Class-of-2024 MJ Yeager is Destined to Score

MJ is Set

imageClass-of-2024, MJ Yeager, from Michigan, whose twin brother is, D1, may be a look-alike but has a totally different style of play. Yeager, a straight A student, won the school’s Spelling Bee. In addition, MJ will play on the 7th and 8th grade basketball team next school season.

Yeager is a heady and feisty ball handler who demands the ball to pass or score. He understands that tenaciously guarding his man wins games. And to improve his lateral movement and defense, Yeager signed up for this summer’s 2016 Jason Otter Camps.

Meanwhile, Yeager practices at a convenient place. He has an indoor half-court gym at home, and a regulation full-size court in the backyard.

Yeager religiously works out 8-10 hours on non-school days and 4 hours on school days. He’s developed a consistent 15 -17 foot shot, and shoots 90 percent from the free throw line. MJ  and his D1 must make 400 shots apiece each day on their shooting machine.

When Mr. Yeager was asked to describe his twin sons’ nature he said, “It’s pick your poison. Double up on one and then the other will get you.”

“Only God knows where this will all go, but they are extremely hard workers and is going to make their high school coach very happy.”

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