5th Grader Jacovey Campbell has Pro Skills

Meet Young Cov 

imageClass-of-2023, Jacovey Campbell aka Young Cov From McKinney, Texas, is one of the best true point guards in the nation. His vision, quickness and scoring can break down any defense for easy baskets. The eleven year old has a high basketball IQ, and plus he’s an amazing two-way player. Campbell brings toughness and energy on defense. He creates intense pressure when “clapping it up” in his opponent’s face. “I do it to get into their mind,” a heartless and competitive Campbell said.

At October’s 2015 MSE Texas camp, he was awarded 5th grade co-MVP with Wesley Yates from Texas. In a team setting, Jacovey helped catapult elite organizations such as Texas Heat and Nike D1 Shooters. Not to mention, he’s currently playing with Nike Pro-skills program.

If you haven’t watched Campbell play, you’re missing out on a show.

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  1. Sherry Harvey says:

    What a wonderful story on such an amazing young man. I know his mother, so believe me when I tell you he plays from his heart, he also does it from hers, his greatest cheerleader! Right alongside with his hands-on, caring and life coach/father and overall amazing family support and love of God and self, could only equals a success in everything he and his siblings encounter. They motivate each other as a family in all their endeavors. They play and pray together. Congratulations to you and your village, Young Cov! So excited for your future!

  2. Brandon says:

    I’ve known Young Cov his whole life! Played ball with his father! He has been about basketball since he was born! He was destined to play ball! No one I know his age works harder or has more passion for the game than Young Cov! He will be one of the next greats one! Please make sure to support his movement!

  3. Young Jacovey Campbell is the real deal…..His Knowledge of the game is waay beyond his years…Usually the smallest man on the court but with his skill set and knowledge of the game it makes no difference….He is definitely a Force to be reckoned with…..Its amazing to watch a kid so young play the game the way it’s suppose to be played…..Hard work definitely pays off….Jacovey Campbell will be a household name in years to come….Personality is even on a higher scale….Kid is blessed with talent..just amazing!!!!

  4. B Smith says:

    I’ve know Young Covey his whole life! I played high school ball with his dad and remain family to this day! Covey was destined to play ball! I’ve never seen anyone his age with the drive and passion and love for the game Covey has! His understanding of the game at such a young age is amazing! Unlimited potential for this young man…..I’m iust glad I get to see the journey! Young Covey’s got next!

  5. Jermaine Johnson says:

    I also played with this young man’s father in highschool and it’s no guessing where Jacovey received his high basketball I.Q.from! ! I had the privilege to be able to coach against this young man and I was blown away by eBay I was witnessing from such a young player! ! Truly amazing and I’m looking forward to see this young man in the future playing for someone’s college and YES, I’m going to be rooting for Mr Jacovey Campbell!!

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