Jerry Easter a Fluke Phenom?

Total Opposite

20151010_164906We understand why fourth grade, Jerry Easter II, a nine-year-old student-athlete (basketball and football) from Ohio, isn’t ranked high on everyone’s youth hoop ranking site. Not only is he extremely young, he’s far from being a superior athlete.

He isn’t a good shooter, passer or dribbler. He’s also turnover prone. As a result, Easter is a one dimensional player because he’s weak on defense. He has a low IQ and zero killer instinct. He’s not even tall for his age. Moreover, he doesn’t understand the game nor how to be a team player.

When defenders put a tough body on Easter, he doesn’t shove and side-step them. In addition, Easter had a difficult time moving without the ball. So what that his mother is 6-0 and played three years at Michigan University? None of that matters.

In conclusion, there are many players Easter’s age that are much better at this stage. That’s why he, currently the No. 2 player nationally for class-of-2024, was only named MVP (Most Valuable Player) of the competitive Middle School Elite Michigan Camp on October 10, 2015.

Stay tuned for more of Easter, MSE Camp recap and solo write ups on 10-16-’15.

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  1. FlyingHigh says:

    This is the most confusing article I have ever read. If you’re going to have a journalistic website, how about taking a journalism class. Are you criticizing the kid or praising him? I shouldn’t have to figure out what your point is.

    If your goal was to criticize the kid… What’s wrong with you?

  2. D says:

    I think Jerry game is confusing and why is he said to one of the top 4th Graders!!! During the game he plays no defense, he ball handling skills are alright, he is a selfish player that does not pass the ball, and he only shoots floaters. I think his mom and dad advertise him well.

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