Class of 2024 KJ Lucas is a Floor Genral

Captain Lucas 

imageRising 5th grader, KJ Lucas, from Virgina, is one of the top combo guards on the east coast. He’s a star among stars in the class of 2024. He’s a sharp shooter for his team, hitting eighteen three-pointers in three games, and even seven treys in one outing at the Maryland Invitational tournament.

He attends a school in Chesterfield, VA that we won’t mention for security reasons. Since first grade, he’s been a A and B honor roll student. In addition, he made it into the Center Base Gifted Program (CBG), and has received the Proud Principal Award for good citizenship and strong work ethics, Student of the Month Awards, and numerous MVP trophies for basketball and football such as Offense and Defense Player of the Season.

Lucas’ high IQ of the game, speed and athleticism gives him the ability to see the court, slice through presses and create for his teammates. He causes havoc on defense for easier turnovers, steals and fast break opportunities. KJ is a perfectionist who wants to make sure he does everything right, on and off the court.

Young Lucas is mature and talented beyond his age. He says his future goals are a “pre-Engineering program and playing basketball and football in college.” Lucas will receive a lot of exposure on in the near future.

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