MSE Top 50 National Player Rankings For 4th Grade Class of 2022

Middle School Basketball Rankings

Ramel Lloyd Jr. with his father Mr Lloys Sr.

Ramel Lloyd Jr. with his father Mr Lloyd Sr.

Look Who’s Watching

The rankings drop on the heels of a steamy article where we mentioned the top five players in the class of 2021. We also stated how players in class of 2020 could reclassify to 6th grade, thus create a monkey wrench for class of 2021. Furthermore, we said the top three rising sixth graders are interchangeable and can be put in any chronological order. Nevertheless, the #2 player for class of 2021 is Zion Harmon. We’re waiting to know, whether Jaden Springer heads into 7th grade or reclassifies to class of 2021. (This cycle is exactly what we’re communicating). After all, “he’s actually a rising 6th grader.” The numbers are tricky and rather awkward discussing. However, Zion is definitely a top player that we said needs to be 6’4″-6’7″ at his current position in the future. We tend to believe his camp favorably agrees with us, but wants to build-up an already confident Harmon. Of course, he has plenty time to develop overall. Hopefully, soon, he’ll be the Kyrie Irvin prototype scoring point guard they could’ve imagined. If that’s the idea, he might deserve to be where he’s at now; fighting for the number one spot. It’d be great if Harmon shows up at the MSE Charlotte Camp in Charlotte, NC for MSE to see how much he’s progress from when we saw him last at the MSE Maryland Camp in August 2013 (almost one year ago). If, he stops working hard it’ll put a damper on things.

Dylan WilliamsDylan Williams A Mighty Young Warrior

Harmon is a special piece who other kids want to emulate, and battle with and against on the court. Him, Springer and the rest will receive enough exposure on Middle School Elite to cause blunt trauma. On a side note, we don’t appreciate anyone using our brand name or child’s name, therefor we sought consent from parents. The name of the game for MSE, is Exposure!!!! We’d hate to return to that dreadful place in which we came from. Obscurity, darkness, void and emptiness. Not any significant digital youth coverage, except from paid subscription based ‘members – only’ section or ‘visitors’ page. The slightest stoppage or reversal of player exposure only contradicts our purpose of being and reason for existence. Why regress or go backward? We can only go forward since everyone else seems to be persevering. Why not us, too? If you have a issue with content published on our site or feel you can somehow remotely manage us, please e-mail [email protected]m to unsubscribe NOW!! Onward-motion with the 4th grade soldiers, who’ll endure a weary and challenging four years of hard work before reaching high school. If we were parents of these incredible ballers, we’d celebrate in advance, knowing our boy will someday compete in Division 1 college sports. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out, especially since “MSE” wrote it. Unfortunately, the class of 2022 has same predicament as class of 2021 with respect to class of 2020. Players from class of 2021 will reclassify to class of 2022 and that class will reclassify to 2023 and so forth. Talented players can fall off or get on our ranking list, depending upon their hard work or lack thereof.

Sonny Johnson Jr. Sonny Johnson Jr. will vie  for No.1

Well, let’s check out the official MSE Top 50 National Player Rankings For 4th Grade Class of 2022. As we take a look, just know, any attempt to try to override these exclusive rankings is breach of national security (JK). But serious, MSE is credited with starting middle school basketball rankings (click here). If you Google ‘middle school basketball’ – our website jumps out at you. Nowadays, young players we write about are indirectly plugged with a topic which essentially relates to them. In other words, youth exposure has evolved to point we no longer look for a specific player’s name on internet; simply search ‘Middle School Basketball’. The cyberspace noise has had multiple major media outlets write about us such as NY Times Sports Magazine, ESPN magazine, Wall Street Journal, Dead spin,, Bloomberg Business News, NY Daily News, MaxPrep, Hoop Scoop Online, Espn College, CBS Sports, ABC NEWS, NBC NEWS, CBS NEWS, CNBC Special, Tamp Bay Times, Bleacher Report, Chicago Tribune, ESPN Chicago, Zags Blog,, Youth 1 and to name anymore is sarcastically painstaking. Sports Illustrated and Business Insider has recently contacted us for an in depth interview. Honor? After all the above -The headache is, imagining how could someone ask, are we similar to so and so. Is there a new gold standard for exposure available that we’re unaware of? Has media given abundant attention to those other youth sites and their players as a result of producing something big and brand new? There’s nothing like, alike or quality of being similar to The undying media interest in MSE and its players is exactly what separates us from the rest! There’s no comparison between MSE and so called grammar/ Middle school online hype providers. They’re nothing more than conniving directors and organizers of elaborate pyramid money scheme events. It’s hardly ever “about the kids” concerning free exposure from the heart.

