MSE TOP 50 National Player Rankings for 4th Grade/ Class of 2023

2014 MSE TOP 50 National Player Rankings for 4th Grade/ Class of 2023

4th grade LeLeBron James Jr.  aka Bronny of Miami City Ballers AAU Basketball

4th grader LeBron “Bronny” James Jr. (OH) is ranked No.1 player in America

Middle School Elite rankings are based on performances at high level tournaments and camps, overall team success, players ability to impact games and players long term potential and upside.

Atop the list is fourth grade, ten year old boy wonder, LeBron “Bronny” James Jr. from Akron, Ohio.

The energetic right handed specimen, who recently moved back to Ohio, had a stellar AAU season playing on Miami City Ballers.

Possessing high IQ, speed, strength, skill set, height, jump shot and athleticism, James Jr. is a phenom.

Click here to watch Bronny dunk on someone. 

Sarmartine Bouges (MD) ranks number two…not because his grandfather is former NBA player, Muggsy Bouges.

Assist-man Bouges stood out at the MSE Maryland Camp last year where he earned top performer his age group.

Lefty Khoi Thurmon (IL); Aden “Bizkit” Holloway (NC); Jalen Newhouse (CA) are considered best five players.

MSE camp alum Anthony “Ace” Valentine (MD); 5’5″ Miles Williams (TX); Kylan Holmes (PA); Jacolb Cole (TX) and KJ Farfan (FL) round out the top ten.

Here’s the new official MSE Top 50 National Player Rankings for 4th Grade, Class of 2023.

Rank, Name, Position, State

#1 LeBron “Bronny” James Jr, Forward, Ohio

#2 Sarmartine Bouges, PG, Maryland

#3 Khoi Thurmon, Guard, Illinois

#4 Aden Holloway, SG, North Carolina

#5 Jalen Newhouse, WG, California

#6 Anthony Valentine ,PG, Maryland

#7 Miles Williams, SG, Texas

#8 Kylan Homes, Guard, Pittsburg, PA

#9 Jacolb Cole, Guard, Texas

#10 KJ Farfan, Guard, Florida

#11 Malik Browman, Guard, Washington

#12 Reed Shepard, Guard, Kentucky

#13 Travis Upchurch, Guard, CT

#14 Moe Jackson, Guard, Washington

#15 Cameron Gullis, Guard, Virginia

#16 Dejuan Riggs, Guard, Washington

#17 Ty Cox, Forward, Texas

#18 Jahkary Towns, Guard, Michigan

#19 RJ Jones, SG, Texas

#20 AJ Smalls, Guard, Raleigh NC

#21 Jordan Ross, Guard, Utah

#22 Kywone Jenkins, Guard, Florida

#23 Jerimah Martin, Guard, California

#24 Kia Davis, Guard, California

#25 Bryce Harrison-Jex, Forward, Texas

#26 Jaedon Thompson, Guard, North Carolina

#27 Brian Harthorn, Guard, Florida

#28 Anthony Saunders, Guard, Virginia

#29 Dylan Smith, Guard, Texas

#30 Isaiah Chappell, Guard, California

#31 Amari Farr, Forward, Washington, DC

#32 Jaylen Lowe, Guard, Texas

#33 Danial Dormu, SG Washington DC

#34 Jonas Krassel, Guard, California

#35 Payton Kamin, Guard, Illinois

#36 Addison Harmon, Forward, Texas

#37 Kaden White, Guard, Illinois

#38 Jaeden Mustaf, Forward, Washington D

#39 Kole Chapman, Guard, North Carolina

#40 Christian Smith, Guard, Baltimore, MD

#41 Chazz Chewless, Guard, Washington 

#42 Tre Walker, Guard, Washington

#43 Isaiah Collier, Guard, Georgia

#44 Anthony Benard, Guard, Detroit, MI

#45 Curtis Staie, Forward, New York, NY

#46 Zocko Littleton Jr, Guard, ATL, Georgia

#47 Moses Hipps, Guard, New Jersey

#48 Amari Farr, Guard, DC

#49 Donavon Leak, Guard, Maryland

#50 Jaden Maxwell, Guard, Illinois

Honorable Mention:

Michael Bradley, Guard, Florida

Cole Chapman, Guard, North Carolina

Gabe Warren, Forward, Texas

Phillip Crowell, Guard, DC

Bryce Harrison, Guard, Texas

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  1. David says:

    OK, what you think will be next ?

