Is Zion Harmon Best Rising 6th Grader?

You Tell Us

Note: In 2011, Seth Wilson was crowned top player for class of 2021 after we ranked him as a third grader. If you Google search, ‘ Seth Wilson’, our website pops up. The same goes for Zion Harmon, as well as, the rest of the bunch.  In each situation both student – athlete’s received gratifying news coverage for being considered  best in their class. MSE players have been and will continue experiencing similar and much greater exposure, as a result of us pronouncing them #1.

5th grade Zion Harmon playing on Middle School Elite National Select Team Played up 7th Grade

5th grade Zion Harmon playing on Middle School Elite National Select Team Played up 7th Grade

One Way To Go

We first rated Zion Harmon top player in the country last year, mainly due to his killer instinct and scoring ability. Question’s remain. Is he best shooter in class of 2021?

If so, theoretically it means Harmon’s a better two guard than Jaden Springer (NC) Steth Wilson (OH) and Jaden Jones (TX) (Click Here to watch video). The aforementioned players are presumably in their correct grade based on age and/or classification.

Then again,”Harmon is actually a 7th grader” coach Bill Francis said of him in fifth grade.

Is an older Harmon inherently a better player compared to his younger counterpart? Is Harmon best at his preferred position? A more suitable question is where would Harmon rank among athletes his true age and grade?

For example, if Harmon were in class of 2019 what are some possible outcomes? Well, the formula is rather simple. First, all scouts look for three things. As we should already know by now it’s height, athleticism and jumper. Which one, if any does Harmon possess? The fact he’s playing out of position doesn’t help either. Will he make the cut for 16U TEAM USA in the future as ‘shooting guard’?

This article isn’t to bash any player (s), but only to allow reader’s into our thought process as we carefully determine what player is on top.

We’re reluctant to ask is Harmon a better ‘point guard’ than Khalil Brantley (NC) or Kennedy Chandler (TN)? Coach Franics told us that Brantley is best point guard in the country without a shadow of doubt. Believable?

Since Harmon isn’t even close to being a pass first player, we’re skeptical of his overall IQ and ability to get teammates involved. We feel he’ll have difficulty adjusting to role of facilitator, because he’s such a point chaser.

Can Harmon read the pick and roll including help side defenders? Can he cut, screen and move without the ball? Can he play the right way in a 5 on 5 game with referees? We certainly hope so, since he’s most likely one to two years ahead of his peers in terms of maturity. But they’ll eventually catch up mentally, physically and skill wise.

Please, don’t misinterpret. Harmon is tenacious on offense and defense, and relishes the isolation play. Three contradicting reason’s we enjoy watching him compete. We imagine that if he moves to the one it’ll work more or less in his favor.

The last question for the entire class of 2021 – Can they withstand the influx of new players reclassifying from class of 2020? Probably not for long.

Here’s our current top five players in rising 6th grade for class of 2021 with consideration for position, grade and age. This list is subject to change, except  the top 3 whom can be ranked in whichever order.

Jaden Jones America's Top 6th Grade Basketball Player

Jaden Jones America’s Top 6th Grade Basketball Player

No. 1 Jaden Jones, SG, Texas

No. 2 Jaden Springer, SG, North Carolina

No. 3 Seth Wilson, SG, Ohio

No. 4 Kennedy Chandler , Point Guard, Tennessee

No. 5 Khalil Brantley, Point guard, North Carolina

If we’re incorrect then industry leader Clark Francis of Hoop Scoop will rank opposite of our list. However we initially had Seth, Harmon, and Jones number one so to speak.

*Groundbreaking News

Washington Post recently did a story on Jaden Jones (Click here). Also, see his latest BallIsLife highlight video. We don’t often get enough credit; however, Yahoo kept it real in an article previously written about Jones.

Make sure to backtrack our foremost publications on the subject matter of Middle School Basketball and its’ enticing realm of exposure.

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  1. RepnDMV says:

    None of this matters until high school.

    • fan says:

      Jordan Timmons of WACG held Seth Wilson to 4pts in nationals in the second half and the Smith kid from Orlando to 6pts.In Charlotte he held Harmon in check and also Jaden Jones didnt score when they played in Alabama this year seems like to me you only look at scorers not lock down defensive players but offensively he can play with anyone. But i also realize that you have to pay and go to your camps to get exsosure not what you do on the court hes an athlete that also is one of the top RB/LB in his age group at 5’7″ 130 lbs and just turned 11 his real a problem inside and outside he can play the 2 or 3

    • BasketballMom says:

      As a parent I do feel some kind of way when my son is playing with kids that are clearly 2 or more years older just to have and advantage or to be selected and ranked by MSE or other websites. Then again for the kids that are playing at there true age I feel it gives them a head start in the college race and gives the exposure as it should. I like to read the articles just to see what you have to say. I don’t feel the article bashes the young man I think it tells the truth he is a 7th grader playing with younger under developed kids to make himself look better. If you have talent it will show no matter who you are playing with or against

    • Oregon says:

      I feel Darius Gakwasi is one of the most underrated players in 6th grade right now, he has a very developed jumpshot. is very smooth, and can get his teammates involved easily and he dominates at the 7th grade level in oregon check him out for Oregon Elite. Arguably the best player in 6th grade not to mention he is almost dunking.

  2. Wow says:

    Zion will be just fine. He is a 12 year old kid that just loves the game.

