4th Grader Jerry Easter Impresses @ MSE Michigan Camp

 Easter Is Elite

FullSizeRender (9)Combo guard, Jerry Easter II from the Ohio Blue Collar state, is ranked second to Virginia native, point guard Brooklyn Vick, but that doesn’t mean Easter isn’t top material.

Keep in mind Easter was MVP of the Middle School Elite Michigan camp in October 2015

In fact, Easter and Vick are yet to match up. With respect to Easter, he’s impossible to guard for the most unyielding defenders.  His moves are intentional as if he sees the play before it happens. Easter is humble off the court but an absolute beast when competition begins.

Stay tuned for more of Jerry Easter II on MiddleSchoolElite.com.

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  1. Brian Mabe says:

    Offensively Jerry may be the most complete player in the class. True 4th grader and a good kid! Good luck to him and congrats.

  2. The Truth Teller says:

    With all do respect to say Jerry is #1 or best offensively for 4th grade is a JOKE. Mobley did him dirty in Ohio and every other site has him way down like they do @Brian Mabe son. You guys know who’s the real top 5 players are and Jerry is not one of them.

  3. OhioU says:

    Truth teller since you seem to know, who is the top 5 in your opinion. I agree Mobley is a great player but he is a reclass as everyone in Ohio knows(playing against kids u are 2 years older than you should look good). That being said he is in the top 3 guards in my opinion with great handles but has problems getting shoots off against taller kids. I’ve got to go #1 with Chris Jones. Easter is very talented as a driver/slasher but plays little D- and the Mabe kid you mentioned is not in the top 10 but prob one of the better defenders in the class so far but is way to emotional.

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