Class of 2024 Travis Perry (KY) is a Dominate Force

Kentucky Perry

imageClass of 2024, Travis Perry from Kentucky is a smart and fundamental player with all around game including athleticism.

He recently dominated elite competition at the MSE Kentucky Camp where he earned a MVP trophy.

Perry is not ranked on Middle School Elite yet, which our Web site is first ever  to release national rankings publicly. Now, he might be listed elsewhere although he’s rather new to the political hype scene.

At USBA Nationals, he averaged 21 points and over 10 rebounds per game with other considered top players on his team.

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  1. bball coach says:

    Agree, very good player, but way old for his grade. That has to factor in to the press these kids get. Eventually being the oldest won’t be an advantage, the other kids will catch up at some point.

    • ole ball coach says:

      This kid is not even the oldest player on his team, I know of 2 kids on the team that are both older than him, he is 11 years old and will be for another half a year or so. Great all around player, can do it all.

  2. Jody says:

    Kid was held back and everyone in the area knows it, definite reclass. Good player, but keep it real the only reason Jerry ranks him this high is because Easter Sr recommended him and he went to a camp. Several kids in Ky are better players now and definitely in the long term(Right now he is physically older)

  3. Real coach says:

    Great size and good player. However my oldest son played against him in the 2nd grade and 3years later my youngest played against in a 3rd grade tourney. Definitely a “old” member of the 2024 class lol

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