  3. Observer says:

    Springer is class of 2020 and play 5th/6th grade. He is younger than all the kids mentioned in this article a true 11 year old. I’ve seen him play 5th and 6th grade he can equally be ranked in the top 10 for both grades. Time will tell for all these kids. We need to encourage all these kids to keep working hard and have fun.

  4. Tim goodman says:

    So you wrote an article about the best 6th graders and titled it with Zion’s name then didn’t rank him? Seems a little malicious. What was the point of comparing everyone to him if he’s not ranked? Probably should have written about the kids you did rank and put a note at the bottom about why you didn’t rank Zion. Making him the focus of the article seems counter productive and like you have something against Zion.

    And who still considers Clark the industry leader? He doesn’t even have 2020 rankings let alone 2021 rankings.

    • Middle School Elite says:

      Hoop Scoop will rank each class going INTO high school. Then ESPN ranks ninth grade. We rank 4th -8th. All levels tend to be equally as important FYI and makes perfect sense to us.

  5. Uk baller says:

    It’s pretty obvious that somehow this kid or his family has pissed off MSE because in earlier posts all you could do was sing this kids accolades and abilities. Now you guys say he’s a point chaser and basically degrade the kid athletically and mentally. Sure he has been held back but so has just about every kid you guys highlight. Get over your petty disagreements and report things the right way. It’s crap like this why kids will not attend your camps cause they know if they piss you off or go with the wrong faction you guys use your public forum to dog them out. For Christs sake remember you’re grown men and these are kids. Judge them objectively not as objects to further you’re own agenda!


      @ukballer look who’s talking you the main one on these forms attacking kids all you doing is bring bad karma on your on kid who will never have success in life you need help and prayer .

      • Dumb says:

        Read what you just wrote. It’s dumb. In the same sentence, you tell a person to stop “attacking” kids and then say his kid won’t have any success in life. Seems to me that you should probably take a break, back slowly away from the computer, and get some water or something. You’re kind of going all crazy-like in here.

      • Uk baller says:

        What are you talking about? You need to read 99% of the other comments on this post, lol. I’m beginning to think I have a stalker, lol

        • Dumb says:

          @Ukballer. That comment was directed at our new friend, the excessively high-strung NIGHTRYDAS ELITE PARENT. Of course her username is in all caps lol. As far as having a stalker, I agree. You have one who is VERY AGITATED and likes to type in ALL CAPS. That way everyone knows she’s serious, I guess.

          • Uk baller says:

            Everywhere I go I see her ALL CAPS smiling face. So yes I must have a stalker. But on the good side she is smokin hott from the pic, may have to take a trip to fla lol

  6. Damn says:

    Smh….yep. ..Only proves what everyone else knows. …A 12 YEAR OLD 5TH GRADER…LOL…HE SHOULD BE IN 7TH

  7. Tim goodman says:

    MiddleSchoolElite – Okay well that explanation aside, it seems like you have a grudge towards someone and took it out on Zion, a middle schooler. Why harp on all of the shortcomings you see in Zion instead of just ranking the kids you thought were best. Why title the article with Zion’s name only to leave him out of the rankings? Is it part of exposure to build up a young athlete and then tear him down?

  8. Guttless Article says:

    I know this will not get posted – so this is meant directly for the site or writer.
    1) Harmon has played on the national level for years; in championship national title games do you intelligently think that what you just wrote could in any way be true? This would have been figured out long ago if it were true. To post something of this nature is reckless at best and classless at worst; either of which will result in a demise of what you/your site claim to be, basically a tactical mistake that if you do not remove/correct will likely end any relevance you think you may have.
    2)You are clearly looking to harm someone, if its the Coach you reference (and you have made it clear your feelings on him) that’s in poor taste and if its the kid you are the worst type of human being. Both would be within their rights to sue you. Just look at what Francis is doing and I believe had done for your company at some point; anyone who knows him and knows you knows he didnt make those comments as he through you I guess has exalted him on this site and now does so on other forums. To assassinate the character of anyone who helps kids, what you claim to do, should be held in high esteem even if YOU dont like or get along with him. To attempt to harm or discredit Zion’s body of work is foolish anyone familiar with this youth game, least of which the actual players knows there can not be a list anywhere where is not included, any such list should be considered a farce. The 2018 rankings are questionable at best without Bagley who was just offered by UCONN last week, national champion UCONN, but this possibly could be a worst representation of a fact or tact depending on who you ask.

    Again, you have my direct email and I as a man and a former supporter of your site would be happy to address the matter directly with you as I know any coward that would print something like this wouldnt have the courage to actually post it as Im sure this is censored in some way. At the end of the day; you have my respect for what you have done over the years for kids but like the others on this blog I could not and would not in good conscience ever allow my child to attend or affiliate with anything under this brand ever again. Any person or company that would do these things I would never give my child or money to. Good luck with your upcoming camp I no longer will be attending ~ I would suggest removing this submittable if you have any hope of retaining others. Thanks for reading, I know thats the best I can hope for from the Mr. Love who has shown the world his true colors…BLACK.

    • Middle School Elite says:

      Good luck to you as well. What’s stated is our opinion if not facts and to not be taking serious as life and death. Our camps will be successful as always. Most importantly we will continue to publish article as normal. There’s no computer crash or system failure taking place here. Kids will get exposure like Bagley who we happen to rank no.1 as a matter of fact. It all originally points back to us anyway. Sorry you feel as you do. And we have been through worse. Good luck once more. Honestly each kid mentioned our site we consider no.1 student athlete.

