Middle School Elite West Camp Big Three

BrownShtolzberg & Lloyd

To start off the 2016 New Year, hundreds of people assembled for the Middle School Elite West Camp at Garh high school in Cerritos, California.

There were several new and familiar faces in attendance while some stood out more than others.

Here are three elite campers in grades sixth through eighth that caught our eye:


Class of 2020/8th grade – Brian Brown’s IQ is on the level of a college player.  He has amazing skills with a soft, buttery touch.  He could stretch to 6’4″ or 6’5. Brown has a very high ceiling but must watch his weight. Moreover, he can go left or right at will.  He’s a gym rat — far from a momma’s boy.  Brown could be a top 25 kid in the USA.  However, training and mentorship will play a major role.  An excited Brown told MSE, “my parents aren’t here.” He then turned around and effortlessly nailed a NBA three pointer.

MSE West Camp

Clas of 2021/7th grade – Ben Shtolzberg is a new discover like out of nowhere. Dad and son alike are super humble. His skill set reminds us of a MSE Alumni. He has Stephen Curry hang dribbles, crossovers, and court vision.  He’s a top point guard on the west coast.  Shtolzberg is some one to definitely watch. He’s impressive.  Must improve his on ball defense and get stronger. But he’s a high major athlete.

Ramel Lloyd Jr

Class of 2022/6th grade – Ramel Lloyd Jr. is strong, tall, and wiry.  He has good ball handling skills for his size.  He’s able to score in bunches.  Lloyd’s a good decision maker in transition and half-court.  The big guard has a good feel for the game.  He’s also a quick and tough defender.  He’s adept at pass deflecting, shot blocking and rebounding.  He’ll receive college scholarships offers perhaps next year.

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