13 Year Old North Carolina Hoop Phenom Receives Letter From Duke and UNC

Moore To Come

Wendell MoorePlaying for one of the top AAU basketball programs in America, such as CP3 (Chris Paul) All Stars could make a player overconfident, but not in the case of young Wendell Moore.

The newest and hottest product on today’s youth market might be 6’4″ and still growing, eighth grader Moore from North Carolina. All eyes are on him once he steps foot inside the gym and whispers of his name is heard throughout.

Although Moore is rated best middle school basketball prospect for class of 2019, he isn’t caught up in the hype. If sounds too good to be true, then read more about Moore and his father in our following interview.

MSE: Wendell Moore has been somewhat a big name in middle school basketball for some years. How has your experience been thus far?

Wendell Moore Jr: For me to be named as one of the elite players in AAU basketball is a blessing. This is one of the best experiences I could ever have.

MSE: How do you build your level of confidence?

Wendell Moore
Wendell Moore wins 7th grade AAU National Championship

Wendell Moore Jr: Every time I step on the court I want to be the one that the coach has something special for. I just want to prove everybody who doubts my talents wrong.

MSE: How did you learn how to play basketball?

Wendell Moore Sr: I taught Wendell the basics. He learned his first drop- step at three years old. From there we worked on defense. Free-throws and shooting. He couldn’t shoot 3s until he could shoot the ball over his head, not from the hip. Now he works with Dominic Bishop to refine his guard and ball handling skills. Now I just work on tweaking his form as he gets taller.

MSE: Things may change in HS as other players get bigger, stronger and smarter. Where do you see Moore measuring up against those down the road?

Wendell Moore Sr: I think he will be okay. We still play each other sometimes. I’m six-six and weigh 290-300 pounds. If he can push me around I think he can hold his own.

MSE: Name some of the media outlets who have mentioned Wendell Moore?

Wendell Moore Sr: Charlotte Observer, Buckeye Prep, P2Bball, Getmerecruited.com, Nextuprecruit.com.

MSE: Who are some of the tough players Moore faced in his young amateur career?

Wendell Moore Jr: Shariff KennyChandler Lawson, Jordan Mitchell.

MSE: How is it growing up in North Carolina the triangle of Duke, NC State and UNC…do you feel lucky?

Wendell Moore with his favorite fan
Wendell Moore with his favorite fan

Wendell Moore Jr: It’s not I feel lucky, I feel blessed to live in a state with three of the best basketball schools in the country. It gives me a advantage to get letters from these schools.

MSE: How would you compare Moore in the classroom and on the court?

Wendell Moore Sr: Wendell is a hard worker on and off the court. He has the ability to pick up things very quickly. Like off the court he is taking some advanced classes. He has always been a honor roll student.

MSE: After graduating high school, players have four options before they may enter a NBA draft: Sit out one year, overseas, college or NBA Development League. Which is better for Moore at this point?

Wendell Moore Sr: His dream is playing at Duke University and he’s very passionate about that. So I would say college.

MSE: Who would you like to thank for helping you become the best possible player and person thus far?

Wendell Moore Jr: My parents are my biggest influence. They have been there for me through the tough times and the good times. Every time I step on the court they push me to do my (best) and I thank them for that.

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