  2. comedian says:

    this might be the most obsurd posting yet by this site. hilarious. half of these kids aren’t even to top player on their team and get eaten up in local leagues but rank away. hilarious. setting kids up for failure. very unfortunate.

  3. D1 phenoms says:

    This is one of the most accurate lists I have seen. MSE and coast2coastpreps are definitely ahead of all the other competitors. Other services need to step their game up.

  4. Cassandra Davis says:

    WOW!!, How bogus, Labron even knows this is not true. Your organization is SUPPOSE to represent the true and just. The whole ranking is bogus. There were a lot of reputable player in this division and this is a terrible injustice to all the players and family’s who attended. Do it the right way, be honest, truthful to everyone.

  5. RepnDMV says:

    No Aidan Harris from Maryland’s Finest? That kid can go. BTW Donovan Leak is a 5th grader, not 4th.

  6. Well says:

    This is the wackest list I EVER seen, all the kids names spelled wrong, kids in the wrong class…..Give it up MSE…

    • Everybody1@ says:

      No don’t give it up mse so far you been spot on if you go back inif you to pass ranking for instance allonzo Trier Malik Newman and a whole bunch of others they’ve been spot on this is one of the best ranking fights around Jerry love is doing a good job

  7. Loadofcrap says:

    What a big day in AAU basketball. Now you boys need to go back up to your own age group. No more grade exceptions no more home school scams. AAU is now based on age not grade.

  8. Anonymous says:

    No kids from the #1 and # 2 aau team in the power rankings??? Don’t know about this poll. Riverside kids or maryland pride kids not on list.

  9. comedian says:

    now fatman has to be ranked with 6th graders which is his age. mse is a joke. zion might be an 8th grade age based player. scramble mse….scramble

  10. willfam says:

    Rashad williams 5’5 legit 4th grader only 9 years old ,a true big can shot , pass, and rebounds easy,block shots like spelling his Nam . War eagles TN

  11. hoopsguy says:

    Wow when did it become cool to hate on kids. You clowns need to get a life.

  12. hoopsguy says:

    All I know I seen that 3rd grader Brooklyn Vick play live, and he going places. Google him…kid had stories done on him since he was 5 years old. I guess you old no life hates will hate on him toooo. # grow up # Root for kids #don’t hate

    • Hoop daddy says:

      You need to see 4th grader “Action” Jackson Crawford 4th grader out of Roanoke Va This kid is the best combo guard in the country. He shoots lights out with 22 ft range can jump and explode off dribble. Coming to Akron Ohio April 24-26. He will be ready. JC Ballin #1. By the way Brooklyn Vick is the real deal ladies and gentlemen. Watch these 2 in the backcourt together. They are special but most important they are quality young men first.

  13. Evelyn Davis says:

    Thank you for including Kai Davis in your Top 50 list!

  14. Melvin says:

    4th grader Kylan Holmes (PA) could be the next Steph Curry. This kid looks great.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Khoi Thurmon is the best player in his class hands down! Chicago!!!

    • Coach White says:

      I would love to see Lebron”Bronny”James vs Charvel”Velly”White(California) as they are in the same class of 2023. I would also love to see Khoi out of Chicago go against the best pure point guards out of California named Kyle Russel and ColoJeno Britt. Great match-ups !!!! I think these players will meet sometime in a future Tournament, will be great to see

  16. odray knox says:

    Why isn’t any player from Arkansas on the list? N look im just asking a question. To see if could help with this issue

  17. Coach White says:

    No disrespect to your rankings, but I think its way to early to start ranking 4th grade kids. There is know way on Gods green earth that this ranking is valid.just want to give a shout out to my son Charvel Velly White and his back court partner Kyle Russell. Charvel is a long smooth point gaurd who can play the 1, 2, or 3 and who has the total package, handle, mid range off the dribble or spot up not to mention 3 point range and the one thing that most people fail to mention HEART . Kyle is a pure 1 who is little pit bull type point guard with mad handle and a pure jumper, kid will break any press world wide and get to the basket with ease. His jumper is wet and his defense is suffocating. I believe these two boys from Pasadena,California home of the late great Jackie Robinson form the best backcourt in the counrty.