Andrew Ruebottom Shined at MSE Maryland Mania Camp Andrew Ruebottom shined at MSE Maryland Mania Camp

This brings us all closer to realizing and appreciating the magnitude of a 2014 summer MSE Top 50 National Player Rankings For 4th Grade Class of 2022. Right at the top of the list is 5’6″ Point Guard No.1 Ramel Lloyd. He plays for Wood Beast and i10 AAU team. He’s a 4.0 GPA student and legit 10 year old aspiring hoop prospect. He was born on the west coast; his father is from the east coast, New York. Lloyd Jr. lives with his parent’s in Long Beach, California. He’s yet thinking of a dream college, but has in mind either Mater Dei or Saint John Bosco for high school. Fact of opinion is that Lloyd’s the best player in middle school basketball regardless of class, and can hold is own playing up a grade or two. Try him out. All the same, Lloyd’s off the court accomplishments, demeanor, mannerism, social skills and showmanship outshine his basketball endowment. But, if you put all what he knows on the tip of a common needle there’d still be plenty room for improvement. All top five players this far – Javon Tracey, Dyan Williams, Knasir McDanields and Sonny Johnson Jr. – are somewhat equally gifted. We give a special shout to new face Michal Wooldridge, since MSE discovered him in 2nd grade. In conclusion, we desire to push cooperative young student – athletes who hope to inspire millions of fans via MSE – at an early age.

Rank, Name, State, AAU Team

10 Year old Ramel Lloyd Best Player in Middle School Basketball

10 Year old Ramel Lloyd Best Player in Middle School Basketball

#1 Ramel Lloyd Jr. – California – i10 Celtics

#2 Javon Tracey – Indiana George Hill

#3 Dylan Williams– New York Gauchos

#4 Sonny Johnson Jr. – Ohio – Hardwork – OBC

#5 Knasir McDaniels Washington Dc– Team Glory

#6 Antonio Sellers – New York Gauchos

#7 Sammie Scott Maryland – Banneker

#8 Jaden Johnson Maryland – Maryland Finest

#9 Spencer Joyner NJ – Team Rio

#10 Andrew Ruebottom Maryland

#11 Nick Klaiber Indiana – George Hill

#12 Robert Diaz California – i10 Celtics

#13 Kernard Davis North Carolina – NC Phenoms

#14 Bryce Giggs Texas – Gulf Coast Blue Chips

#15 Josiah Johnson California

#16 Kameron Rodriquez New York – Riverside

#17 Amari Petty Missouri – Dickey Matthews

#18 Derrick James Ohio – All Ohio Red

#19 David Clark III Tennessee – We All Can Go

#20 Josiah Harris – Ohio – All Ohio Red

#21 Christian Moore California – i10 Celtics

#22 Jason Moore  Maryland -Maryland Fine

#23 Navar Maine – Nightrydae Elite

#24 Trey Hall West Virginia – Team Coal

#25 Antonio Hamlin Maryland – Maryland Finest

#26 Farrell Carwell District of Columbia – Team Glory

#27 Jacob Newman North Carolina – QCAA

5'7 Michal Wooldridge 5’7 Michal Wooldridge, who MSE Found  – pic courtesy of Mr. Wooldridge

#28 Michal Wooldridge Oklahoma – i10 Celtics

#29 Terrence Gibbs Florida – Tru Ballers

#30 Ander Gillespie Missouri – Dickey Matthews

#31 Noah Carver North Carolina  – NC Phenom

#32 Sean Jones Ohio – All Ohio Red

#33 Jordan Crawford North Carolina – Charlotte Hornets

#34 Brady Dingess West Virginia – Key Player

#35 Alik Lewis North Carolina – NC Phenom

#36 Michael Lowery DC – Banneker

#37 Jamison Dunham – Gametime

#38 Jalen Vasquez California – i10 Celtics

#39 Jeremy Gregory North Carolina – Charlotte Hornets

#40 Jaquan Sanders New York– Gauchos

#41 Cruz Davis Texas – D-1 Shooters

#42 Jett Howard Florida – Miami City Ballers

#43 Isaac McNealy West Virginia – Team Coal

#44 Jared Cain Tennessee – We All Can Go

#45 Jyshawn Melvin Georgia – Georgia United

#46 Tyler Wise NY– Gauchos

#47 Tashawn Comer Indiana – Jeff Teague

#48 Robert Lawson Maryland – Maryland Finest

#49 Kamal Francis – Maryland

#50 Tyson Mobley – Connecticut

Stay tuned, the best is yet to come.
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  1. Tim goodman says:

    How many of these kids have you actually seen play basketball?