    • Middle School Elite says:

      We have outside people who handle the camp segment. However, our website and events are totally separate to avoid any potential conflict of interest. In other words, if we didn’t have camps as before, we’d still post content. We emphasize exposure and not money grab events featuring obscure talent to be exact. People have been providing a “camp”etc.. Or a diluted version of camps and combined exposure. In its rareness, our primary focus is strictly middle school basketball exposure via internet. You can speak of a “camp” as you believe reasonable. Also we’re unbiased and therefor not politically bound by you or anyone including parents, players, scouts nor the mentioning of a particular “camp” whatsoever. BTW the camp you refer to is practically sold out. Only 100 spots and a few left.

      • Observer says:

        There a lots of contradictions and shade being thrown right about now…as a reader you state this is simply and opinion? Someone reading this might assume you have actually seen this kids play recently or something; you/your website makes specific accusations like, a quote from a coach whose documented photos and articles advising the player in question is in the 5th grade currently and will going into the 6th…its stated specifically that Harmon is “playing out of position”????? “Since Harmon isn’t a pass first player”????? Have you seen him play with top players in country Middle School or with older group as you write under his picture? If you have’nt then you shouldnt say things like you have sir. This is not “opinion” you are saying things as fact that negatively reflect on this player. Without your former coach we have not seen anything resembling a team but in your caption you take credit for him???? Have you ONCE attended a real game of Harmons? Have you once seen or watched any child play with the Coach who was doing this project? if you the answer to these questions are no then you cannot speak to fact and your opinion is thus invalid.

        Bottomline for a site that is designed to promote kis as you say I must agree with Guttless, this is in bad taste and SEEMS far from an opinion piece but something rawer and much more deep seeded and personal; maybe b/c I am a mom/female reader I take it more to heart but what could have been a article about great kids (JUST READ ALL YOUR POST SIR) is now turning into folks telling the site operator how wrong and hurtful the article is to good men and good kids; is this really what you hoped and intended to do sir? No one has spoken about the other kids you wrote about, do you see this? Maybe you can rewrite this a different way b/c I would anticipate more negatives then positives as people begin to read this.

        In your defense Guttless will have to give you credit for posting his comments – but don;t just post it read it he make some really good points, if Harmon were my son I would be very upset and he wouldn;t be coming to any events after such a posting. Just something to think about, do the right thing Middle School!

        • Middle School Elite says:

          You’re simply promoting parties for some ulterior motive that’s non working from our vantage point. Simple let Harmon slide to one and he’ll be okay in our book sir or mam.

          I understand that u want to make a good fight or argument against us but we just read the encyclopedia on “how to play basketball”. Speaking of Zion, Michael Jordan was the best 2 guard or shooting guard. “In the NBA, shooting guards usually range from 6′ 3″ (1.91 m) to 6′ 7″ (2.01 m).” Are you saying Harmon wil be 6-3 or 6-7? Anything is possible. He may or may not. However, below is list of today’s NBA players he’ll be compared to ….”Notable shooting guards include current NBA players Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Ray Allen, Manu Ginóbili, Vince Carter, Joe Johnson, DeMar DeRozan, James Harden, Klay Thompson, Monta Ellis, Arron Afflalo and former players Michael Jordan, Tracy McGrady, Clyde Drexler, Sam Jones, Earl Monroe, Reggie Miller, Allen Iverson, Joe Dumars and George Gervin.”

          We care about Harmon and want him to be successful now and later. And if he grows 6-3, 4, 5 then we’ll be happy to be wrong unlike earlier.

          “Shooting guard” is very high expectation and too much pressure for Harmon at his projected height. Kyrie is a scorer however he takes pride in his designated position PG. If leave it to us we’d make each kid 7ft for hoop sake.

          Let’s play the right way for integrity of the sport and cross geographical lines of divide.

        • Middle School Elite says:

          We’re actually harder on Jaden and Wilson. It wasn’t easy to reach such conclusion. We have went back and forth with Jones and Wilson family and they are playing correct position. Harmon is no exception to the rules.

          You’re better off saying ‘the book is right ,let’s brand label Harmon a PG.’ But instead you say he’ll be okay. Smh.

    • Middle School Elite says:

      We see how much you do know. Thanks for your honest feedback. Take care.

    • Middle School Elite says:

      Francis used to work for MSE. We only met him in person one time where he helped us do an event in Maryland last year. He did coach our MSE National Select team at a few tournaments and wrote some articles that we posted, before his departure. We’ve known him almost a year however, we’ve been nationally pushing hundreds if not thousands of kids for 8 years. We have slightest clue what Francis is doing w/ himself nowadays. We aren’t interested to follow him since he’s no longer associated with middle school elite dot com in any shape form or fashion. We don’t see what our articles have to do with Francis as they haven’t at all in the past. Please don’t make our dealing with an individual seem bigger in circumstance, longer in time, closer in relationship than what in light of decade work. Our biggest player was Alonzo Trier in 2008 with him being on front cover of the NY TIMES sport magazine. We just met Francis around summer of 2013. Basically, we’ve done everything ourselves for so long that essentially it works out absolutely great. Zion will always be MSE even though he’s finishing up grammar school. Still he must switch to the 2 sooner or later to make sense of size and he’s probably a top ten player but unfortunately rankings won’t matter until high school.

      • Observer says:

        Sorry, you can combine with whast was just sent, but see what I mean?
        You say now Francis guy not with you, but you quote him? Bogus bogus bogus – just rewrite the article and make it nice. My last comment promise, thanks for listening, do the right thing for everyone!!!!!

