Class-of-2023 Brothers: Tyler and Bryce Flowers are Sensational

Twin Stars

Veteran athlete, class of 2023, Tyler Flowers is a strong ball handler who gets the job done off the court, with books. He’s an honor-roll student at St. Edmonds Academy in Wilmington, Delaware.

In highlighting Flower’s game, he scores when his team most needs points or to keep the defense honest. Flowers can balance an offense and dribble drive, lay up, dish or kick out pass.

After scoring 25 points in the championship game – playing for his eleven-and-under WER1 team – Flowers earned MVP at the 2016 Hoop Group event. He also won a USBA National championship in third-grade and was AAU International runner-up in fourth-grade. He’s hoping to dominate this summer at the D1 Nationals in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

imageLike his twin brother, Bryce Flowers, is on the honor roll at St. Edmonds Academy, too. He’s a pure shooter with unlimited range. While shooting over 50% with three pointers, Bryce is able to open up any zone defense. He’s recently added a devastating attack game to his elite repertoire.

The athletic rising sixth-grader, Bryce, won the third-grade USBA National championship and was fourth-grade AAU International runner up, beside his identical DNA teammate. Unsurprisingly, he’ll be playing on the same team with his look-alike in the 11-and-under division at the AAU Nationals.

Both Flowers’ conjur over 25 points in several games is only the start of big things to come.

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