  2. Whoaaaa?!?!? says:

    Sean Jones that low really ?? I don’t even know him personally and know he shouldn’t be this low ???? C’mon dude ?

  3. More Info? says:

    Which nationally-ranked teams has Ramel Lloyd’s I10 Celtics team played? How did he do individually (and as a teammate) against some of the top players on this list? Please forgive me, but I’m not familiar with him. He must have had excellent results against the top teams and their talent to be ranked so high?

  4. More Info? says:

    Which nationally-ranked teams has Rame Lloyd’s I10 Celtics team played? How did he do individually (and as a teammate) against some of the top players on this list? Please forgive me, but I’m not familiar with him. He must have had excellent results against the top teams and their talent to be ranked so high?

  5. lol says:

    Issue is I see a kid that I know for sure is class of 2021 just have facts straight

  6. Ohio Kid says:

    Lol at this list! Sean Jones IS the best PG period. Half the kids on the list are actually 5th graders right now anyways. Rankings are great, but are so subjective at this point. So much can change between now and HS. Just smh…wow.

  7. RepnDMV says:

    Who does Kamal Francis play for?

  8. Willim Gattis says:

    Congratulations to all of the NC 10u Studs! Numbers are deceiving, but the acknowledgment is greatly appreciated! See you all in Nationals! #CarolinaHornets #NCProud

  9. Bmore finest says:

    A player to look out for is Jordan Ervin #6 for BAnneker kings he is very physical in the paint. Also a tuff finisher. This kid can flat out go. Watch out for him he is on a come up

  10. Bishop says:

    I’m just gonna come out and say it there are 2 players for the Banneker kings Jordan Ervin and Andre Crawley they are wonderful players. They belong on this list. I train them and Sammie Scott. And they all are flat out great players. That can all score and dribble. But Jordan Ervin he not only can score he can rebound , get steals, block shots , and he can play many positions on the floor. Just wait till nationals they will all prove that they belong on here. And p.s. Sammie Scott is the real #1 player in the country. I just got one question who can stick him ??

    • Um... says:

      Isn’t Andre Crawley going into 6th or 7th grade? Surely we aren’t going to have a repeat of last year’s Orlando drama in Lexington.

      • Dmv says:

        Iv been watchin Crawley play for years. He use to play against my son DC Assault 2020. He been playin up for years. Now the comp has caught him and he had to fall back to his age group. Everyone in the Bmore area knows he and his family are all home schoolers and never attended a public school.

        • So says:

          There’s nothing wrong about playing WITH your age group. It’s the reclasses / holdbacks trying to play against kids YOUNGER than them to prop up their game which causes the problems. If rankings were by AGE, this list would look a whole lot different.

          • UK Baller says:

            It should be by age. At 2nd grade Nationals you had a kid who was 11 years old playing against 8/9year olds. AAU has turned into a money making joke.

          • val nesmith says:

            Couldn’t agree with you more

          • c Thomas says:

            The number four ranked kid sunny Johnson was reclassified should be in sixth grade. Imagine be held back one grade how impressive most athletes would do.

      • Bishop says:

        Um no he belongs In the 4th grade. He been playing up all his life. That’s what you do when your good. But there’s nothing to fight or argue about but yes he will be in Kentucky because that’s his real team. And he is a child so please respect that and leave him , his family , and team alone. Thank you.

        • Um... says:

          That’s exactly why my son plays up 8-9 months every year, so it get it. It was a reasonable question based on what others have implied, not an accusation. Read what other people have written about this child. I’m probably the most respectful of his situation. Calm down.

  11. Price Akeem says:

    Honestly bro, the rankings are subjective, so it’s always debatable. My biggest issue is with some of teams no one has ever seen. Our George Hill Team has been together 3 years and some of these teams I’ve never seen at any tournament. If you ain’t playing against the best, how can you be ranked? G3, Gametime, WACG, Glory, Maryland Finest, Gouchos, Ohio Red and the Carolina teams have been going to all the tourneys since 2nd grade. To have players on here that haven’t routinely gone against the best, is bogus. At the end of the day, it all gets settled on the court.

    • Willim Gattis says:


    • ak007 says:

      what? who said that lil group of teams of lil kids are “the best”? Adults have to do better. You are ruining the game for the kids because YOU are glory hungry or trying to strike some fame through a child that could not even wanna play ball by highschool or just wont be ahead of the kids their age by then. Bodies change, desire changes, physical advantages loose their edge, and other kids often times catch up. Did every top player in this year’s draft class play for 1 of 10 AAU teams in 2nd-5th grade? Probably not… The best kThe kid who WILL be the top player in that class, is probably not on this list nor plays for any of these teams….LOL. Probably a kid tearing up a football field or something. You people need to get for real and just focus on teaching the game and let these kids enjoy the game for now. They have the rest of their lives to deal with politics and bull crap!

