MSE Top 50 Player National Rankings for Third Grade/Class of 2024

The Future Is Bright

Middle School Elite rankings are based on player’s performances at high level tournaments and camps, overall team success, ability to impact games and long term ability and upside.

No.1 Brooklyn Vick at the MSE Father's Day Camp in Raleigh, NC

No.1 Brooklyn Vick (VA) at the MSE Father’s Day Camp in Raleigh, NC

We have been following young players since they were kindergartners. For example, fourth grader KJ Farfan (FL), who we got on the Live with Regis & Kelly morning show — when he was in first grade.

So it’s only right to release the MSE Top 50 Player National Rankings for Third Grade/2024, which is perfect timing because the 9u nationals is this Friday in Florida. The team we predict to win this years AAU nationals is Detroit Elite Express, which is why Jerry Easter (OH) is ranked at No.2. Easter plays multiple sports such as baseball, football, soccer and basketball. He’s skilled and tough as nails and a top ten player on several ranking websites.

Brooklyn Vick (VA) is ranked atop, mainly because of his stellar performance at the June 2015 MSE Father’s Day Challenge Camp in Raleigh, North Carolina where he earned third grade top player. The lofty spot isn’t too much for a brave warrior like Vick who does it all in games — except dunk. The fundamental point guard has a great feel for the game and enjoys getting teammates rapidly involved as well as executing ferocious defense.

3rd grade Ty Virgil from Michigan at the MSE Father's Day Challenge Camp in NC

2024  Ty Virgil from California at the MSE Father’s Day Challenge Camp in NC

Ty Virgil (MI) The lefty has a lot of potential and should make it on the next level — middle school, high school and college. We like Virgil because he’s smart with heart and skill. He’s tall for his age, too. He knows how to score in various ways and has a knack for shooting the ball. He’s also a good passer able to see the floor easily over smaller defenders. We are anxious to learn what future elite team Virgil may want to join later on.

 Rank, Name, Position, State

#1 Brooklyn Vick, Guard, Virginia

#2 Jerry Easter ll, Guard, Toledo, Ohio

#3 Ty Virgil, Guard, California

#4 Elijah Redfern, Guard, Virginia

#5 Durral Brooks (Phat Phat), Guard, Michigan

#6 Tyrik Pettway, Guard, District of Columbia

#7 Jaiden Arnold, Point Guard, Cincinnati Ohio

#8 Christen Jones, Point Guard, Memphis, Tennessee

#9 Mercy Miller, Guard, California

#10 Tyler McKinley, Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

#11 Isaiah Campbell-Finch, Guard, Columbus, Ohio

#12 Isaiah Marshall, Guard, Detroit, Michigan

#13 Kent Harrison, Forward, Columbus, Ohio

#14 Joseph Boddie, Guard, Columbus Ohio

#15 Jerome Williams, Point Guard, Minnesota

#16 Colojena Britt, Guard, California

#17 Jordan Mabe, Guard, Kentucky

#18 Tyler Boston, Point Guard, Maryland

#19 Jamal Ware, Forward, Florida

#20 Greg Lawson, Guard, Michigan

#21 Chase James, Guard, Georgia

#22 Philip Crowell, Shooting guard, Maryland

#23 Anthony Sanders, Guard, Virginia

#24 Jaiden Colzie, Point Guard, Philly

#25 Xavier Robinson, Guard, Indiana

#26 Damari Larkins, Guard, Minnesota

#27 Marqus Blackwell, Guard, Detroit, Michigan

#28 Moses Blackwell, Point Guard, Detroit Michigan

#29 Matt Ellis, Guard, Cleveland Ohio

#30 Peyton Blankenship, Guard, Columbus Ohio

#31 David Kleary, Guard, Tennessee

#32 Hubert Caliste, Guard, New Orleans

#33 Deon Miles, Guard, Indianapolis

#34 Jeremiah Gorham, Point Guard, Washington

#35 Anthony Pope, Guard, Maryland

#36 John Mobley, Point Guard, Columbus, Ohio

#37 Blake Harper, Guard, District of Columbia

#38 Noel Davis, Guard, Washington

#39 Jaden McCall, Guard, North Carolina

#40 Jared Lloyd, Guard, California

#41 Keyonta Menifield, Point Guard, Michigan

#42 Ethan Young, Forward, Ohio

#43 Jaeden Pierce, Guard, Maryland

#44 Zashon Rich, Guard, Minnesota

#45 Jordan Warrior, Guard, Oklahoma

#46 Liam Lombardi, Guard, California

#47 Travis Upchurch, Guard, Connecticut

#48 Tryin Bizzelle, Guard, Guard, Maryland

#49 Kamal Brantley, Guard, North Carolina

#50 Timothy Anderson, Guard, Las Vegas

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  1. Umm yeah says:

    wow john mobley #36 that’s so disrespectful mobley is #1 in the country in that class fa sure hands down.