        • Middle School Elite says:

          Rewrite the article- LMAO. Quote is a quote regardless of time in which written or said. What does him no longer being with us have to do with a “quote”? We shouldn’t quote a person if no longer here or with us? Lol. It had never worked like that. Are you defensive because Harmon and Francis both live in DC or Maryland area? We don’t play territorial politics or neighbor favors. We reside in cyberspace so impossible for us to take state sides. We see and treat Zion regular like any kid receiving MSE exposure, whether good or bad as we merely express a opinion. Our idea was to show cause why he isn’t no.1 in our eyes. Rewrite the article? I bet you want to erase or rewrite middle school bball history if only you had the power. As far as this article, you can take it or leave it. Jaden Jones is best known 6th grader in America by We ranked Zion number one anyway so we can change the order as we see legitimately for and necessary. Are you claiming Harmon is better than Jones now or future as far as we can see? Is Harmon actually a 2 guard? If you want to be real try starting there. Rewrite your own frame of mind.

        • Middle School Elite says:

          I understand that u want to make a good fight or argument against us but we just read the encyclopedia on “how to play basketball”. Speaking of Zion, Michael Jordan was the best 2 guard or shooting guard. “In the NBA, shooting guards usually range from 6′ 3″ (1.91 m) to 6′ 7″ (2.01 m).” Are you saying Harmon wil be 6-3 or 6-7? Anything is possible. He may or may not. However, below is list of today’s NBA players he’ll be compared to ….”Notable shooting guards include current NBA players Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Ray Allen, Manu Ginóbili, Vince Carter, Joe Johnson, DeMar DeRozan, James Harden, Klay Thompson, Monta Ellis, Arron Afflalo and former players Michael Jordan, Tracy McGrady, Clyde Drexler, Sam Jones, Earl Monroe, Reggie Miller, Allen Iverson, Joe Dumars and George Gervin.”

          We care about Harmon and want him to be successful now and later. And if he grows 6-3, 4, 5 then we’ll be happy to be wrong unlike earlier.

          “Shooting guard” is very high expectation and too much pressure for Harmon at his projected height. Kyrie is a scorer however he takes pride in his designated position PG. If leave it to us we’d make each kid 7ft for hoop sake.

          Let’s play the right way for integrity of the sport and cross geographical lines of divide.

        • Middle School Elite says:

          To put Zion directly in category discussion of Michael jordan , Kobe Bryant etc.. is unfair and won’t let you make mockery of hoop via middle school on our watch. If anything he’s a chris paul or Tony Parker. Moving forward we’ll take a fundamental stance even if appears we’re singling out a player due to a coaches unfortunate misguidance. Don’t mistake us. Zion could grow 6’4 but that all matters later on.

  9. Loadofcrap says:

    You have a kid who is too old. If he can’t take the heat let him play with kids his age were no one will notice him. It is about time kids get called out for beating up on players two years younger then strutting around the gym like they are somebody.

    • AAUISBS says:

      I agree! Kids should play their age! Harmon is 2 yrs older than the kids he’s playing with. He should be #1! If your gonna rank a kid then rank him by his age, not by what the requirements of the AAU are. It would a different story if these kids were ranked by age!

  10. The Truth says:

    This article is clearly ridiculous. First of all for MSE who anointed a kid number 1 in his grad. to turn around and try to bash him. A kid who clearly qualifies to play at 5th grade according to AAU rules. Birthdate March 12, 2002. Every Player that was mentioned is born in 2002 except for Brantly who is 2001 but does qualify under AAU rules to play 5th grade. In Boys and Girls club all 2002 kids play together. The hate has elevated to an all time high. Could it possibly be that regardless of height, size, length and or speed, this player has dominated this age group unlike any other at any age group ever. To the tone of three straight AAU Finals appearances 8u,9u,and 10u. Or could the hate be generated from the fact that Zion’s Team Glory Team went to the WACG Tourney and beat the WACG Team with Springer,Brantley,and Chandler on it.
    Or at The King James Tourney when he went head to head with Seth Wilson and all Ohio Red and beat them and finished up WACG in the Championship. Mind you all 2002 birth year kids. Or could the hatred stem from the fact that in the NYBL playing against some of the best sixth graders(2020 players) such as Marrow, Toles, J5,K.Walker,and so on Zion put up an average of about 37 points per game. Or could the hatred stem from the fact that Zion made Player of the week in the PYBL League playing against some of the best 2019 kids in the DMV area. Zion’s Mo. County Team upsetting the D.C. Team where he scored 22 points and had 7 assist (mind you he can pass the ball)in a win in overtime. Or could the hatred stem from the fact that there is a division between to men and a kid like Zion is the easiest bashing point for adult men.

  11. The Truth says:

    Mr. Francis has done a great job for these kids. They compete hard against each other but all of them are friends and have played together and respect each other and their individual games. Can people learn to appreciate their God Given Gifts and allow them to play the game that they love. Stop glorifying them to make money at your camps and then bashing them because someone else is highlighting them at another camp. That’s stupid. Both camps will make money and provide an opportunity for kids to compete and continue in their developmental process.

    • Middle School Elite says:

      Those who know me know I care about my own son. And I’m rich so I can’t care about a camp that has less promise than a easy push of button. We didn’t say anything negative toward Francis. We just quoted his phrase. Blame him. And the only truth is that Jaden Jones is officially No.1 sixth grader until Hoop Scoop ranks otherwise, with all due respect. You spoke piece and I’m sure all appreciates it.

