Class of 2021 MSE National Player Rankings for 9th Grade

MSElite 9th Grade/2021

Middle School Elite rankings are based on players’ talent and academics but mostly character.

Rank, Name, State

5th grade Zion Harmon playing on Middle School Elite National Select Team Played up 7th Grade

5th grade Zion Harmon playing on Middle School Elite National Select Team Played up 7th Grade

#1 Kamryn Waites 6’9″ Texas

#2 Donnell Harris 6’6″ Florida

#3 Chuks Lucky 6’11” Tennessee

#4 Obinna Anyanwu 6’6″ California

#5 Zion Harmon 5’11” Kentucky

#6 Caleb Furst 6’7″ Indiana

#7 Trey Patterson 6’5″ New Jersey

#8 Rodrick Johnson Florida

#9 Imo Essien 6’1″ Texas

#10 Duncan Powell 6’7″ Texas

#11 Jaddai Henry Texas

#12 Shane Dezonie 6’3″ New Jersey


#14 Wes Peterson Jr. Virginia

#15 Ahmad Harrison 6’1″ Maryland

#16 Reuben Fatheree 6’8″ Texas

#17 Logan Barbour, Virginia 

#18 Kollin Owens, Arizona

#19 Jai Smith, North Carolina

#20 Joshua Wallace, Michigan


#22 Ariel Goddard Washington, DC

#23 Thaddius Franklin Jr. Florida

#24 Michael Anderson Pennsylvania

#25 Marcus Henderson California

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  1. Dan Pugh says:

    Any consideration for Jack Pugh? He was a top 25-50 player in the 2020 class and reclassed to 2021. Other sites have him in the top ten.

    • Don says:

      I have a question and please don’t be offended. I see you have the same last name as the kid your asking about, so I’m assuming there’s some type of relation. So I want to ask this question about reclassifying. Is reclassing a kid only to gain an edge against players? I understand there may be grade issues and things of that sort, but seeing kids reclass in 8th and 9th grade only seems to be for personal gain. Then I see the kid you are asking about was ranked top 25 in his class prior to reclassing, so he was far beyond most of his peers. I’m just a parent that is curious about why parents reclass their children to gain an edge then brag that their 16 year old with a beard is better than a 14 year old that hasn’t even hit puberty yet. If this is not your case please disregard, but if so I would love to hear from you.

  2. Joke says:

    Horrible list. .You have kids on here that are not the top 2 kids on their own teams..but what is expected from a site that tries to get people to pay $25 for exposure stories and you guys talk about character! What a complete joke

  3. Broke says:

    What is more terrible:

    A. Players listed that are not even the best players on their team?


    B. Players listed whose parents paid $200 for listing?

    THAT’S FUNNY!! – You ain’t play at Ohio State either, just paid us and four other sites to list your kid.

  4. Treyvon Byrd is a player on the up and up he is 6’4 extremely long and very agile he lives in Durham nc and is in the 8th grade .. watch out for this guy

  5. Coach Phil says:

    Andrew Plympton from East Greenwich, Rhode Island is the real deal. He doesn’t get as much exposure up in RI but can play with anyone. He is a 6’1″ point forward with great speed, quickness and strength. He has played mostly around New England against some good programs like BABC, Expressions, etc and has usually been the best athlete on the floor. He is a 5 tool player. Try to get a look at him.

  6. Trey says:

    Looking at all the list and still haven’t seen the kid name Taleeq “da bully”Robbins
    Who plays for WeR1 2021. He’s good enough to play at least 16s… st Anthony’s
    Getting a gem next year… but I wished my younging would’ve went imgr

  7. Coach says:

    No need to hate on these kids who are all working and improving overnight at this young age. You don’t have to be the best player on your team to be good in another environments. I’ve seen relative unknown players have 1 or 2 good caps and spring out of nowhere to become top of class(John Wall). Get your kids into these camps and stop hating on those that show up & earn some respect. The top 50 will have to keep improving to stay on top!

  8. Sherita watts says:

    My son on there and I didn’t pay a dime and I agree stop hating on the kids who made the list

  9. Roy Williams says:

    Bahtle Griffin should be at least top 50 he is an amazing player and his defense is crazy and his ability to attack the basket is unheard of. He has a play style of Kevin Durant because he is so long but he can dribble good too.

  10. Mad parent says:

    This list is bs it’s 9th graders on the list and the best players from Michigan not on here

    • Coach B says:

      Who is the best 8th grade player in michigan ???

      • Unknown says:

        1.Tyson Davis
        2.keshawn Devlin
        3.keon Henderson
        4.Jacory Wallace
        5.Dana Holmes
        6.Corey Williams
        7. Kipras Blazevicius
        8.keon menifield
        9. Trayale Solomon-Thomas
        10.Jawon Slater

  11. Coach Mike says:

    Check out Chris Howell (San Marcos), probably one of the top 5 players on the West Coast.. 6’4 PG, very high IQ, super athletic. True 2021, not a hold-back with still a lot of upside.

  12. Nafis Robbins says:

    To Trey : Taleeq Robbins is my son he might be reclassing haven’t heard nothing about him going to st Anthony’s but thanks for asking. He’s recovering from an injury so he hasn’t played all year.. kids keep working it’s not about rankings right now , it’s about you getting in that gym and working your ass off… rankings will come but make sure your prepared for job… congrats to all the kids that did make this list as well keep working and climb higher….

  13. Coach D says:

    Damontay raglin is A very good talented player he can do it all, he can play big…. run guard can defend he can do every thing u can ask for ill would put him i the top 100.

  14. Coach Brown says:

    #9 Jadari Ames 5″6 Illinois

  15. Huggy dye says:

    I have seen tevin smith from Danville Illinois murder everybody in the state in his classs !!! Should be the first person from Illinois on this star studed Illinois group of 8th graders wouldn’t be surprised if he cracks top 10!!!! Tevin smith!!! Don’t sleep !!!!!!

  16. Nichole Lee says:

    Im curious about how kids at this age get such attention or exposure? I have a 6’4 8th grader averaging 17 pts and 11 rebounds a game and Id like to get some info. Please and thank you for any help.

  17. pishoy says:

    come down to brentwood tennessee there are some really good players down here. I play for sunset middle school and i held my team last year to a championship. Im 6’1 and in 8th grade

  18. chip minter says:

    There’s a couple of kids I saw in the PrimeTime invitational in Dallas that I was impressed with: Jonathan Lawson who played with a team out of Houston but I believe he’s from Tenneesee, and Trey Alexander from AET Elite AAU team out of Oklahoma. These kids are tall and lanky and has huge amounts of upside. They both can handle the rock and have ridiculous range from the 3. I would definitely keep an eye on those guys.

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