  12. pj says:

    Tru ballers cfl

  13. Nationals says:

    Kentucky in one week. After nationals post your top 10

  14. Keep it real says:

    First It should b stated that this list is not in any particular order. 2nd half the list is bogus. It’s missing a lot kids that are tops in their class right now. And lastly u shouldn’t put the names of kids that don’t belong on this list. Kids see the list and they know who don’t belong and can make it quite uncomfortable for the kid that had nothing to do with his name being placed on this list.
    One kid on this list has tried out for 6 or 7 teams over the pass 2 years and wasn’t able to crack the starting 5 for none them.

  15. Laughable says:

    I know of a 4th grader that starts on a 6th grade team out of NC that would rank among any of these players.

  16. Put me in the game coach says:

    It’s to bad I10 celtics aren’t going to nationals with 6 kids in the top 40 I’m sure they’d be impossible to beat

  17. Basketball For Life says:

    I-10 have 6 top 40 on the list & not going to nationals “WOW’. GCBC-Texas beat them (65-52) in the championship game @ the H-Town Classic in Houston where Byrce Griggs almost had a triple-double with 25pts,8rebs, & 11assts…

  18. get busy says:

    Next time put the birthdays of these kids by the name. Keep it real and work on your game and stop trying to work the system. 11yr olds playing 2nd grade. 12 and 13yr old 4th graders. Cheaters kill me.

    • No the rules says:

      U talking just to talk. If u turn 12 before sept.1st u cant play 4th even if your in the 4th. And u cant plat 2nd if your 10 before sept 1st. Read the AAU handbook before u try to start something.

      • Uk baller says:

        Google mercy miller. Played for nightrydas at 2nd grade nationals. Numerous docs and YouTube vids place him as a 11year old. Aau refused to dq him because and I quote” don’t wont to fight dad again like we did with his older brothers. Aau handbook makes for great toilet paper!

        • Uk baller says:

          Google his age June 4, 2003. Divorce docs list age as the same



          • Wow says:

            I heard about that. Master p should be ashamed of himself. He older than my son and he plays 4th.


            @wow They getting this birth date information of a webiste were fans or anyone can put up birth days edit and delta age Master P is a celebrity just like they have hercy born in 1996 if you go back to 1996 That kid wasn’t even on this earth so until you see the real birth certificate chill @ukballer is just one of those parents from Indiana Inougiso Team a team who the nightrydas elite 2nd grade ran over at nationals and the Rens beat them and Take over and they can’t get over it . When they had several re class kids on there team and the biggest kid in the whole nationals on there team they the ones spreading this rumor about Mercy If he was 11 years old why did they loose there protest ? Indiana Inougiso lost at the lebron tournament and they had John Paul Mobley jr playing for them and all ohio red at the same tournament and that was against the rules and none protested them cause everyone said they wasn’t good and they still lost lol

          • Uk baller says:

            Again multiple sites and multiple you tube vids posted by the family say his age. You would think the family would know his age when they post a you tube vid. Also the divorce decree states his birthdate and that his mother who lives in California has sole custody which means he lives in cal. I didn’t realize that cal was a border state to fla. hey if I’m wrong I apologize. When you have tons of evidence not to mention the size discrepatancy between him and the other 350 kids their…..a tourney official was the one that alerted teams to the age issue. Probably 80 percent of the people their were talking about it. I know of 3 teams who either protested or were going to protest

          • Uk baller says:

            And actually my son plays for the Memphis war eagles and when you guys haven’t picked up all the extra kids ie mercy and the best player from the tj lakers we’ve beat you guys and will continue to

          • Uk baller says:

            And yes you guys had a great, one of the best that money could buy. Beat everyone that played…all except for the one that mattered when you got beat by 15. 2nd place = 1st loser. Next year spend that extra grand trying to get one more player…overheard your coach talking with 2 other parents trying to pick up a few more…be careful Parent your child might be one that’s getting replaced!


            @ukballer The war eagles lmao we ran you guys out the gym with out mercy and its on tape you guys air balled every free throw you shot in new orleans and you are not a elite 2nd grade teams your not in the conversation please tell me what number your kid is ? lol Lucky in 2nd grade everyone made it too championship bracket are you guys would have been home in classic bracket just like in new orleans one of the worst teams . And you will be a classic bracket team every year. You a grown man playing on the internet gossiping like a women I’m no longer entertaining this Master P has a residence in Florida and the head coach is his cousin who is own nightrydas elite and been with P since he was a little boy so get over it cause you gonna have see the nightrydas every year and the war eagles will never beat us and yes we got second what place did u get what tournaments did you win and what did your son do against us lol?

