Class of 2024 Nykolas Lewis is a Jewel

Lewis the Product 

image Class-of-2024, nine-year-old, Nykolas Lewis, from Washington, DC, is a player on the rise. He’s a A & B student athlete who’s shaping up an extraordinary character.

A vibrant Mr. Lewis says, “Nykolas is a very friendly, outgoing kid. He loves to play and learn, and is very smart and inquisitive.”

As far as talent, Lewis is a superb ball handler, great shooter and defensive minded athlete. He’s focused on sharpening his quickness, footwork and agility. He must improve moving without the ball to create space on offense.

In 2015, Lewis was voted the MVP and The Best Prospect at a prestigious camp. We have him ranked nationally among the top- 20 players. He’s listed as No. 3 in the DC/Maryland area, according to a state ranking report.

The all-around gamer has three colleges in mind: Kentucky, Duke and Syracuse. His future career goals are to be a Doctor, Engineer or NBA Player. The “process is difficult” but with extreme drive he’ll make it far in life.

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