    • Larry easta says:

      Just because Mobley dribbles a little don’t make him number 1

    • Larry easta says:

      Is so disrespectful for you to say that he’s the number one player there’s other players and the coaches and staff decided who was number one that’s so disrespectful you disrespecting the coaches the stand and the parents

    • Everybody1@ says:

      Everybody thinks their kid is number one are you kidding me why would you even make that kind of comment but unfortunately the number one kid is a big guy cuz they made a decision on that everybody feels just like you do

    • The Source says:

      No he is not the Vick kid is on MSE and NYAA

  2. Uncle Al says:

    Many of these kids are starting to slide down the pole already. It must be crushing some of the parents.

  3. Earl Marshall says:

    Who ever made this list is a uneducated fool

    • Youreanobody says:

      Is this the same Earl Marshall who was crying that people had to pay for gas, hotels and food cause you a bum? That Earl Marshall? Man, please…….stop while you ahead. If you knew better you’d do better. You better know the people you dealing with.

      • Earl Marshall says:

        Another MF hiding behind some FAKE BS. You know where I will be.

        • Larry easta says:

          Hey everybody is Earl guy is John Mobley’s dad don’t be fooled he talking like that that’s his dad you f you tell me if you ask me him or his son got no place in basketball father the act like that he’s a fool

      • Earl Marshall says:

        You thirsty clown,jerry easter.

  4. Earl Marshall says:

    John Mobley embarrassed that easter boy at the NEO camp a couple of weeks ago, how can he be number 2. Also you have boys ranked that no body has ever heard of. Come on mse don’t you care about credibility. Stop letting thirsty dad’s influence you rankings.

    • mike larry says:

      whats wrong with kids getting rank that you never heard of thats the point just cause u aint heard dont make it true any kid could be no 1

    • mike larry says:

      i saw easter handing out easter eggs to mobleyneo camp real talk

  5. wait a minute says:

    This rankings are a bit off. Mobley killed Easter at the NEO camp. No way Mobley is#36

  6. Teddy Hall says:

    Good for all these kids for working hard. Too many kids today are sitting home on xbox or facebook and doing nothing. Stay away from haters and keep keeping on BOYS

  7. Kylie15 says:

    John mobley by far is one of the most elite players as well as Christian jones that I have ever seen I have seen John personally embarrassing some of these top players in the Neyo showcase so for him to be ranked 36th and Christian jones 8th I’m shocked this must be a FAKE ranking or politics are definitely playing a major role in these selections

    • Middle School Elite says:

      We have not seen Mobley play in person

      • Rell says:

        I just wanted to kno y mobley and upchurch are ranked so low are they too old or something

        • Middle School Elite says:

          We haven’t seen Upchurch lately and Mobley, for instance, has to face Vick, Estern or Virgil for a number 3 spot on this list.

          • kylie15 says:

            He plays for all ohio red 4th and 5th grade he has always played up only the haters be saying hes older he has never played with his age group he is all over instagram and YouTube he just returned from the 5th grade Aau nationals so no he wont be playing in any 3rd grade nationals because he doent play with any 3rd graders

  8. Rell says:

    And who is this phat phat kid lol never hurd or seen this kid live I’m from DC and I hope to see this kid playy soon my son will kill this kid he has no taps out and I never seen him at any camps

    • phat dad says:

      State your name team name your son name and they’ll match up and phat legit 1/27/06

      • Old ball coach says:

        Phat played in DC with the USA national select team. Phat is good. If your kid plays for any of the DMV name teams he probably played against him already. Mobley is a lot better than most on the list but he is 10 per buckeye prep and prepbasketballallamericanreport chris Jonesturned 11 in July). Easter is legit age but will be a SG not a point so its hard to compare John and Jerry. Vick is very quick but he is not the #1 player(someday maybe-now no).

  9. Unc says:

    @ Earl Marshall. You just feeling some type of way cause yo son ain’t on this list. Yo bitch ass wasn’t even at the camp. If you was there, you woulda seen that Easter shut Mobley down early on in the camp, who by the way is 11 years old chump. At least Easter is a true 9 year old.