          • Ohio parent says:

            @Nightryders elite parent didn’t ya’ll lose to OBC at King James in Akron? I think so. I don’t think mercy miller is 11 but is he reclassed? No doubt in my mind. Along with boat load of other 2nd graders. MInneapolis Spartans had the biggest team up there. 2 bigs that looked like 4th graders. They whole team looked reclassed. At the end of the day who cares! It’s just basketball. I tell my son go give’em work no matter how big they are because I feel mine can play with whoever. Personally wouldn’t reclass mine, but would look into it in middle school/ high school level if basketball still something he’s into & he showing some promise in the sport. But All this reclassing at elementary level is just plain silly!! Nightryders got a good team but we (Indiana) nice too! We will be seeing y’all for years to come!


            @ohioparent lol we had already won our pool and we played our 3rd string that game cause we had bracket play right after that game . And Mercy is not a re- class we had to submit original birth certificate on him and report card his dad is over 6’3 his dad brother are all 6’5 , 6-6, its in his genes to be big all this is funny for them to really believe that kid is 11 years old is just retarded as popular as Master P is he wouldn’t have been at every game and letting his son play 2nd grade if he wasn’t right age and grade . We will see you guys next season we travel all over so we want be hard to find. Good luck to you guys

          • Ohio parent says:

            @nightryders elite parent lol you funny y’all played y’all 3rd string tho against OBC?? Stop perpin them was the starters I remember all them kids and my son was giving y’all the bizness! Went up 16 at one point! Y’all just added master p son & #24 from tj lakers because y’all knew y’all team was flake. Lol You crazy but good luck next year.


            @ohioparent dont recall your son giving the business and if your son the guard that use to play with that ohio team we have the game at nationals on tape he was a non factor and couldn’t break the press or get the ball up the court good luck to you too lol

          • Ohio parent says:

            @nightryders elite parent at King James he broke the press by his self… Nobody on y’all team could stop him. That game is on tape so you don’t have to recall… At nationals Yall won by 8 points. Your camera man was telling me how sweet he was breaking your press. I hate when somebody just lie. Y’all trapped him a couple times but other than that he was putting them boys in the blender lol. We got out on y’all early. Jus didn’t finish. You must be slow lol. I’m trying to be modest who was yo child? I’m like dying to knw lol

          • UK Baller says:

            Just saw where Lebron was signing with a different team. I thought maybe he had signed with the Nightrydas. Heck shave the beard and say he is 8 too!!!!lmao

  19. No the rules says:

    The oldest a player will be at nationals is 11. And better believe every team in Kentucky will have at least one 11yr old on their team.

  20. Wrong says:

    Cant play 4th if u are 12 before sept.1

  21. Age for Playing Down says:

    AAU rules also say that a player in 5th grade can’t play down in 4th grade if they turn 11 before Sept 1. The rule is even more tight than the 4th grade/12 years rule.

  22. ak007 says:

    LOL you people are crazy!!! listen to yourselves!!! Up here talking about 11&12yr old 4rth graders!!! Need make these kids take a break from basketball and pick up some books!!!

  23. ak007 says:

    If your child has flunked in elementary school, you shouldn’t be carting them all over the country with a basketball…that kid needs to catch up academically!!! And even if your child is playing kids only a yr or 2 younger, why are you boasting on that??? That is nothing to bragg about! When the recruiting time REALLY comes later on, they are gonna seek out and find out the truth. Playing down makes their game weaker ultimately! You are not fooling anyone but yourselves!! At the elementary/middle school level 1yr of maturity, height/weight, speed and strength makes a HUGE difference so your son or player that can drive themselves to a 4rth grade game and drop 30 is a foolish JOKE LOL!!!

  24. ak007 says:

    They should make a reality show out of this mess….”Basketball Parents” Adults who are sickly over taken with their elementary school students basketball ride!!! LOL! Somebody post the number to BET productions!! LOL (hey, don’t yall take my idea, I’, jumping on that in the morning) Make some $ of this foolishness!

  25. get busy says:

    Listen 11yr old with the nightrydas just played 2nd grade against 7 and 8 year olds. I 10 celtics just had 15yrs against 12 and 13 yr olds. Put the coaches, kids, and their parents on blast if they want to try and work the system. Work on your gqme and get in the gym. Holding kids back for the sole purpose of dominating against younger kids is wrong, foul, amd border line dirty. Flat out!

