Middle School Elite: Ty Virgil’s Diary 2

Don’t Short Change Him

Third grader, Ty Virgil, (Ca.) is a top five player in the nation for class of 2024

Third grader, Ty Virgil, (Ca.) is one of the nation’s top players for class of 2024

Hello basketball world. My name is Ty Virgil. It has been an exciting last couple weeks. I spent a month preparing for the Regional Spelling Bee. I won The Spelling Bee last year and it was held in Yuba City which is about an hour and a half from Sacramento. This year my school hosted the Spelling Bee. I was not nervous because my family helped me get so prepared that I felt totally confident. Anyway, I won the Spelling Bee for the second year in a row. It was really cool because my whole class was super excited for me!

My family and I are also spending Spring Break in my second favorite place, Monterey. I love science so the Monterey Aquarium is super fun and interesting to me. We have gone on hikes to check out the whirlpools. It was also fun going Kayaking. My dad I and almost ran into a little island of Sea Lions! I was super scared. I can tell my dad was too because his arms were pedaling fast like a cartoon character to get away from the Sea Lions. I also love the beach in Carmel. There are lots of Hermit Crabs.

As far as basketball, my Sacramento Yellow Jackets team has won two tounaments! We finally played our age and won a 3rd Grade tournament in Fresno, Ca. We won by an average of 30 points. It was a lot of fun. Our team is so good. One game started out tough but we ended up pulling away. I scored 35 points that game. We also played a fourth grade tournament in Oakland, Ca. We won that tournament too! We are now 45-0 this season!

Add 7 rebounds and 5 steals to my 35 point game. Thanks.

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  1. Maurice Miller says:

    Well deserved. I saw this kid play in Oakland. He is a smooth and extremely skilled young player who scores at will with a very nice stroke. Good job young man!

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