    • kylie15 says:

      Get your facts straight chump mobley is nine not eleven so do your homework i happened to be the the neo camp and i saw nothing you saw please post the footage bc what i did see was easter getting this work funny thing is his whole team is on here ranked sounds fishy to me and it dont matter if he ranked 1 or 50 he still gone give work when he step on ANY COURT#FACTS

    • Earl Marshall says:

      Until you state your name Unc, you don’t know me MF. If you have ANYTHING to say to me, you know where I will be. If you have footage to back up your version of reality from the NEO camp, post it, WE ALL CANNOT WAIT TO SEE IT!!!! Stop being a girl with the name callin, really? Fact not fiction and use your real name. You might as well have posted your lackluster dribble as Anonymous.

  10. Rell says:

    Has fat ever been to a camp show me tap on this kid nobody knows him

    • phat dad says:

      U can see him live aau national Orlando express #10 killer with braids now state yo kid info so I I’ll tell phat who to look out for and will see who kills who…ENUFF SAID

  11. Rell says:

    Is mobley a true 3rd grader or what

  12. Rell says:

    I would like to see fat at a camps only kid I know from Michigan is that kid Towns he’s a monster in the class of 2023 mse who is this kid

  13. Rell says:

    Ooo u must be fat dad??? I see.. what camps have he been to?? and does he have a highlight tape? this somthin I gotta see and just kno this my kid is top ten and he been at camps and got highlight tapes …. He didn’t get on this ranking board from word of mouth….

  14. Truth says:

    This has to stop people taking shots at each other’s kids. We are talking about 9 year old kids. I always thought these website would help young players get exposure but after reading these messages. We have a bunch of non- realistic people out here. I’m sure most of these kids have talent but it is way to early to rank them. I have heard about and seen a few of them but we won’t know until around 7th-8th grade if their special. To many factors will determine if these kids will even make their high school team. In the future MSE you should expose the kids information to your followers but not rank them this young. In closing, stop blasting each other black folks because if it is meant for your kid then no hater or crazy parent can stop him.

  15. Truth Teller says:

    If you guys don’t agree with MSE or Coast2Coast or any other site, why the Hell RU looking at it. Grown ass niggers acting like kids over a ranking site. This is MSE opinion not yours. Broke ass parents trying to get on from there kids.. Oh and everyone knows if u talking about a kid he’s probably yours ain’t no random person bring up a 3rd grader …none of them r that good

  16. Truth Teller says:

    I would put the Mobley Vick Jones Virgil Easter as the best I’ve seen in person or on YouTube. Vick is the fastest kid I ever seen with a ball at his age, kid not compare to Iverson for nothing but I would give Mobley the top spot for now slightly over Vick but the kid Vick has so much up side its scary how good he is in such little time.

  17. Real Deal says:

    Almost half of these kids are not in the 3rd grade. They are in the 4th grade and have late birthdays. That’s the only reason they can play AAU Nationals in Orlando. These rankings should not say 3rd grade. Maybe 9u but not 3rd grade.

  18. Vader says:

    I don’t agree with ranking kids this early but having Mobley at 36 is down right dumb. He will eat most of these boys alive. Ummm real deal all these kids were in the 3rd grade when AAU season started so it makes sense for this ranking to say 3rd grade. Man y’all boys wildin… Lol 97% of these kids ain’t even gone secure a D1 scholarship let alone the league. Y’all need to relax and let them have fun developing.

  19. wait a minute says:

    How was Jones, Pettway and Miller able to play when they do not reside in a border state during nationals?

  20. Jr says:

    Man i was wondering the same thang Wait a minute.

  21. M.woods says:

    Yes this ranking is off mobley showed off at the neo camp. Also they have guards ranks that only a role player/ second and third string players. Also how can a kid be rank if their team nor them been at any big camps or big tournaments or won any?

  22. Jr says:

    From what i saw at the nationals and having played both the Nightrydas&Spartans Jones&Petway are the best guards I’ve seen or played

  23. wait a minute says:

    Jones and Pettway are the real deal. No question but they are not 9. Dont get it twisted. Imagine if your true 9 year old played 8u what would happen?

  24. Ballis4real says:

    We will crack the 2024 Top 50 soon.

  25. TexasHeatElite says:

    Saw a lot of top rank players this weekend in Dallas. Mobley,Jones,Vick and Pettway are Elite players in the 2024 class. Everyone else is very good players.

  26. The Source says:

    Saw the young man Vick play in Dallas fri night vs LeBron James Jr, yea he’s the real deal. His speed and ball handling is like no other kids I’ve seen at his age.