  26. Jon says:

    Congrats to all the guys who made the list and some who didn’t probably can and will pass someone up. At this age its hard to tell who’s who. Let the competition begin and the kids have fun. Not everyone is a hold back. The hype comes from haters who talk about kids negatively they don’t even know. Kids don’t ask to be on the list they just are sometimes.

  27. Sparky says:

    Congrats to all who made this list ( you better continue to work on your game).
    saw lots of these kids play over the years and hopefully I see most of them in D-1 Natl
    For the talented players who did not make it, keep working hard and someone will notice your game!

  28. coach P Mac says:

    SEVERAL of these kids were 5th graders this year. The things parents do to try to get an edge. Ask around about a TRUE 4TH grader name Paul McMillan in Cincinnati Oh. Kid had 9 points rhis Summer in a High School varsity league game. He has been playing up 2 grades for several years. He can shoot the 3 past NBA range. When is the Elite Camp and I will make sure he is there.

  29. Juice says:

    Like I said before my comment was rudely tak’n down!!! There’s a lot of i10 Celtics on the best baller list and they just got tapped in L.A. In the OPEN GYM TOURNAMENT (twice) I saw this kid RON JONES stabilize the middle and shut there whole team down….5’10”..MICHAL.WOOLDRIDGE ONLY HAD “2” points…as a matter of fact RON JONES from OAKLAND PAL shut down everything in the paint the whole tour. I investigated his age and it’s 10y 6 months…he should be on this list even if it’s at the bottom..go #44(at only 5’5″)

  30. BS!!! says:

    This is funny … I know I better see a whole new list next week after nationals lol

  31. Birthdates Please says:

    This list is quite irresponsible and promotes the holding back of kids at 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. The author even “highlights” this problem of holding back and “re-classing” kids at this age and its impact to his rankings. Re-class prior to high school may be justifiable if the kid has promise at that time. 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade “re-class” is a shame. Many of these kids are already 11 and quite a few are closer to 12. The youngest 4th graders are turning 10 this summer in June, July, and August. These rankings are misleading at best but definitely irresponsible.

  32. RepnDMV says:

    It will be interesting to look at this list in a few years and see how many are still on it. With reclass and so many other factors it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

  33. OH-10 says:

    Yall grown folks should be ashamed getting this hyped over some middle school rankings. Worry about developing your child and making them a better player then worrying about being ranked at this age. Most of yall kids won’t even play high school ball let along college ball for many reasons which include the child not wanting to play because of how much yall push them. Let these kids be kids, work on there game and worry about rankings in high school. Bet most of yall were proclaimed the next Magic or Jordan but never touched a ball after high school. Just sit back, train your child, take them to events and chill out.

  34. Fan says:

    Nationals was a great atmosphere. No team left undefeted.

  35. UK Baller says:

    Who actually won? The AAU website and the KBA website still hasn’t updated anything.

  36. Fan says:

    MD Finest #1
    Mathew Dickey #2
    WACG #3
    George Hill #4
    ARC #5
    NY Gachos #6
    Banneker #7
    All Ohio Red #8

  37. Witness in a program says:

    I 10 had 4 players that did not play at open gym.,and one played with a fever.That team is not official by any means they are not even on the Celtic website yet and do not practice together. Nationals would of been a nice one if they were a lot more organized. ,Matt,Robert, Josiah ,Jared,Malik,Carlos,Christian,Butter,Alec and #1ranked Ramel are the real deal , I still feel Bryce Griggs is #2 but man in that first pool play game In Houston vs Gulf coast the Celtics won by what 17 but GcBc led by Griggs went to work in the Championship game,and all were present accept for Jared for the could be great I10 Celtic team.

  38. Sherrie Griffin says:

    Sean Jones of AllOhioRed should be ranked higher.

  39. dumb a$$e$ says:

    laughable. back test MSE’s track record of ranking kids and you will see it’s a sham. What is even worse is the parents buying into this BS. Play, develop, grow in hoops and out of hoops. Setting kids up for failure. I wonder where Joel Embiid was ranked when he was in 4th. Oh wait, he wasn’t even hooping yet. Keep collecting money, cream always rises to the top. unfortunately for most people on this site they don’t realize it’s a marathon not a sprint. played against teams with kids kicked completely out of school. for them, hoops above all else. very sad.

  40. When will Class of 2021 rankings be out.

  41. Sparky says:

    I was at 2014 4th grade Nationals and there where a lot of talent in the building.

    Let me start by giving MD Finest a shout out for winning the championship ( they struggled the first couple of games then they rolled)! They also might have the best coach in 4th grade he did and outstanding job making adjustments.

