MSE West Camp Makes Noise In California

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5th Grade Maurice Wright (CA) at the MSE West Camp 2016

At the beginning of camp, Jerry Love gathered the crowd choosing two kids out of the vast group. He just so happened to choose two of the top players in the 2025 age group in the country, Jalen Newhouse and Maurice Wright. The two players exchanged baskets as neither could be stopped! First play of the camp, Maurice Wright did not waste any time showing handles and scoring abilities in a game of duel with Newhouse. It was a great battleBand set the tone for players, displaying high level competition at camp. Neither of the kids shied away from the match-up!

Moses Wright 2025/3rd grade – This kid is a serious talent! He’ll likely be higher up when the next rankings are released. As a complete player, he shoots the 3, and runs a team. Probably the best on the ball defender in his class; good court vision, passing is off the chart and rebounds well. He continues to go at the defense in one way or another, finishing strong through contact. He’s a premier scorer, dangerous in transition, and has become lethal at leading the fast-break.

Troy Perkins 2024/4th grade – He handles, penetrates, and kicks to open players. Great at getting players around him involved. He gives maximum intensity on both ends of the floor.

Maurice Wright 2023/5th Grade – Tall point guard who can shoot the lights out from NBA range! Loves to attack the paint, finishing over the second line of defense, or kicks out to open

Alex Munzon 2023/4th grade – Established himself in the camp as a sharp shooter. He was very aggressive on defense, forcing turnovers and did not mind banging in the paint!

Thomas “TK” Felix 2022/6th grade – He’s a floor leader who’s extremely capable of making teammates better! He uses a hesitation dribble to get by defenders, then has a nearly unstoppable floater.

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  1. OaklandGame says:

    Lol all I’m going to say is Saad Waqia killed everyone you named on there from the 2023. But like they say if you ain’t got no haters you ain’t poppin.. The film don’t lie so peep it out

  2. Coach White says:

    I usually dont comment about kids game but since my son Charvel White went to the camp im going to say I respectfully disagree with you. The kid you named was a big ball hog who was constantly being encouraged by his coach or it might have been his dad to shoot every time he touched the ball. He never got his team mates involved and basically the whole camp was about 1 on 1 basketball. Im not saying the kid doesnt have skills but he definately wasnt the best kid at the camp. You forgot to show video of all the shots he missed.

    • OhioU says:

      Lol they always do. Saw the video and the kid is talented. Sure the poster is a parent or family member. Parents gotta remember that they can love their kids game and promote but don’t diss other kids in the process. I don’t see to many college coachs looking at 5th graders. Let the kids have fun, develop and not have to live in mom and dads dream.

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