C/o 2026 Quinn Wilkins is Big Time

Elite Gym Rat

imageRising third grader, Quinn Wilkins, is from Anderson, Indiana, and attends Lapel Elementary School. He’s a 4.0 GPA student: He was Citizenship award winner and Excellence in Mathematics Award recipient for 2nd grade. Only one student per grade received such acknowledgment. His current AAU teams are the ThunderCats (2026) and (2024); and Indy Nets (2026). He plays up with older kids.

When watching Wilkins play, it’s apparent that he’s as good as other sorted out young athletes. NBA and college coaches have commented on Wilkins’ talent, saying “he’s a heady player who does all the right moves.” He’s not perfect by any means, yet he’s special and beyond his years.

Wilkins’ dad says, “you would be hard pressed to find a more fundamentally sound player and shooter in the class of 2026,” and “What he lacks in quickness and athleticism he more than makes up for in using angles, technique, and heart.” Wilkins realizes that players will grow taller, stronger, and more athletic over years.

imageHowever, Wilkins’ fathers states that his son is “an above average sized kid with a solid frame who will only get stronger and shouldn’t be short on height as it runs in his family.”

Wilkins is humble — but don’t underestimate his meanness to devour competition. He has a high-IQ and natural feel for the game as a coaches son. The left handed player even has good footwork.

His biggest accomplished thus far is hitting 25 straight free throw shots in four games. Also, his local ThunderCats team won 43 straight games in the past year.

“He really values basketball and looks to get teammates involved, even to a fault at times. But that will pay off more as he gets older.”

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  1. Jack says:

    Daddy acted so heinous, he was banned from a youth tournament. This is total child exploitation. There are hundreds of thousands children playing basketball, and surely his daddy has seen them all. This kid is not a good citizen, go watch him cry at called violations, missed shots, etc.. Daddy must also be a doctor, as he knows his child will be tall enough? Why would that matter with such a competitive heart? It shouldn’t. I’ve never heard a father boast about a child to this extent. It’s narcissistic and quite abnormal. If this kid plays up, against older kids, then why was he playing in a NINE YEAR OLD tournament? What is MSE anyway? It’s nothing profound or even sanctioned, so who gives a Damn what they report. Plus, he’s a pretty ugly kid, and basketball won’t do a Damn thing to help that. Sorry, truth.

    • Josh ranes says:

      Jack you are a fag,I’d bet a 1000 that 9 yr old could out play you…not to mention that bald head you got is ugly as sin…..some people pull it off u don’t sir …and for the record I know about your wife and the head coach need i say more

  2. Jill says:

    Wow “Jack” you sure are a tough guy talking so much shit about a child. If you don’t like the dad that’s one thing. You keep sippin your hatorade, Quinn will keep working his tail off and we can watch him succeed. Your a complete douche!!
    Ashley (My real name, I’m not a sissy) come find me if you would ever like to finish our conversation

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