Jakhary Towns Is Blessed…

To Be the Real MSE

Class of 2023 Jahkary Towns

Class of 2023 Jahkary Towns

Class of 2023, rising fifth grader, Jakhary Towns from Michigan attended the Middle School Elite North Carolina Basketball Camp in June 2015, therefor he deserves mention. So what he also supports our weak opponents; we won’t mention names.

However, Towns was smart enough to attend the MSE camp earning his way on MiddleSchoolElite.com, which paid off lovely because all the major news outlets are definitely checking him oppose to those sites who don’t have substantial proof of being more affective than us.

So come to MSE camps for exposure, otherwise you have no chance of receiving it — especially here. Moreover, you can rest assure that Sports Illustrated, CBS sports, Wall Street Journal, YAHOO, Bloomberg News, ESPN, Wall Street Journal and even our enemies are seeing this article. That’s absolute exposure!!!

Hopefully we’ll see Towns at another MSE camp and on MSE the website, again. This way people can truly witness him and his talent on a single page without all the unnecessary clutter of other players information.

Hate him or love him — if Towns’s GPA and SAT or ACT score is good, then nonbelievers are in serious trouble — later on. We can tell you all about his amazing skills and how spectacular he performed, but we rather you watch his recent jaw-dropping mix-tape. Don’t be surprised if Towns is at the next MSE camp regulating!

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