    • Middle School Elite says:

      And please don’t dumb-down our information over measly camps, which last one we hosted was nearly a year ago. We don’t get rich off things like that brother or sister and we still write whether or not those events take place. I saw Harmon play. I had conversations with him. We feel secure in our appproach and delivery. I know skill so I know Zion like back of my hand as I do all player this age throughout HS. We raised prodigies. Have you? If not then let me speak regarding middle school basketball at least. If we’re to listen to you then you must show me your middle school resume for our new technology microscope.

      • Bball fan says:

        The truth is Zion is a beast playing 2021 and a star at the 2020. He should probly do what #1pick Wiggans did and reclass back up. He def good enough and he wont have to worry about having to play prep scool his final year of high school. His IQ goin make up for his lack of size and athletic ability. This article seems back handed.

        • Middle School Elite says:

          Yes sir. Way to actually go about the situation. Harmon future no.1 future draft pick identical to swing man Wiggins.

          • Tim goodman says:

            Did you just say that Zion is a future #1 pick like Wiggins but he’s not in your top 5 players in his class?

          • Middle School Elite says:

            Someone is paying attention – lol

            Actually misread the comment and thought it was that he will draft # 1 like Wiggins. But looking again it’s reclassify back up to original grade such as Towns, Wiggins etc…

            In regular sense, drafting 1 like wiggins was sarcasm on our behalf but if he reclassifies like Wiggins he might as well go 1 like him. Call it mistakenly correct.

            For him to pull a wiggins move here’s what has to happen before junior year of HS. He’d have to be No. 1 to 10 on HOOP SCOOP entering HS. ESPN TOP 1-10 after freshman varsity season. Then reclassifying will be just like Wiggins except he was 6-6 and dunking in 7th-8th grade and held #1 spot through HS.

            Or it could be we want him in the NBA and #1 as Wiggins and just forgot to include him in top 5. Then again, we had him 1 for the record. Kids just get bigger, taller and stronger.

  12. Tim goodman says:

    Wiggins wasn’t number one until sometime in his sophomore year. Trey Lyles was originally number one on ESPN then it was Theo Pinson. So wiggins didn’t even do what you’re saying Zion has to do. The last three #1 picks in the draft were either never number one in their class (Bennett) or not number one until later (Anthony Davis during his senior year and Wiggins sometime in his sophomore year when he was still in the class of 2014).

    As usual your logic and your facts are ridiculous and incorrect. Hoop Scoop rankings are irrelevant. And did you just say that you forgot to put him in your top 5? What the hell is happening right now? Your logic and responses are so ridiculous that it’s impossible to even argue with you.

    • Middle School Elite says:

      To know exactly what I’m saying you would’ve had to be around the day Wiggins was so called discovered and how he climbed the charts from 8th grade middle school thru high school. Whether we knew it or not, Wiggins was best player in 7th grade thru NBA draft. He was top player in 10th and instead of going into next he went into his right grade which was 12. Hoop Scoop rankings matter more than our in HS but rankings are supreme in middle school based on stats in every spectrum.

      That’s it for the history lesson. Pay per view next time.

      • Tim goodman says:

        Please explain your system for ranking players since you haven’t seen the majority of them actually play basketball?

        • Middle School Elite says:

          Figure it out. Or wait for that news to be published in a pay per view article. You plan to rob info as short cut to learning how to rank middle school basketball players. I suggest u do like scouts, go to gym with pen n pad, sit in chair with legs crossed and both hands behind head. Relax and take notes. Do that for 8-10 years to witness evolution and be actual part of history. U won’t be able to experience that in 12 months or a single comment thread. Beside middle school rankings aren’t important as much as HS. So hurry and get to work lil bro. U should already know the answer to questions asked. This is your profession correct? I can tell by anyone’s first spoken word or text exactly how long they’ve been in this game. The same way a vet is able to determine a dogs age by his teeth. You’ve been around for bout a year or less.

        • Middle School Elite says:

          You? No, it’s WE! Middle School Elite isn’t comprised of an individual. We have corespondents and scouts throughout the country. We also have hundreds of fathers as well as mothers we have relationships with. So we do better than just see the players. We have their parents on speed dial. It’s not all about watching players. I pick up the phone to call player’s dad and/or mom to pick their brain before wasting time seeing their child in gym. If we see the player first then we still investigate the parents. By me knowing exactly how the parent, trainer or handler thinks I can better understand the story concept of their players development. Thus a more accurate prediction for whatever it’s worth. We pick players brain too. Ask Jones, Brantley, Sonny, Wilson and even Zion… I talk to them via phone, e-mail, gym etc.. Interviewing players is important. The hot seat can scare them as much as bright light on big stage. How well do they speak? Will they crumble under communication pressure? Will they give up I’m games? Will they dominate school? We need to know these thinks as we consider you for the top spot. You can’t be ranked here on on basketball talent alone, although the game is all about the emphasizing of skills. We need to know who, how, what, when & where. If a 3rd grader dunks but dad is asshole it’s good possibility the apple doesn’t fall far from tree. That reputation/behavior often supersedes a player. Then always have to watch out for players catching up in size, height, skill, and good manners and respect for the game.

        • Middle School Elite says:

          The back of my right shoulder is starting to hurt from writing so much. Could be a pinched hand nerve. Speak to y’all later.

