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Third grader, Ty Virgil, (Ca.) is a top five player in the nation for class of 2024

Third grader, Ty Virgil, (Ca.) is a top five player in the nation for class of 2024

Hello basketball world. My name is Ty Virgil and this is my journal. “This summer has been really fun I went to the MSE camp in North Carolina with my dad. It was fun because I got to play against very talented basketball players and my dad was in the gym to support me the whole time. I am very grateful to the amazing exposure MSE has provided for me and their support and belief in my abilities. After the MSE Camp my whole family went on vacation, we went to Huntington Beach in L.A. and we went to the beach we also went swimming at the pool in our hotel and that was a fun vacation. Then I got to play with “Vick for Kids” in South Carolina in the NTBA National Basketball tournament with some amazing players and coaches, we were struggling in the first game, then we went undefeated the rest of the tournament and won the championship game! I got the opportunity to play as a big for Vick4Kids because I was one of the tallest. Now I am excited to work on my post offense and defense to add more things to my game. After winning the national championship me and my dad went helicopter riding and that was the first time I ever been on a helicopter and that was really fun. I am very lucky to have the opportunity to travel across the country to play basketball. Then I went to Dallas to play up in another tournament with Elk Grove Capitols 2023 team and we got to play against LeBron James’ son and the Blue Chips which was really fun. I have gotten a lot stronger over the summer and my 3 point range has really improved. I’ve been able to comfortably make NBA range 3 pointers in games this summer. I have an attitude of gratitude and am extremely thankful and blessed. I will continue to stay humble and work hard to be not only the best basketball player but the best person I can be.”

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  1. TEAMBKVICK says:

    Ty is the real deal great kid and player. Vick4kids could not have won the Championship without him. Parents are great people.

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