Jakhary Towns Is Young, Gifted & Elite

Bionic Boy

You might’ve seen this kid’s name before, but not on MiddleSchoolElite.com.

Class of 2023, Jakhary Towns traveled from his Michigan hometown to North Carolina’s Triangle for extreme competition. With players from different states in attendance, Towns had exposure waiting for him. As a result, he gained national respect and recognition.

Some who were there: Ohio, Maryland, Florida, California, New York, Virginia, Pennyslvania, Michigan, West Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, District of Columbia, South Carolina, Alabama and Kentucky.

Fortunately, he chose the exclusive MSE camp over other events happening the same weekend. And, the fact he’s mentioned on this website gives him superior bragging rights. Towns was talk of the town!

We must say that fourth grade Towns is a good player and person as well. The young scholar dominated on-and-off the court. A mother who saw him compete said, “he’s energetic and fun to watch.”

Here’s what we learned about Towns

A combination of skills and ruggedness makes young Towns impenetrable. He’s a confident ball-handler who relishes pressure from double and triple team defenses. In addition, he’s a playmaker who scores in volumes.

Heady point guard Towns did not take off a play. He contributed somehow to his team’s points, assists, rebounds and steals. He’s mentally and physically ready to outdo opponents.

Lastly, Towns was practically unknown until we discovered him. Now he’s the envy of players that want to be on here. Towns will definitely go far, if he’s steadfast on being elite.

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