  27. Envied by many says:

    I find it repulsive that every time kids get highly ranked..when it’s NOT your kid…parents throw shade on the child. Furthermore, how do you play 8u in nationals last year but this year you’re claiming the kids are 10 and 11 years old. I don’t understand why the hate is so tough out here on these little kids. Maybe you’re mad because your kids don’t have what our kids have and been having since they could walk and dribble a ball. So I highly suggest before you go on dissing kids and what they have accomplished in the last year or two that focus on getting your kid better. Most of you are so ignorant assuming the rumors on these blogs are true that you jump on the bandwagon without knowing the facts. These boys are 3rd graders and I’d appreciate you haters giving them their props versus you out here saying they’re too old and can’t hang with people their own age. These boys work hard and is very dedicated to the game and I’ll be damned if you niggers try to discredit them.

  28. No story teller says:

    It’s funny y’all nigga’s…that’s right ignorant bastards always worrying about another man’s kid. These blogs are for pure entertainment but y’all get all in your feelings like someone is doing your kid wrong. Guess what, nobody cares about you or your kid… let’s make that clear. Everyone is all for self and about their own child. My son is highly ranked as he should be but I’m not tearing other kids because i think my son is #1. I would personally like to put a few lumps upside ya’ll head then piss on you like the bitches u act like. These kids names will be interchangeable for years to come so chill with the BULLSHIT!

  29. No Story Teller says:

    It’s funny ya’ll niggas…that’s right, ya’ll ignorant bastards always being negative towards another man child. Any great kid must be too old or live in a different state or have a bad attitude..smh These blogs are for pure entertainment but ya’ll get in your feelings like because your kid not ranked or where you want him on the list…like someone is doing your kid wrong.gtfoh
    Guess what, NOBODY Cares about you or your kid…let’s make that clear! Everyone is for self and their own child. My son is highly ranked as he should be but I’m not tearing other kids down because I think my son is #1. I would personally like to put a few lumps upside ya’ll DMV niggas head then piss on you like the bitches u act like. These kids names will be interchangeable for years to come so chill with the Hating Bullshit

  30. TEAMBKVICK says:

    @ No story Teller….. YOU said the TRUTH & nothing but the TRUTH. These people are NUTS. SHADE ON A KID IS ABOUT AS LOW AS YOU CAN GET.

  31. TEAMBKVICK says:

    I always thought kids was where the hate stop….. All you kids and parents doing the work in the class room and gym or field keep it up. There are two type of people in this world…. a nobody or a SOMEBODY

  32. AKA Daz Dillinger says:

    There are kids (just like Brooklyn Vick was) that hasn’t been seen yet, off the radar. Patience!!! The future is bright, very bright…

  33. Greg says:

    Coast2coastpreps is operated by Carlos of We All Can Go. His best interest is ranking the Nightrydas. Thus site and others are more accurate rankings. Coast2coastpreps has another agenda.

  34. @AKA Daz Dillinger There are not too many more Brooklyn Vick’s running around, trust me I coach against him twice and we where 6th grade and he was 3rd grade playing up and we had to put a box and one on him. We could not trap him nobody can stay in front of him the only thing that save us was that we was so much bigger and stronger than him. We only won by 8 points and we beat everyone else by 20 points or better.I get what you are saying far as off the radar but Vick is a Elite player and ATHLETE.

  35. Coach Paul WestVa Elite says:

    Brady Smith 2024 WestVa Elite is one to keep your eyes on

  36. AKA Daz Dillinger says:

    Coach Paul, I bet the Vick kid can ball but if you couldn’t guard him with 6th graders, your team isn’t elite and the tourney you played in wasn’t elther. Once again, I am not doubting the young mans talent.

  37. The Source says:

    My son played on that team

  38. coach gulf coast blue chips says:

    I know this is old just you guys need to check out my players
    Drey’Lon Miller on youtube
    And Jared harris is a top 3 player in the country hands down but never plays 2024 only 2023 (must see kid)

  39. saywhat says:

    Some joke right? Yo is that miller kid listed top 10 master P son? Yall nuts. got a kid listed 2024 rankings when he born 2003. Yo 2024 that boy should be a sophomore in college. Lol so he is playing 3rd grade at the age of 12? Funny part is he onmy top 10 and not #1

  40. Mellman24 says:

    Jermell heavens jr tri citys wa everyone remember that name 3rd grade with the work ethic of a 5th Grader

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