Epic Battle: Brooklyn Vick vs. Ty Virgil

Friendly Competition

3rd graders, Brooklyn Vick and Ty Virgil at the MSE Showcase in Raleigh, NC

Rankings for kids might seem preposterous; however, it gives us an early opportunity to gauge prospective athletes. Therefore, feast your eyes on two highly ranked third graders in Brooklyn Vick and Ty Virgil. Both players are elite for their age — nine years old. Last month, they rumbled at the renown MSE Camp in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Super boy Vick met talent-driven left hand Virgil at half court, stripping the ball from him consecutive possessions. How? Vick cut off Virgil’s strong hand and forced him weak side.

Chisel frame Vick surveyed the floor while breaking down defenders off the dribble. He penetrated lanes to kick or dish the ball. When Vick didn’t find a open teammate, he meticulously picked his shot.

Virgil is arguably the best player considering his prowess as an athlete. He has height, jumper and athleticism with a skill-set. He’s a natural scorer.

Seeking revenge, Virgil returned for redemption on Sunday. He was virtually unstoppable using a plethora of moves to score at will. Virgil is a lights out shooter excelling at absorbing rough body contact to get buckets.

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