        • Middle School Elite says:

          And we don’t have to only see players, they come to see us nowadays. Why go see 100 hundred players when all their moms and dads come to for exposure. I feel when people ‘have to’ go to ‘gyms’ it’s for ‘money, power and respect’. I believe when u simply give exposure out of ‘love’ they or God in return come or bring them to you, instead. Do you help kids for money power and respect or out of love? Seriously ask yourself that before taking responsibility with ranking kids. Do it for money power n respect, that’s all the wrong reasons. When u do it for love then all the money, power n respect follows. Right now u don’t have respect, power nor money even though supposedly you’ve seen all these kids. What about their parent? U don’t have more money respect power or love than MSE. I’m willing to bet now. Try staying out gym for awhile instead of hoping to beat me or God to punch. You can’t beat me to the bunch if you owned the gym. Try not getting distracted from what he gives you. Be happy with what comes as a gift from God. Being greedy n narrow minded will cause you to have a short run. Practice broad vision, seeing the whole field or court. Not just what you think you see in gyms.

    • Middle School Elite says:

      Like wiggins, Zion will have to be considered top 5 from 7th grade to NBA Draft. But why put pressure on him to be anywhere near Wiggins? You are dilusional. No more to say on this comment thread.

  13. Smooth says:

    Brantley isn’t 2021…

    1 springer is a dog
    2 . Jones is nice
    3. Chandler true pg

    • Well says:

      Brantley is 2021 now Springer is 2020 unless he reclass like Brantley did….. Springer even has a an atricle on here saying what middle school he goes too so why you all keep saying he 2021?

  14. Smooth says:

    There’s a pg in ATL. True 2021.

    Do your homework. Given ppl fits all season ( not on list )

  15. the truth says:

    Zion is an undersize shooting gaurd. Middle School Elite is correct. Put him in 2020 class and ask yourself do you put him above Morrow, Toles, Suggs, Harris, Jackson, Billings, Walker, Saunders, Carpenter, and Moore. Supporters are so quick to talk about his scoring but you never mention his defence and how much the opponent scores. Whats more impressive 37 point 0 assist or 20 points 9 assist? I guess it depends on the parent. I am pretty sure Glory parents love travelling everywhere watching Zion put up all these points, but can any outside of Glory name two kids on his team? In terms of 2021 can you truely put him above Kennedy Chandler in term of true point gaurd? HELL NO! Brantley yes, Kennedy no. If you put him as a two gaurd, can you rank him higher then Springer or Wilson? Depends on the team. Springer and Wilson defend, pass, and rebound. Zion just wants to score. That puts him behind three kids in the 2020 class. Thats not even counting Mike Saunders jr who is still 10 and is eligible to play 5th grade. Middle School Elite did a great breakdown of Zion, if it means that much for him to be number one then you must change your game and reputation.

  16. Damn says:

    I’ve said before. ..Zion game won’t translate for his size. ..

  17. Question for MSE says:

    MSE why didnt you just title your article “Who is the best 6th grader?” why title it about a child only to our right speak nothing but negative things about him, if you were not going to rank him WHY even bring him up….lets be real you know seeing his name and pic would get attention. Why are we cursing him so soon, saying he will be too small or too this or that, he is 12 going to the 6th grade, WHO knows what he will be….what I do know is like someone else said before your spat with whomever you were praising this kid like no other NOW all of a sudden he has more short comings then qualities….Its obvious you are angry. Get a life……

    • Middle School Elite says:

      Sorry, you unfortunately feel that an article we write about a kid evolves from adult “spat”. One might ask. What does this specific player have to do with the grownup “spat” anyway? We ranked him first on our site. He’s our player. No other subject’s are involved or should be. It’s our opinion and nothing else. If so they’re irrelevant except Mr. Harmon who can pick up the phone to call us anytime. There shouldn’t be a bias idea, thought or feeling in ours or your story. It’s mighty selfish and amateurish (AAU) of you to attempt to steal attention by hinting someone else other than MSE and Zion are responsible for his exposure on Let him be a kid, he deserves this whether good or bad. No exposure is the worst exposure. Not one person or thing is bigger than a kid we mention. So I can’t support your argument claim. Zion May be in top 10 or maybe not. He isn’t top 5 at least not right now. He was number 1. And it depends on new players who still have plenty time to decide whether to reclassify. Keep in mind ..not only will kids reclassify but those in right grade will grow taller, bigger, stronger and become more skilled with proper training Nd guidance. We won’t know the rest of the story until after AAU and start of school. And for your information – I (MSE) personally asked Zion to pass the ball after a fabulous shooting spree and he didn’t listen so that’s why we wrote the article asking him to play Pg. Blame Zion’s trainers, coaches and advisers. Don’t take the lump yourself kiddo unless you are one of them pushing him in horrible direction of 2 guard.

    • Middle School Elite says:

      We didn’t title it that because people knew who the best ‘5th grader’ was according to our ranking. In that case the obvious top 6th grader would be rising 6th grader Zion. But not so fast. So we asked is Harmon best ‘6th grader’? Brother or sister, why isn’t Seth Wilson and many other former top players complaining of being removed from No.1. It happens! Get used to it new jack. Jones may not be best player next year or perhaps he will. Who knows? That’s totally up to him and whomever is in his corner. Will say that if Chandler or Brantley people were to spread or tell me they’re 2 guard, they’d be top 10 or 20 initially. Then top 50-100 ultimately. As of now we aren’t sure of what Wilson and Jones final position but they are legit in playing the 2 guard for now.

