2015 Middle School Elite Michigan Camp Recap

MSE Michigan Campers Had a Ball

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The Middle School Elite Michigan Basketball Camp that took place at Rochester Adams high school in Rochester Hills, Michigan on Saturday October 10, 2015, captivated the Wolverine state. Parents, players and spectators witnessed nearly one-hundred campers in grades second through ninth partaking in stimulating drill stations, aggressive five-on-five scrimmages and rivalrous All-Star games. Every second of camp was very intense and fast pace. Things were so intensified that some of the campers started fighting. Referees quickly broke up the fisticuffs and those involved reluctantly shook hands. Overall, the event was extremely organized from check-in to closing . MSE greeted campers and encouraged them to play tough…or go home. Their eyes opened as if we struck a chord.

FullSizeRender (9)Campers traveled from Michigan, Ohio and Canada.

Drill stations consisted of 1-on-1 competition where players rushed for a loose ball after their assigned number was called; moving without the ball through cones, dribbling with resistance; defending the crossover by swiping at the ball with one hand instead of reaching and the other hand to block the passing lane, footwork exercises to improve post moves and having players sprint on defense to turn ball handlers from the lane among several other workout regimens.

The highlight at camp was MVP recipient – Jerry Easter II – curiously asking us, “Why players talk junk and don’t come to camp?” After our ten years experience in grammar and middle school basketball exposure, we couldn’t give him clear answer. Perhaos players are scared, can’t afford to attend, persuaded to stay home or, waiting to appear when Easter isn’t present. We told Easter that we don’t know. One of the hardest jobs in this business is explaining to a nine-year-old competitor the reason why some players ranked ahead of him refused to battle for all the marbles in front of Middle School Elite Dot Com.

Here’s a quick rundown of some top performers and some players selected for the All-Star game:

9th/8th Grade MSE Camp Top Performers

FullSizeRender (6) KJ Rai,Canyon Le, Dane Quest, Mukhtaar Mohamed

KJ Rai (Michigan 8th grade) was one of the better players available at camp. He played smart throughout camp and followed through on simple plays. He earned exposure on MiddleSchoolElite.com for sure.

Canyon Le (Michigan 8th grade) is a big body baller who looks to drive aggressively to the basket. We enjoyed watching him in games especially one-on-one drill stations. Let’s see were he goes to high school next year.

Dane Quest (Ontario 9th grade) traveled from Canada and was indeed the best player his age group. He pounded the ball to speed dribble up the floor where he either made a pass or tried to score. Welcome to America.

Muhhtaar Mohamed (Ontario 9th grade) is an unselfish point guard, who made players around him better by executing fundamental passes to get them fast buckets.

15-and-under players who caught our eye:

Kion Noonan (MI), Noah Pruitt (MI), Mark Marcelo (Ontario), Michael Cook (MI), EJ Victory (MI), Justus Salaam (MI), Chase Ford (MI), Kody Yang (Ontario), Mark Marcelo (Ontario), Vincent Kua (Canada), Benjamin Marriott (Ontario), Peyton Prieskorn (MI), Devin Boyd (MI), EJ Victory (MI), Sammy Sadler (MI), Zach Fortino (MI), Isaiah Jackson (MI), Blake Lund (MI), Keyshawn Devlin (MI), Blake Goodman (MI), Justus Salaam (MI), Zack Maynard (MI), Ethan Dunn (MI) and Jack Cummins (MI) and Josiah Shamsiddeen (MI)

7th/6th Grade MSE Camp Top Performers

FullSizeRender (7)Keyon Menifield, Marcus Wourman, Blake Lund, Brody Parker, Jaylin Whiteside,

Keyon Menifield (Michigan 7th grade) is a blur with the ball in his hands whenever he’s surveying the floor. He isn’t afraid to take it to the teeth of the defense.

Marcus Wourman (Michigan 7th grade) is an aggressive slasher, who attacked the rim with vengeance. He played like a champ all day.

Blake Lund (Michigan 7th grade) got busy in the All-Star game, which is why he was selected a MSE Michigan Camp Top Performer. Expect Lund to try to make a statement at the MSE Virgina Camp in November.

Brody Parker (Michigan 7th grade) made good decisions on fast breaks. As a result teammates trusted him. He avoided unnecessary turnovers by trying his best to take care of the rock.

Jaylin Whiteside (Michigan 7th grade) has nice size for his age. Played strong near the rim, but is able to score from mid-range and perimeter. Hope to see Whitehead at the MSE Michigan Camp 2016.

Other players who caught our eye:

Michael Cemazar (Michigan 7th grade), BrendonYoung (Michigan 7th grade), Mason Docks (Michigan 6th grade), Zachary Dassance (Michigan 7th grade),  Linden Holder (Michigan 7th grade), David Wilkerson (Michigan 7th grade), AJ Wheeler (Ohio 6th grade), Dunkin Moffitt (Michigan 6th grade) and Reichen Lund (Michigan 6th grade)

5th/4th Grade MSE Camp Top Performers 

TFullSizeRender (8)rey McKenneyKeyonta Menifield, Langston Watson, Jerry Easter II, Jakhary Towns, Daruis Acuff, Adisa Molton and Jakobie Boose

 Trey McKenney (Michigan 5th grade) realized being an elite student athlete isn’t a laughing matter. He used size, skills and speed to have his way against smaller opponents.

Keyonta Menifield (Michigan 5th grade) is a crafty point guard, who was a lights out shooter from deep. Menifield boosted his name for the travel circuit ahead.

Langston Watson (Michigan 5th grade) whose dad is a coach, put together the developing skill-set that he routinely practiced in the gym on late nights. He left the MSE Michigan Camp a tougher player than when he came.

Jerry Easter (Ohio 4th grade) won MVP for the entire camp, which is rare against older players in a talent filled gym. He can score from triple threat, catch and shoot and off the dribble. We see the best in him.

Jakhary towns (Michigan 5th grade) was his usual self, a fierce competitor with a non-stop motor. He performed admirable at both the MSE North Carolina Camp in June 2015 and MSE Michigan Camp in October. The third time’s a charm.

Daruis Acuff (Michigan 4th grade) is a player you can count on to win games. His sportsmanship earned him a top 10 national ranking on our website. The strongest part of his game is dropping dimes.

Adisa Molton (Michigan 5th grade) played mature for his age. He quarter backed his team with accurate passing and court vision. He put on a brilliant show and deserves mention.

Jakobie Boose (Michigan 4th grade) was a thrill to watch him versus Easter at the one-on-one station. Boose did more than hold his own against contenders. He has the ball on a string.

Other players who caught our eye:

MarQuinn Weston (Michigan 4th grade), Elijah Ryans (Michigan 4th grade), Braedin Holder (Michigan 4th grade), Eric Watson (Michigan 5th grade), Damarcus Burke Jr. (Michigan 5th grader), Xavier Johnson (Michigan 7th grader), John McKenney (Michigan 7th grade), Christian Dunn (Michigan 5th grade), Jovaan Daniels (Michigan 3rd grader) and Cameron Ryans (Michigan 3rd grader), Leroy Blyden Jr. (Michigan 3rd grade)

Stay tuned for exclusive solo write ups featuring some of the top performers at the Middle School Elite Michigan Camp.

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    Trey McKenney is a young 4th grader lol he just turned 9 in September thanks again for the compliments sir!!

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    Where do we find the “rankings” or National Rankings the parents talk about?

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    Langston Watson and Keyonte Menifield are also in the 4th grade.

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