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imageMSE Campers Get National Exposure On Middle School Elite Dot Com

On September 19-20, 2015 Nashville, Tennessee hosted the Middle School Elite Basketball Camp at McGavock high school where the gymnasium was packed with nearly 100 campers in first through eighth grade. Parents gathered on bleachers and walls to watch grammar and middle school players compete. As a result, campers had a chance to be featured on Moreover, professional trainers and coaches passionately assisted youngsters in drills stations orchestrated by former NBA player JP Patterson. Each game was exciting and challenging as players were urged to not back down from opponents. They played with energy, toughness and resilience. Whistle blowing referees even ran the shiny hardwood floor with zeal.

On campers’ downtime, we grabbed them to play one-on-one against their peers. We found corner space for them to battle if a goal wasn’t available. Players had to play defense after one shot, whether hit or miss. This method of discovering talent enabled us to learn athletes within seconds, besides work stations and organized five-on-five.

As far as feedback from the event a parent said, “it was a great experience.” One coach told us, “Tennessee isn’t getting exposure like other states. The MSE camp is ushering in a new era of exposure for the south.” Kids seemed to respect the idea of playing with killer-instinct. Ball handling instructor Andre Taylor said, “the talent level was pretty good especially seventh and eighth graders.”

“MSE is tough so you must be tough!” The message resonated as nine-year-old, Jason Dunn, from Kentucky stepped to us saying, “I’m the tough player you’ve been looking for.” One camper said, “I came to get a write up on MSE.” “I want to see my name and picture.” Campers soon made the most of possessions and those who somewhat struggled vowed to return next camp a better competitor.

Here are some elite players who caught our eye. Several middle schoolers earned trophies for Top Performer while younger athletes were voted MSE Camp ALL-STARS.

Class of 2020 & 2021 MSElite Top Performers

imageKevin Crump, Tre Flowers, Fabian Nelson, Patrick Smith Jr, Marcus Fitzgerald, Daniel Brown, Rashaun Richardson, Kylan Williams

Rashaun Richardson (8th Grade- Tennessee) is a 6’2″ point guard who created space wherever he wanted on the court. As a primary ball handler, he read the floor and made good decisions in half court. He lured players to sleep with a slow dribble and then changed pace to blow quickly by opponents. If a defender reached, he spun to protect the ball.

Tre Flowers (8th Grade- Arkansas) is a shooting guard standing 6’1. Has ability to drain the long ball, but prefers bullying his way to finish hard shots with bodies draped over him. He knows how to win games at the stripe.

Marcus Fitzgerald (8th Grade- Tennessee) is 6’0″ with superior ball handling. Has an all around game to bump bodies down low for boards and put back shots. Enjoys breaking down defenders and pulling up at the drop of dime.

Patrick Smith Jr. (7th Grade-Tennessee) was said to be the best player overall at camp and he’s only a seventh grader. Has a good offensive game and plays with swag. Drained it from 3 with ease.

Kevin Crump (7th Grade-Tennessee) is a crafty ball handler, who sometimes dominated his age group in drill stations. He’s quick with a good handle and can score in various ways.

Fabian Nelson (7th Grade-Tennessee) Keeps ball on a string and controlled the court with his hands by pointing. He plays from the neck up using his head. He pointed to where he wanted players to be and maintained his dribble. He put his teammates in the right position.

Daniel Brown (7th Grade-Tennessee) eared Most Improved Player award as he gave his best effort each outing. showed off athleticism in drills and scrimmages. He’s young, humble and hungry.

Class of 2022 & 2023 MSE Camp All-Stars


 Stephon Castle, Bryson Jaye Nash, Layden Blocker, Bryson Warren,  Isaac Rollins

Issac Rollins (6th Grade-Tennessee) has a nice dribble and hesitation move with a quick first step. Uses his shoulders to keep defenders out of the lane and finishes strong at the rim.

Jalen Anglin (6th Grade-Tennessee) is good shooter and handles the ball well. Admits he needs to work on moving without the ball especially after passing.

Jason Hunt (6th Grade-Tennessee) did his thing on the low block, posting up smaller defenders and scoring in the paint. He believes Memphis players are better than Nashville’s ballers.

Stephon Castle (5th Grade-Georgia) is a team player who can stroke the ball. He’s able to catch and shoot and spot up to score. He’s a good ball handler who sees the floor, making entry passes to cutting teammates.

Layden Blocker (5th Grade-Arkansas) was having too much fun at camp as he attacked the paint with euro steps and up & under acrobatic lay ups. Has a quick, deceptive ball handle and a game full of substance.

Bryson Jaye Nash (5th Grade-Tennessee) is a floor general who can knock down the open shot. He entertained the crowd with a wicked crossover which he used to put defenders on skates. He’s flashy but gets the job done. Jakhary Towns might be a good match up for him.

Bryson Warren (5th Grade-Arkansas) hooped hard to get on our website and deserves the ink. He’s tall and skilled for his age. Besides, he’s a two dimensional player with a good offensive and defensive game.

 Class of 2024 MSE Camp All-Stars


Fred Bailey, David KearyJordan Mabe, Landren Blocker, Kyree Christian

Fred Bailey (4th Grade-Tennessee) didn’t think he’d make it on Middle School Elite dot com so young. Well here he is! He has good court awareness and keeps space between teammates. Has a pure jump shot and good feel for the game.

David Keary (4th Grade-Tennessee) is a slick point guard who plays with lots of heart  and energy. As he matures expect for him to be a serious threat moving forward.

Landren Blocker (4th Grade-Arkansas) is a good Arkansa team player whose dad is a coach. He hit open shots and used his IQ to make his presence felt in games.

Jordan Mabe (4th Grade-Kentucky) gets the nod for best fourth grader at the MSE Tennessee Camp. Not because he’s taller than the bunch; he’s tough and athletic, too.

Kyree Christian (4th Grade-Tennessee) is a flashy and quick point guard who controlled the game’s tempo. He can score form the perimeter and mid range, but favors a floater in the lane. He’s an unselfish athlete who always seems to make the right play.

Class of 2025 MSE Camp All-Stars


Tydus Summers, Evin Eversole, Akai Fleming, Avyion McCleaton, Gregory Dunson Jr.

Tydus Summers (3rd Grade-Kentucky) is a tough player who finished lay ups with either right and left hand. He scored every time the ball touched his hands. He wasn’t afraid of competition and deserves mention on Middle School Elite Dot Com.

Evin Eversole (3rd Grade-Kentucky) surprisingly has good dribble as well as a consistent jumper. Once he uses a head fake to get defenders off the ground, he’ll create needed space for his shot. Has good form and holds his follow through on shots

Akai Fleming (3rd Grade-Georgia) was best third grader at camp. He’s strong, skilled and athletic. Has a football body with basketball IQ which he uses to force his will in the paint. He’s also tall for his age, so expect him to emerge as a top player in middle school and high school.

Avyion McCleaton  (3rd Grade-Tennessee) is a point guard who got into the lane to find open teammates. Impressed us with his heart over height attitude. Look for his name on the 2016 MSE national player rankings.

Gregory Dunson (2nd Grade-Georgia) wants the ball in his hands at all times. He made his first grade debut at the 2015 June Middle School Elite North Carolina Camp and impressed us then as he did last weekend. We look forward to seeing his devopment in years to come

Stay tuned for solo write ups on some of the nation’s top players at the MSE Tennessee Camp. Next up is the MSE Michigan Camp October 10, 2015.

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