      • Question for MSE says:

        No one is complaining about not being number one my question was if you aren’t ranking him yet ranking other children WHY make him the title of your article and why are you discussing him if you have 5 other players ranked….makes no sense to me, just seems spiteful and hateful. That’s what I’m saying

  18. We are the dumb ones says:

    We are the idiots – and Love is the smart one.
    Lets look at this, we are listening to a man who claims to know basketball and claims to have raised a prodigy. He talks about everyone else kids and tells you to google MSE basketball and all that jazz.
    Do your research – his son is far from a prodigy; he has attended 3 schools in 4 years that last being with a good team in Atalanta – but since he wasnt the MAN there or any of the places he was at (prodigy????) he moves on. Check ANY high school ranking services ANY OF THEM and you will not see his sons name. You will not see him in any HS All Star games, any recruiting list, and besides this very site or in the park wherever he is you will not see him or EVEN HEAR about him doing anything worthwhile on the court. This man has tried every trick known to man its ALL on the internet to get his own son somewhere and he has failed. This was his last chance to do so – so DONT be surprised moving forward if you see much more player bashing he wants the world to feel his pain. PLEASE read what this man is saying, he can determine talent and skill w/o being in a gym, maybe thats why my stupid a$$ spent money on his past camps and STILL have never met him. This man is right he was here before us and will be after us, because we are dumb one’s and he is the smart one who we keep coming back to and giving money to….MSE is the CRACK ROCK of youth basketball; we all know its bad but it keeps calling us and calling us. Seek basketball rehad or be forever addicted to MSE – how else can he talk to “consumers” right on this site in public view and STILL have folks show up at an event. SMH but he knows something we all don’t

    • Middle School Elite says:

      “We are the idiots – and Love is the smart one.” I’ll quote you on that one. And rule is that MSE can’t talk about their kid unless a “idiot” brings him up. So since i expected this this is what I had prepared.

      1. Class of 2015 Jerron didn’t play total 4 years of HS yet.

      2. He has 1 year left, 12 grade.

      3. We are from ny.

      Went to Cali to experience west coast ball.

      Went to Georgia to reunite with family.

      (The 3rd school you may be referring to is academics. We made sure to check the non athletic box. He’ll have to attend a 3rd school in September to play basketball because he hasn’t in 5 months. 2 1/2 he sat himself to study though eligible to play. The other 2 1/2 he trained.

      Wow you sound like a coach who’s willing to put games over player overall development at any cost.

      4. Yes. Google Jerron Love and Google Middle School Basketball. See what you see. You see written up by Yahoo , Ny times, wsj, maxprep, espn, rivals, espn mag, zags blog, bleacher report, bounce mag, cbs college, abc news , cbs news, nbc news, cnbc special with lebronjames, hoop scoop, Wall Street journal video, street ball game for iPhone. ( forget how many times our players and MSE has been mentioned) Sorry if we missed you; there so many to keep track.

      5. Google ‘jerron love 17 Puerto Rico national team.” You will see he one a medal and scored 27 points to get his to chip. AAU?

      Will kids you promote have that opportunity or they want a ranking instead?

      You really didn’t cover many areas my guy becaus your numbers were off a year. You swore you had filled the gaps but obviously you didn’t. First off I can tell you are a checker player. Certainly not chess, with or without the clock. Or, nothing at all including board and pieces.

      You can’t see enough moves ahead against your opponent to fill in the blanks. Let me help you just a little.

      First I want you to subscribe to each of the major publications mentioned above. Also the hundred’s of ones you come across on internet. Peep LeBron’s Facebook photos- see Jerron there. Download him on iPhone street ball game for I think $1. It’s been downloaded over 2 million times.

      On one hand jerron is a regular kid but on the other he’s a prodigy. Being ranked doesn’t make you a prodigy or not. A prodigy is someone who plays somewhat how they would if older. Jerron game has been the same since 10 years old when he became a prodigy. Take it or leave it. Arrange a 5 on 5 with refs or 1 on 3 & and bet.

      Besides it’s your SAT AND GPA in conclusion. Let Jerron do him, I’m not caught up in hype like fathers in middle school nowadays. At least I had nerve to help where needed. And don’t dare tell me a kid in middle school will get more exposure than him. I try to top myself with what we did for Alonzo Trier. We came pretty close. What you think? He’s ranked top 20 in same class as my son. Triers like a son. His mom reads this site. He made front page of ny time sports magazine as 7th graders. Those were the days. U tell me?

      Now can you beat a prodigy? No! Better yet , can you beat the book? Ok then.

      Let jerron play his final year and go to college. And quit bringing up a rising senior in middle school basketball affairs.

      Follow jerron on twitter. Watch all his videos. Be better than him!!! He will try to better than you!

      But for now also watch Jaden Jones the 11 year old big point guard/two guard from Texas.

      (your comment is baseless.) If you want to upset us get us off the internet and control general managers. Just don’t disrupt the ONLINE business of you “idiot”.

    • Middle School Elite says:

      By the way, everyone knows I told Espn and them not to rank my son. I wanted to see if he could still get a college scholarship without it. We shall see next year. Won’t we? Isn’t that the goal? Name of the game? Free ride?

      What are you trying to get through to reader about Jerron? That because he’s not ranked he’s not a prodigy and his dad is founder of A idiot can see it could be something like hate against us. I don’t hate prodigies. I love them. However, stick around and enjoy the ride. Enjoy the kids here on this site. J a killer. U don’t really want to mention him. He’s chained up in basement. Leave him there. He’ll kill you on the court. Be quiet. He’s a prodigy. Nothing changed. Only worse now. Let ur skills all the way up “idiot”.