  18. Coach White says:

    My apologies for not mentioning Charvel and Kyle’s age and grade level. Charvel is 9 years old in the 4th grade and Kyle is 10 years old in the 4th grade. Thier age and grade level are LEGIT, NO HOLD BACKS!!!

  19. nevertoyoungtoshineincalifornia says:

    Coach White what team does the two kids play on ? Bold claim best backcourt in the country try locking down Cali first… never heard of either young baller give us some footage to go by…we know all the top lil ballers in the state…

    • Coach White says:

      Charvel and Kyle are out of The Pasadena & Altadena and play for a travel ball team called Dune Citi out of Chatsworth, California. These two assassins have been under the radar and have just hit the scene this year as they believe in living in the gym and training on their craft. They will be playing in the Fab 48 Tournament in Las Vegas from July 27-30 in the 10U Elite division. Not trying to be cocky but I believe in my son’s game as a Father but I’m also analyzing his game from a coaching perspective and he is easily a top 10 player in the country in the class of 2023 if not #1. They have Khoi Thurman out of Chicago ranked #1 in some polls and Lebron James JR ranked #1 in other polls and Charvel from a pure coaching perspective is better than both them.If things go as planned the nation will know about Velly & Kyle at the 11U AAU Division 1 2016 Nationals. When you see them play I always accept feedback from other student & teachers of the game on where they can improve their game. Let’s stay in touch NTYTSIC. What city are u out of in California NTYTSIC ?

  20. Coach White says:

    Dune Citi 10U class of 2023 out of California Comin for all power ranked teams in division I of AAU, were famished and ready to eat !!!!!

    • Jayelen Harper says:

      Hey coach white I am a 7th grade student athlete and I’m looking to elevate my game and would like to know if you could help.

      • Coach White says:

        Hey Jeyelen Harper sorry to get back to you after a whole year but I haven’t been on this particular site until today. Yes I would love to help you elevate your game.I train in Duarte California at Pamela Park with a coach named Lovett. Our team name is WE WIN WEST !!! Let your parents know about us, my # is 626-486-7514.

  21. Carmela B says:

    Have to check out Jordan Briggs 10 years old 4th grade guard out of Muskegon, MI. Ball handling is A1, shooting is great, defense on point. Overall, phenomenal player.

  22. Nevertoyoungtoshineincalifornia says:

    My son is Jalen Newhouse an he plays for Oakland Pal 10u an the Super Friends an I believe your guy Charvel plays with my nephew Chris Haywood(lil Chris)..imma tell from experience coach your kids won’t get that shine(you feel they deserve) if they dont go to Midwest or east an play show there skills…Khoi is the real deal saw him wit my on eyes haven’t seen Lebron yet but from my research he can play as well…as far as the claim as best on west coast I think my son may have just a little to say about that but we will see y’all at FAB 48 in Vegas it will be great to meet an compete…

    • Coach White says:

      Never to young to shine yes my son Charvel does play with Chris Haywood who is also from the Pasadena/Altadena area. Actually I think your son won the BigFoot Classic in Las Vegas. Charles ,Chris and ColoJeno Britt are playing together on the Dune Citi team out of the city of Chatsworth. We are currently set to play New York City United in the Semi-Finals of the Fab 48 10U Division. In the other semi final is Maryland Pride vs Team Havoc out of Washington DC. So we are the only team from the west coast representing the Fab 48 against 3 east coast teams. We play today at 10am at the Tarkanian Academy Center. I talk to coach Kenny front NYC United and he said they had try out of the best 24 kids in the NYC and only took the best 12 out of all the Burroughs in New York and these 12 kids will go against my son Velly,Chris,Cologeno Britt, Kyle Russel, Mason (Vegas), Indiana, Nat, Nataniel,Marcus,and Noah. This will be a great game with my belief that the West Side (Dune Citi) will come out on top against are east coast brothers NYC United.This will be a statement game to all the east coast travel ball teams that the West Coast is far from soft like some people from the east think. Let’s get it on!!!!!! Also we look forward to playing against your son Jalen, He can go, love his 3 point shot, keep pushing him to greatness !!!!

