Class-of-2023 Jacary Spates is a Stud

Spates is the Truth

imageClass-of-2023, Jacary Spates from South Bend, Indiana is a gritty and tough guard from the city. He’s a 3.5 GPA student-athlete at Marshal Intermediate.

After studying his game, here’s what we’ve learned about the rising sixth-grade player.

With the ball in his hands, Spates is a strong running back on fast breaks. In transition he shoots three pointers or layups. Imagine some of his points are breakaway dunks. He has good court vision and IQ to make passes or shoot.

Defenders are reluctant to play Spates closely because nervous they might get hurt or injured. But not Spates, he relishes intense physicality, understanding the only things existing are just him and the rim. He’s a skilled, bully player who relishes hard body contact. Check out Jacary Spates boogie with strength in his highlight video below.

Stay tuned to our website for exclusive updates on his progress.

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