8th Grader Jared Courtney has a Fundamental Game

Courtney is a Baller   

imageClass-of-2020, 6-0, Jared Courtney is from Kentucky and a student-athlete at Elkhorn middle school, where he was a productive asset on the team. He scored just under 600 points his eighth grade season. He’s also book smart…a 4.0 student through sixth and eighth grade. Courtney is gearing up to play varsity at Franklin County high school next year.

Courtney is fundamentally sound after strenuous training. He’s advanced compared to kids in the same position at his age. Importantly, his jump shot form is good right now.

While Courtney improves his athleticism and physicality, he has the intangibles to compete on the next levels. Sky’s the limit as he grows stronger, quicker and tougher. He’s a good person with a recommendable character. Again, team player Courtney’s IQ and skill set is past most of his peers.

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