Celebrity Baller to Regular AAU Kid

What If? 

What if your dad was the best basketball player in the world? What if major sport networks adored you as a ten year old hooper? Almost everyone has to mull over those questions, but LeBron James Jr. doesn’t have to imagine.

Having LeBron James aka King James for a father can’t be bad. Perhaps it’s not all good, either. Inner – city kids pursue the NBA dream hoping to escape a harsh reality, while James Jr’s easement is simply to take after his rich and famous dad. As a result, James Jr. might feel socially disorientated with respect to AAU basketball. And, I won’t be surprised if his teammates see themselves being deficient.

There is a road impossible for James Jr. to trek, though. In 2003, big James was drafted to the Cleveland Cavilers straight out of high school. Differently from his pops, lil James must choose one of three options (college, overseas or sit out). Thanks to a new rule established nearly a decade ago. In 2006, the NBA stated that players must be one year removed from high school before they’re eligible to enter the NBA draft. Well, it means 2024 for lil Jr. At least he’ll be 19 years old, which meets the league’s age requirement.

Conceivably James Jr. is desperate to bounce from his dad’s overprotective shadow the same way less fortunate kids eagerly seek to change their depressing circumstance. What a relief knowing that James Jr. is actually human, after all. So what he gets to sit on the teams’ bench during his dad’s game. Regardless, Jr. isn’t more entitled to early fame than a talented athlete raised in public housing. Potentially junior can be one and done in college, but he can’t go to the NBA straight out of high school (like his dad). I’m beginning to believe King Bronny is happier enjoying the best of both worlds.

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