5th Grade Caleb Soto Touched Down

Soto Belongs

image Class of 2023, Caleb Soto, from Texas went from playing recreational ball last year to competing for one of the best AAU teams in the country. Not bad for someone who’s only been playing basketball for two years.

Less than two years, Soto grew from being an average player to one of the best overall athletes. Caleb’s rare offensive talent is catch and shoot. He has good footwork and a quick release jumper. But what makes him special is his ability to put the ball on the floor, and his skill with shooting off the dribble. And he has comfortable range from three to four feet behind the arc.

Soto’s dedication over the past 16 months solidifies him as one of top shooters in the nation. He has the necessary resources and equipment to continuously build his game. It doesn’t hurt that his father/trainer is Founder/CEO of Be Elite Basketball — one of the top youth basketball programs in North Texas.

The video below shows Soto’s most recent tournament in which he averaged 20 plus points per game.

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