C/o 2023 Karl Burroughs is Toledo’s Phenom

Burroughs is Thorough


Class-of-2023, Karl Burroughs from Toledo, Ohio, attends Grove Patterson Academy where he’s a 3.5 GPA student-athlete. As a result, he received an honor roll certificate and citizenship award. His AAU team is the Springfield Bombers.

Burroughs, a true point guard, has an extremely high basketball IQ, great ball handling, and finishes well around the basket with both hands. He’s a consistent shooter from the perimeter and midrange area. He changes speed to dictate pace of games. And defensively, Burroughs has no problem sitting low so ball handlers can not easily bypass him.

However, Burroughs must add size and height to his wiry, frame; and begin moving without the ball after passing to teammates. He needs to -at least – screen away, v-cut, back cut, or shallow cut etc…

Here are some of Burroughs’ noticeable accolades. He made the All-Star team at the Middle School Elite Michigan Camp, and went undefeated to win the Basketball Spotlight camp in Maryland. The rising sixth grader then made the All-Star team at the Neo Youth Elite camp this past weekend in Cleveland.

Burroughs isn’t only basketball. Amongst his hobbies are riding a hover board, playing call of duty and NBA 2k16 on his Playstation 4, and driving the range to line-drive golf balls.

Burroughs’ high school goal is to play varsity as a freshman and win a state championship. Then play division 1 college basketball on a free sports scholarship and eventually be drafted to the NBA.

“I want people to know that he deserves any and every honor that he receives because he works hard an he plays the game the right way, he passes the ball when he sees his teammates open, he is a gym rat and a true student of the game,” exhaled Mr. Burroughs when asked is early internet basketball exposure all that useful.

Anyhow, Burroughs’ college hope is to attend either Ohio State, Michigan or North Carolina University. Where will he end up?

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