2016 MSE National Team Rankings for Grades 4th-8th

MSE National Team Rankings 

#1 4th Grade Team

#1 4th Grade Team – Nightrydas Elite

Here’s our first look at the Middle School Elite Exposure Team Rankings for Grades 4th Through 8th

Team rankings for 2nd & 3rd grade are coming next week, and we’ll frequently update team rankings based on losses, wins, and likability. Also, we’ll post new national team rankings 4 times a year (February 1st, May 1st, August 1st and November 1st).

4th Grade (2024)

1. ASAP Blazers – Ohio
2. Nightrydas Elite – Florida
3. Baltimore Finest – Baltimore
4.  Minnesota Spartans – Minnesota
5. Sacramento Yellow Jackets – California
6. Indy Hoosiers – Indiana
7. Arkansas Rising Stars – Arkansas
8. Indiana Elite – Indiana
9. J3 basketball – Georgia
10. New world – Maryland

#1 5th grade team in the nation - Team Takeover

#1 5th grade team – Team Takeover

5th Grade (2023)

1. Team Takeover – D.C./Baltimore
2. Gulf Coast Blue chips – Texas
3. D1 Nola – Louisiana
4. MADE Signature – Maryland
5. Swish Basketball – Illinois
6. Oakland PAL – California
7. Maryland Pride – Maryland
8. Cincinnati Royals – Ohio
9. J3 Basketball – Georgia
10. Riverside Hawks – New York City

6th Grade (2022)

1. Nike ProSkills – Texas
2. Gulf Coast Blue Chips – Texas
3. SA Hardwork – Texas
4. Carolina basketball club – North Carolina
5. George Hill Rising Stars – Indiana
6. D1 Shooters – Texas
7. ARC Elite – California
8. Maryland Finest – Maryland
9. New York Gauchos – New York City
10. Houston Hoops – Texas

#1 6th Grade Team in the nation - Nike ProSkills

#1 6th Grade Team – Nike ProSkills

7th Grade (2021)

1. George Hill Rising Stars – Indiana
2. New World Unlimited – Maryland
3. Team Melo – Maryland
4. New York Gauchos – New
5. Nightrydas Elite – Florida
6. Carolina Elite – North Carolina
7. Atlanta Celtics – Georgia
8. Sports U Team izod – New Jersey
9. The family – Michigan
10. San Diego Select – California

8th Grade (2020)

1. We All Can Go – Tennessee
2. George Hill Rising Stars – Indina
3. Oakland Soldier – California
4. Team Melo – Maryland
5. West Coast All Stars – California
6. New York Gauchos – New York City
7.  San Diego Select – California
8. Rip City – Pennsylvania
9. Team Loaded – Virginia
10. Worldwide Wildcats – Georgia

Coaches can relay information about teams by texting 1-973-440-5555 or e-mail middleschoolelite@yahoo.com

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  1. buffalo ny hoops says:

    2021.ask the gauchos about the unit team they lost to rumble in Bronx how can u rank teams when u don’t see them all..they made it close but unit had them by 20 most of all games..buffalo, Niagara Falls , NY talent that you guys don’t see play ! !

  2. carlos says:

    Unit/ccb from Niagara falls/ buffalo , NY …. Beat the gauchos 2021 in rumble In Bronx chip had them by 20 most of game. Tough to rank teams when you don’t see them all I’m sure gauchos remember these boys from Western new york..

  3. Coach V says:

    Re: your 2024,4th Grade Rankings. We are not the Sacramento Yellow Jackets anymore. We are now the Elk Grove Capitols. Please update and thanks for the love.

  4. Dj says:

    how is G3 number one in 2021 they don’t even have a 2021 team and gauchos are very good but are a top 15 team not a top 5 team. They have lost to rens 2 or 3 times.and rens aren’t even a nationally ranked team for 2021

  5. The Mayor of NY says:

    G3 does have a 2021 team…

    • Indy says:

      They do, but they aren’t necessarily a high-level team. You don’t hear much about them. I think MSE must’ve been thinking about the current 2020 team as 7th graders. They won AAU Nationals last year as an age team.

  6. AAU 87 says:

    Team Takeover must be an oversight for 7thgrade. They definitely belong in the mix.

  7. TN Titan says:

    NYBA ELITE will prove its worth on the circuit this summer for 2020, 2023, 2024, & 2025. Good luck to all the teams and look forward to competing over the next few months!

  8. Jason says:

    San Diego Select 2021? 2020 San Diego is the clear cut 2nd best team on WestCoast for 8th grade. The top 2 teams from WestCoast are both from Seattle http://youtu.be/bkAmhcF_xIA

  9. Dub says:

    How come Thunder Struck 2020 isn’t on this ranking??

  10. Mike says:

    Allohio red 5th grade beat Cincinnati royals last week by 15 in the gym rats tournament last week

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