2nd Grader Jordan Frazier in the Making

Bully Frazier 

imageClass-of-2026, Jordan Frazier is from St. Louis Missouri and attends Holy Trinity School as a 2nd grader. He’s a 3.8 GPA. His dream college is Duke University as his idol Jayson Tatum. Frazier’s favorite NBA Player is Russell Westbrook; however, the floor general’s game resembles that of Chris Paul.

In terms of school and sports, Frazier’s favorite subject is Math, which he uses to calculate plays in games. He’s savvy on-and-off the court. And if not the NBA for Frazier, he “wants to be a judge” when he grows up.

Here’s a rundown of Lil Frazier’s game before folk really find out about him in high school, AAU, and college.

Frazier’s an agile, big-body athlete with decent height and strength for his tender age. On offense he moves without the ball instead of standing in one place. Also, Frazier has tremendous feel and knowledge of the game as a coaches’ son. No wonder he’s a gifted ball-handler, passer and scorer. One of Frazier’s best attributes is splitting defenders with his dribble to find open teammates. Besides aggressively attacking the rim, he’s an excellent team player, defender and free-throw shooter. Fraizer’s stock will rise in several years.

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