  19. the truth says:

    Middle School Elite asked you the question by laying out a platform for you to justify him being the top 6th grader after being recognized as the top 5th grader. YOU must answer the question if you believe MSE is wrong. They laid out facts. YOU tell us what position is he. Obviously not a pg because we only hear about him scoring. Never assist or rebounds or even the amount of shot attempt to get the points. Is he a two gaurd? If so MSE asked the question does he have the physical tools to play the position? Will he have the height? While most kids enter middle school with a defined position, Zion is still classified as a “scorer”. Alot of scouts shy away from that description so MSE asks YOU what type of basketball IQ does he have.MSE is challenging your mental state, your questioning a internet source that is giving kids exposure beyond just Zion. They promote more kids on Team Glory then Team Glory itself. You call the same website that promotes Zion’s team
    bogus or classless? Does that mean Lil Doug is not the top 4th grader? Why isn’t Springer or Wilson camp complaining? Maybe its because YOUR camp worked so hard to build Zion to be recognized as the top 5th grader and forget its harder to stay there. Lastly the comment at the end states that alot of kids from the 2020 class could bump any of these kids down the list. Thats a fact that affects everyone including Zion

    • Middle School Elite says:

      He said he’s an idiot so what you’d except?

      a person, especially a young one, endowed with exceptional qualities or abilities.
      “a Russian pianist who was a child prodigy in his day”
      synonyms: genius, mastermind, virtuoso, wunderkind, wonder child, boy wonder, girl wonder; More
      an impressive or outstanding example of a particular quality.
      “Germany seemed a prodigy of industrial discipline”
      synonyms: model, classic example, paragon, paradigm, epitome, exemplar, archetype More
      an amazing or unusual thing, especially one out of the ordinary course of nature.
      “omens and prodigies abound in Livy’s work”

      late 15th century (denoting something extraordinary considered to be an omen): from Latin prodigium ‘portent.’
      Translate prodigy to
      Use over time for: prodigy

      Comments are stopped after this.

    • Who cares says:

      Who cares Glory is a program built off reclass players from 2nd grade up. Only people that have a problem with this article are people from the DMV. Comp will catch them just a matter of time. Dont hate the player or the game hate AAU.

      • Well says:

        The whole entire AAU bball is built off of reclass players, don’t single Glory out and I’m not even with the Glory program. It’s funny how people frown upon it yet every team does it. AAU didn’t change the rules for nothing, it went from a team being able to have 1 grade exception/reclass to being able to have 3 now its unlimited…..its about MONEY people….all this mess on this site will never matter anyway so don’t get so upset about it. Its AAU…and will always be

        • Who cares says:

          U r right. Didnt mean to single out glory. It just seems this article is to bash the kid and program because of the way he is be coached and raised in this crazy world of AAU basketball.

  20. Real Talk says:

    Come on Jerry stop lying to these folks your and ex-Hairdresser from the Bronx that started this website to get your son some exposure now if thats not Daddy Ball at its finest I dont know what is. In DC we call you Jerry Love aka The Hairdresser. Dont make us expose you we know he you really are

  21. WJR10 says:

    Fyi Zion plays 7-8th grade also and still out performs most. Also Glory boys are not all re-class players, please do your homework before making ignorant statements.

  22. RepnDMV says:

    Will Glory be fielding HS teams when these guys get to that age or will they be going sponsored team route?

  23. DC Elite says:

    MSE shut the fuck up. You are a bitch and everyone in the DMV knows it. You are a gay fag who writes false articles. Everyone knows how you be touching on Zion and them other boys. Please leave these little boys alone or I will be forced to call the police on you. First you did sexually things with Tyler Brelsford now you doing it with Zion. Stop it please!

  24. AAUISBS says:

    Bottom line KIDS NEED TO PLAY THERE AGE! AAU has to make changes, cause the game is more about winning at any cost! Read what Charles Barkley, Kobe Bryant and Robert Horry say about the AAU!

  25. buff basketball says:

    There is no way to rank these top kids when you have not seen all the kids play…We have three kids here in buffalo , NY that can play with anyone in the country at their age grade…Due to start up program and not having finances they cant go to the “Big events”…They did go down to Ohio and destroy the OBC 5th grade team with Sonny Johnson and Meechie Johnson…While missing one of their best players…Its great to see these kids getting exposure and doing well but rankings should be held for High School kids …Attached is a video of one of kids that play is Unit out of Buffalo , Ny(Due to finances had to play in d3 nationals in Virginia..with out a player over 5’5 beat every team by one by 35 plus..Beat Marylands Finest in chip by 30(although I think it was a young Finests team.

    One other kid Roddy Gayle Jr will be competiting in BBallspotlight camp in Maryland and he will def make a name for himself there.

    • D3 5th LOL says:

      D3 5th (average team) is comparable to D1 3rd grade. You are new to the scene clearly. D1 5th is is comparable to D2/D3 7th grade. There are no excuses at D1 level.

  26. Simply Amazed says:

    My son played against Zion this past weekend. I’ve been around basketball my whole life, and played in college, and I thought Zion was a very polished player playing with great maturity relative to the SIXTH GRADE BRACKET he was playing in. I also thought he handled himself well in the one or two seventh grade bracket games I saw him in…….of course, after reading many of the posts in this thread, I would EXPECT a 14-year old to be pretty good in 7th grade game and even better in a sixth. My son played in the sixth grade bracket, he just turned 12, and is where he should be. He wasn’t as polished a ball handler as Zion, but there again my son is a 5’10” “2” or “3” faster and quicker than nearly everyone he played against. Great experience for my son, but if it’s true Mr. Harmon is 14 by now, I’m not sure he’s serving himself the best by playing against 12 year olds.

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