plays a 4th, a 4th plays a third, and so on.

    Take your sons and daughters and let them play in their age group. Have them play up. It will help them more in the long run. No one remembers the 5th grade star but they do remember the HS star. It also makes them a better person to face advserity.

  18. Banneker Please Stay Away says:

    Banneker let the scouts talk about your talent but you need to stay off this site. You are giving the program a bad name plus you are really showing the parents something about you they never wanted to see. That you are no different than the other hype/scam men. The world is watching and they see with their own eyes what you are doing, you are just reopening the issue by coming back. This program started off good and you are letting the need to ride off the backs of the chosen few override the accomplishments of the others. Stay away please.

  19. Loco says:

    Team charlotte 3rd grade team this year sucks. That’s why they didn’t come to the MIT this year.

  20. Sparky says:

    This site is not about a debate on Bannekker playing an older kid or not this site about a good 4th grade baller (D-Will)

    So if your want to debate about anything else exchange phone numbers! That was last year move on!

    Let’s talk about how good these young kids are.

    • Loadofcrap says:

      We can talk about how old these kids are. This site and AAUis and will always be second rate until they get the cheating under control.

  21. bball mind says:

    All of Banneker kids are legit banneker doesn’t make the rules all of Banneker kids are legit 4th graders I heard they got protested answer won last year at nationals so the proof is in putting

  22. bball mind says:

    D will is a heck of a ball player as well as all these kids just give credit where credit is due

  23. Hello says:

    I bet my money if Team Charlotte 3rd played players that are in 5th grade they would not lose. Say what you want but you can’t say that they don’t do it the right way..

  24. Bball food for thought says:

    Wow! This looks like something personnel between the 2 teams

  25. Bball food for thought says:

    First let me say this article was about a very talented player in this age group. I’ve had the opportunity to watch him play on a few occasions and he’s solid.
    Now for the ugly truth about the game played in Florida last year. The teams were pretty much evenly matched. In my opinion it all came down to coaching. Banneker turned on that suffocating defense that they play and wouldn’t allow Charlotte best player to to catch the ball and the coached never made the adjustment. As talented as these kids are they still need to be COACHED

  26. Sparky says:

    Having watch Dylan (D-Will) play in 4th grade Natl he is one of the top 4th graders out there (legit 4th grader)!

    He started off slow but he ended with a bang putting up 27pts in the 5/6 game!

  27. Derrick Williams says:

    I remember D-Will as a youngster. His dad was my college basketball coach. He would bring his little goal to the gym during practice and be shooing on the sidelines and dribbling. This kid will be special he comes from a great set of parents. Good luck Dylan

  28. Starts ranking says:

    So he’s turning 11 going into 5th, there’s a true 3rd grader name Brooklyn Vick. This kid is special, you can Google him. I like to be able to see these players in action.

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