Elite Student Athlete Tavian Durrett Is Next Up

A son’s future is in good hands, thanks to dad

MSENever has a father supported his child more than Mr. Durrett, whose son is class of 2019, 5’8″, PG Tavian Durrett from Florida. Mr. Durrett knows Tavian’s basketball knowledge is there, as well as, a convincing grade point average.

What else to expect from a young amateur focused on academics and basketball almost the same.

While Tavian is a book worm and gym rat, he’s reached a major milestone in becoming all time scorer for his County middle school, as reported by Youth1.

Read more about a father and son on a mission in our exclusive interview below.

MSE: What are Tavian Durrett’s basketball strengths?

Tavian Durrett: Known around these parts as a combo guard …shoot lights out and can handle the rock.. Most teams face guard him, junk defenses; box 1, box 2 and sometimes box 3. He makes his teammates better stretch the floor and always looks for his teammates. He grew 4 to 5 inches over the summer so they have him playing a little down low, he rebounds for his size… He’s all about team first.

MSE: How would you describe his work ethic in the classroom?

Tavian Durrett: How would we describe him in class! He takes school above all very serious.. Basketball secondary because at a young age he understood from where we grew up that education is (key) to a bright future because the ball will stop bouncing one day and the only thing you have to fall back on is education…basketball is a means to get you there but education is the means to keep you there…He goes to a private school, St Barnabas Episcopal a Blue Ribbon School and he is a (A) student!

MSE: What’s all the noise we hear about a record breaking achievement?

Tavian Durrett: Yes about the record breaking year. Well he is now County Middle School basketball all time leading scorer! Four-year starter and they play a full high school schedule 30 games or so a season! So he has been fortunate enough to play with some great teammates because without team there will be no record so thanks to all the guys that pass through Saint Barnabas and helped in this endeavor!.. I will be forever indebted thx.

MSE: Briefly share what happened in Tavian’s Saint Barnabas middle school game vs Montverde?

Tavian Durrett: Yes the game vs Montverde. Middle school program! Stat line 26 points, 14 rebounds and 3 assists… On a bad leg… he has a problem this year with cramping so he sat out the 4th quarter and cheered on his teammates! Once again a great school…he loves his teammates, he’s a team guy!

MSE: What high school does Tavian hope to attend next year and will he play HS varsity basketball as a freshman?

Tavian Durrett: Not sure on the high school choice just yet but father Lopez is in the top 3, and yes he will be playing varsity…for the last 4 years he has been playing all the JV teams at Saint Barnabas middle school…Playing anything less than varsity is going backwards! The talent is there… I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

MSE: What’s his dream college? Do you want him to necessarily stay near home?

Tavian Durrett: His dream college will be the University of Florida/hometown and UConn Huskies is close! In the words of a wise man any college scholarship D1 will be beautiful…it’s all about the education the keys to life!

MSE: Do you think you are a overbearing father in promoting your son?

Tavian Durrett: Overbearing dad!? No because first and foremost who’s going to promote you better than you? Self promotion is the best promotion if talent meets with what you promote! I would love to take the credit for promoting my son, but it’s not just me. He does a lot of his own promotion. He’s a very savvy kid. He started Team TAVIAN with (recent graduates of  Saint Barnabas middle school) Money Mike, Tyrone Silky Slim Johnson’ and his buddy ‘Tommy Two Times‘. He’s a very smart kid I wouldn’t be surprised if he ran his own fortune 500 company’… so take some credit….yes, but most of the credit goes to those kids! Surprise surprise! Self promotion is the best promotion!

MSE: What level from 1-10 has your son received exposure in middle school thus far?

Tavian Durrett: On what level has he receive middle school exposure? Level 2. The thing about this one is I placed education over running to a thousand camps over the summer and spending $10,000 over the summer instead I invested in him going to a prestigious private school! As you said MSE the cameras will find you If the talent is there!

MSE: What are some family activities on the weekend other than being in the gym?

Tavian Durrett: Other than being in the gym what are family activities. Believe it or not the kids a big movie buff. He likes to catch all the latest movies first! He loves Universal Studios! He loves hitting the Speedway skating rink! He loves to hit up the high school hoops games as a spectator. We are in Florida so you know he likes swimming in his pool.

MSE: Who would you like to thank for supporting you before embarking on high school?

Tavian Durrett: ST BARNABAS A.D. Coach Shaw, JOE KELLER and the whole Phenom family! Chris singleton AAU COACH! And all the coaches and teammates that helped me along the way! Once again, team! Because without four other guys on the court with you….there’s nothing you can’t do possible! To get to the next level and most of all my BIG FAMILY …….MOM & TEAM TAVIAN you guys know your names!

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  1. Jason says:

    LMAO! Seriously you should do a better of picking the kids you spotlight most kids could avg a triple double in that league. Dont confuse Montverde middle with being a feed in to the highschool. Articles like this make you lose credibility with people actually in the region. Not a knock against the kid, but seriously he isnt in the top 20 2019s in FL.

  2. john says:

    this guy Jason you funny have you ever seen this kid play you know is not top 20 in Florida see the top 20 in the class of 2019 boy a lot of haters out there…you guys are hilarious

  3. john says:

    top 20 in Florida that’s the biggest joke I know this kid he’s top 20 in the country in that class…best shooter in that class hands down!I think you ought to go look at the Disney classic records..Middle School elite you were right on with this kid..works hard always in the gym….MSE this kids a must see

  4. Michael money Mike Jones says:

    ”WOW” I’ll bet my last dollar!this dad Jason or whoever he is never seen this kid play before…that I’ll guarantee!to make statements of that magnitude you would have to back it up’I’ll say this much for him he’s right he’s not top 20 in Florida this kid is top 20 in the country..I have had the privilege I love watching this kid play several games..and I have had the privilege I’m watching hands-on workouts..kids game is max level..my prediction on this kid major d1..

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