    Now the athletes

    1. Ramel Lloyd – was not there
    2. Javon Tracey – played unbelievable ( my opinion best player there).
    3. Dylan Williams – started off slow but ended strong. He carried the Gauchos last couple of games (48pts last 2 games)
    4. Sonny Johnson – was not there
    5. Knasir McDaniels – played well throughout the tourn , showed why he one top players.
    6. Anthony Sellers – was not there ( saw this kid play this season and after 4th grade nationals he still the best post player so versatile ).
    7. Sammie Scott – all I can say he was one of the most exciting players there (his passing ability)!
    8. Jaden Johnson – this kid is clutch (MIT) he took over (4th grade nationals) he took over! He has to be a top 5 player!
    9. Spencer Joyner – was not there
    10. Andrew Ruebottom – played well ( defense and rebounding) he was good!

    11. Nick Klaiber – ran the show for George Hill ( excellent ball handler and knock down shooter).
    14. Bryce Giggs – first time I watch this kid and he was a joy to watch a great player!

    There was others can’t remember all the names but the teams they play for
    true Ballers had a post player who avg a double – double
    Matthew Dickey had (2) wing players
    Game time has a guard who might be the best shooter there
    Night Ryder’s (FL) – had a couple of good players
    ARC (CA) – have several kids who are worthy of being top 20 even top 10?
    Carolina Hornets – had a few kids who played well
    WACG – had a 7fter just joking but he was tall and had several good players!

  42. Vincent Carter says:

    This is a Joke

  43. Vincent Carter says:

    Ryan Carter best PG class of
    2027 He’s nice

  44. Vincent Carter says:

    May keep my pre schoolers in pre school
    Until there 8. Triple Hold Back ranked 1 n 2. You guys are all a Big Joke

  45. Javon says:

    Javon is the best 4th grader period. No matter what MSE thinks. Sparky’s analysis is spot on. Any player they choose to hype comes with some kick back cash alon t the way. Besides at this age only teams should be ranked.

  46. Vincent Carter says:

    My kid is in per school I think he’s going pro
    Number 1 in his class

  47. Vincent Carter says:

    U get the point preschool but he’s definitely D1

  48. mo mack says:

    There was a black and white team from Florida called the real ballers or true ballers or something like that. They had a few studs on their team, not to mention one if the best big men I have ever seen on this level . I think he was #32. If he’s in the 4th grade like they say he is he is definitely #1 at that position. Also wacg had a few studs. Nighttydas had #8 that I really liked. George hill had best back court in whole tourny. Guards were amazing. Banneker had a nice guard as well as ARC had some pretty solid players. Matthews dickey had some good players all though it is rumored they were too old. Gauchos had a nice 1-2 combo. Marylands finest had a solid team. No stars but well coached team ball. #32 from true ballers name is Terence Gibbs and #1 name is nick Martinez. #8 from nighttydas name is Ryan. Gauchos players names are Dylan and sellers. Banneker guard is Sammy. Glory guard is Doug. Also Brice Griggs from blue chips played pretty solid.

  49. C-Jack says:

    Bryce Griggs is the #1 player in the class of 2022. Earlier this year, he destroyed the I-10 Celtics during a championship game, where he scored 22 pts. In AAU Nationals, he led the #10 team by averaging 22 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists. This team’s total point average was the highest at AAU Nationals.

    He can play all five (5) positions. His total complete, all around game, is like no other.

    • Everybody1@ says:

      Bryce Griggs is not the no1 players can you read it say #14 and he should be lower than that!!!!!!

  50. Basketball For Life says:

    When will the next ranking come out? I believe all of the national & big tournaments are done…just interested to see where will some of the kids end up @ sense all of the smoke is clear.

  51. cant believe this list says:

    Tyson Mobley that has to be a joke he hasnt played in a year & a half. On top of that hes not even a good player. This list is a joke. Lmmfao. Lml. Lol. Haha.

    • Hater - get a life says:

      Clearly, fundamental–less, no-shooting, chase-the-ball 4th grade basketball is all you have. Soon fundamentals like shooting, footwork, ball-handling will be a requirement. This just-turned-10 yr old is a better shooter than most 10, 11, and 12 yr olds. He has the handles, vision, IQ, and unselfishness to complement. Guaranteed one of the smartest student-athletes. Get a life. Stop hating.

  52. Just keep preparing for high school says:

    Parents don’t put too much into middle school rankings or national titles while in middle school. Be prepared for high school. I don’t think coach k or any other college coach will base ur scholarship off a 5th or 6th grade tile or ranking. At the same time congrats to the ranked kids and parents it does recognize the level of respect people have for ur game to this point and it’s good to be recognized for the hard work and progress. Keep in mind it’s still a while to go.