      • Everybody1@ says:

        What’s in a name when you think about it look up top when you th it’s all in the name you can’t quite see who’s going to be in the NBA see all you got to do is look at the name

        • Coach White says:

          Come again, don’t understand what your saying about it’s all in a name, are you being sarcastic are are you trying to make a point, explain.

      • Real Talk says:

        NYC United won by 30

        • Coach White says:

          won by 30 true but most players who played were’nt 10U MORE LIKE 12. Much respect for NYC United and Coach Satterfield but the way the system is when you play in Big Foot and Jr, Fab 48 ITS HARD TO EVALUATE just how good your true to age kids are when you have coaches playing players down or have 2 year hold backs. i keep it real. as for me and mine we gone stay in the gym and keep workin and gettig better every day. after this summer i could care less about rankings because its all political, especially at this age.

          • Real Talk says:

            There was not one kid older than 10 on that team. Majority of them are still 10 as we speak. No way in hell am I flying all the way out to Vegas to possibly get kicked out of a tournament for cheating.

          • Sha_$ says:

            Every kid on that team was legit age no playing down to try to win they deserve credit. They played hard and shared the ball nyc United was the real deal in Vegas and they’ll be back out to fab 48 again this summer

  23. Daphne says:

    Pure hogwash. An 8 or 9yo ELITE player? I just can’t equate 9yo and ELITE in the same sentence…lol. smh on all of this. So many NBA players have sucked even at the highschool level that went on to become NBA STARS (Dwayne Wade wasn’t even acknowledged by scouts, he said, until his JR year in HS). CP3 only received 1 OFFER AFTER HS. (wake forest) so please do not put 8 and 9yo and ELITE IN THE SAME CONVERSATION AGAIN. let alone compiling a list. lol

  24. Real Talk says:

    Ohhh and not 1 kid from NYC United is on this list.

  25. bball says:

    For all those parents that is worried about ranking it doesn’t matter until high school that is when my son will play is grade so everyone can reclass their kids for nothing my son will never be reclass because he doesn’t play for ranking but he will be one of the best player when it counts

  26. Basketball Mom says:

    Wesley yates lll Beaumont Texas the real #1 player in the nation 10 years old!

    • Coach White says:

      Basketball Mom i dont mean to burst your bubble but what truly counts is your sons rank his senior year in high school. There truly is know way you can say your son is the #1 ten year old in the nation because some parents dont even put their kids out there to be seen. Some parents just TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN THEIR KIDS AND WHEN ITS TIME TO PERFORM ON THE NATIONAL SEEN THEY GO BEAST MODE ON KIDS WHO HAVE BEEN READING THEIR OWN NEWS PAPER ARTICLES AND ALL OF A SUDDEN THE BASKETBALL WORLD IS TALKING ABOUT KIDS WHO’VE COME OUT OF KNOW WHERE TO PROCLAIM WORLD WIDE DOMINANCE. NOT NATIONAL DOMINANCE BUT WORLD WIDE DOMINANCE. Kinda like what Steph Curry is doing right now in the NBA.The new King is Steph Curry NOT Lebron James and no one even saw it coming. Stay HUMBLE Basketball mom, keep your sons academics elite, his behavior Godly and keep him in the gym WORKING. Blessings on you and your little man Wesley Yates. Peace in Christ.

      • Coach White says:

        Just Got done watching game 7 of the 2016 NBA FINALS. LEBRON JAMES is still king of the BASKETBALL World.

  27. OaklandGame says:

    Saad Waqia out if Oakland california is definitely a kid who was left off the list that you need to remember. A legit 2023 who played up at the 14u,13u age group while still dominating the 10u age group hitting big shots and making every team he plays double team him. The one kid parents don’t even want there kids guarding due to fear of becoming a mix tape highlight or being exposed. Crafty around the basket, can shoot it from long range and lock down defense. Check out the link of video from this past summer or even Instagram @dremmakernochaser guarantee you’ll be pleased!!!

  28. Dreamboy79 says:

    Man this kid Jalen Warren from Texas maybe the purest shooter in 4th grade I’ve seen.. boy got Stef range.. he just hit 6 three’s in aau tournament last week.. also scored 40 multiple times.. nice PG from midland tx

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