  53. Coach Ish says:

    Everybody on here should go read:
    Demetrius Walker “Play Their Hearts Out”

    • Author Name says:

      The author of “Play Their Hearts Out” is actually George Dohrmann, just in case anyone searches Amazon, etc. by author’s name. It’s a fantastic book and really puts things in perspective. Glad Coach Ish mentioned it here!

  54. Ben Schmid says:

    Andy Schmid needs to be on this list. Out of Wisconsin Andy is going to be trying out for Wisconsin Playground Warriors. At 4’7 he is an amazing scorer, ball handler, passer, and defender. In 4th grade, Andy averaged 19PPG, 10APG, and 7RPG. We didn’t have him on an AAU team this year but, he will be playing probably this year. Andy also plays football, and baseball at a very high level (we’re worried AAU may interfere with baseball). He is a very good player and has a lot of potential.

  55. BPS says:

    Andy Schmid (my brother) should be on this list. He averaged 19.5PPG, 8APG, and 5.5RPG. He is 4ft7 with amazing ball-handling, speed, passing, defense, and court vision. He did not play AAU this year because of baseball, but will play in 5th, or 6th grade. He will play for either Wisconsin Playground Elite, Wisconsin Playground Warriors, or Wisconsin Playmakers. We don’t have much tape on him, but he is a great player.

  56. Damn strait homeys. I got a 3rd and 4th grader and some of my Aunt Tookies cousins who rock the house. Look out for Devon “Easy D” Williams, Deylon “Special D” Jones, Mookie “Blood” Washington and Tyrone Muhammed to dominate Ramel Lloyd, Bryce Griggs and thoes othr fools at the ’14-’15 tormamentss. That is the srate truth!!!

  57. Speed says:

    These kids have won nationals and beatin most of the top teams in the country but noon made the list. Wow! We don’t name drop but look at nationals and look at the teams they beat but no one is good enough to be in the top 50. Well now the boys will be playing Pacman, eating up the competition. Coco Beach will never be the same!

  58. Witness says:

    Just saw #4 Sonny and #7 Sammy go at it at Buckeye prep. Sonny played good but Sammy put on a show. His handle and court vision is crazy. His team won by 20. Sonny also had #6 Knasir on his team. Sammy had his teammate #16 Micha on his team. Buckeye prep was off the hook.

  59. books over basketball says:

    AAU is a trip, all these people flunking their kids for a sport and AAU calls it reclassifying. This is a joke, and any parents OK with this is not doing their job. If you have to flunk once or twice to stand out then you are not really standing out. Wake up people! If you have skills you play up to get better. Your not helping your kids or teaching them a good lesson. Every parent doing this should be arrested.

    • Phenrisa says:

      Jaquan Sanders is the best player in his class without a doubt i cant wait until next year youll see. I agree with Books over basketball some of these parents need to be arrested for leaving their kids back just to receive recognition.

  60. G Money Chill says:

    My boys dominated at DC nationals and then had a great showing in Vegas. Takin dem out of elemtery skool this year to focus on hoops 8 hours a day. All 4 are sure to be at major D1 schools and most likely NBA picks. My uncles cousins is a major recruiter and coach Cal, Coach K and Billy D at Floridda are showing interests

  61. just observing says:

    Just wondering how many kids on this list have reclassified. Just asking?

  62. Elray says:

    Be on the look out for a team from San Antonio Texas. SA Blue Devils has 2 of the best 5th graders Jalen Smith and Kevin Garciawe just beat the 10th nationally ranked golf Coast blue chips and we also beat the 20th rank pro skills by 26 points in this past weekend’s tournament in Houston. Great basketball in H town

  63. Coach White says:

    I think you have a great sight but you’re missing one of the best combo guards in the country in 4th grader class of 2023 Charvel”Velly” White out of Altadena, California. This is kid can thread the needle to open team mates, shoot the 3 or midrange jumper. Very in unselfish player who I’ll always pass it up to open teammates on the break or get on hot streak and hit 7 or 8 three’s or midrange jumpers in a row. You all can see Velly in action at the Fab 48 Tournament in Las Vegas 10U Elite division playing with Dune Citi out of Chatsworth, California. See y’all in Vegas and keep working ballers. Belly is 9 and turns 10 July 2nd. True to age NO HOLD BACK !!!!!

  64. Jared Edgeston (2022) of Murfreesboro TN is a TRUE point guard, his size is highly deceptive. He can penetrate and put up crazy assist with a running team.

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