2nd Annual MSE Texas Camp 2016 Recap

MSE Texas Camp Recap


Class of 2021 Javon Jackson (TX)

The 2nd Annual MSE Texas Camp took place Octobee 29, 2016 at The Gym in Humble, Texas — Houston. Campers from 3rd through 8th grade and spectators packed the arena.

During the introduction/motivation segment – we advised campers to limit their dribbling, and play north to south, not west to east.

We also stressed the importance of early NCAA academic awareness and preparedness, and explained the G.P.A score does not rollover from middle school; it starts in the 9th grade.

For parents, we recommended they create relationships with coaches, scouts and college recruiters instead of solely focusing on their own child’s play.

Here are several top performers whose character, skills and maturity shined bright at the MSE Texas Camp.


C/o 2021 Demari Williams (TX)

8th grade Javon Jackson Texas – The talented shooting guard arrived late to camp, but left MVP. He’s fundamentally sound and good enough to compete on his future high school varsity team as a freshman.

8th grade Demari Williams Texas – The strong wingman runs the fast break like a point guard. He’s a competent ball handler and scorer in transition. He’s a phenom in the making.


C/o 2021 Imo Essien (TX)

8th Grade Imo Essien Texas – He is a tough, wiry, flashy athlete who easily beats defenders off the dribble. He scored at will from everywhere on the court. He’ll make his high school coach very happy.

8th grade Naquan Moffett Texas – Chiseled body, Moffett aggressively attacked the center to score or distribute. He’s a pure shooter but just as good a distributor.


C/o 2022 Lamondo

8th grade Lamondo Cargile Texas – The elite star is better than he thinks. He intimidated opponents with constant, relentless drives to the basket. He has a chance to make it big time.

8th grade Terrance Gardner Texas – He drained wide open trey shots with ease even from the corner. He moved without the ball to create shots for teammates.


C/o 2022 Dylan Glove (TX)

7th grade Dylan Glover Texas – Big country won MVP because he dominated on both ends of the floor. He either launched a three or stormed in the lane for buckets. He’s virtually unstoppable.

7th grade Jaidan Scott Texas – It was a joy watching him play a fast pace game. He played at game speed in drills as well. He’s naturally gifted with upside.


C/o 2022 Jaylon Scott (TX)

7th grade Jaleen Goodman – The shifty point guard put on a spectacular show. He made no-look laser passes to cutters. He blew by defenders when they reached.

7th grade Ke’Mauri Millender Texas – He split double teams with a pull back dribble. He absorbed body contact and drew defenders to dish the ball or score.

7th grade Jaylon Jackson Texas – In half-court, he exploited mismatches with a lob or step around pass. He dribbled under pressure with his head up on fast breaks.


C/o 2022 O. Akinrelere (TX)

7th grade Ziyan Ali Texas – He was one of the most focused players at camp. He courageously finished shots through hard fouls. He’ll be much improved at the next MSE showdown.

7th grade Olaoluwa Akinrelere Texas – He’s a bulldozer when attacking the rim. He crashed defensive boards and executed the secondary break. Weaker opponents had no answer for him.


C/o 2023 Finley Bizjack (TX)

6th grade Finley Bizjack Texas – Believing his thumb broke from colliding into a player and thought of losing a battle, he used his willpower to become MVP. He’s physically and mentally conditioned.

6th grade Owen Berry Texas – The agile big played up against 7th & 8th graders. Later, he joined his age group and punished smaller players. We hope to evaluate him at the next MSE Texas Camp.


C/o 2023 Austin Pickett (TX)

6th grade Austin Pickett Texas – He entered camp ranked No. 7 on MSE and left top 5, after demonstrating elite potential. He’s eager for the inbound pass to initiate plays. His handle made Bizjack stumble.

6th grade Brycen Matthews Texas – He has a devastating crossover and pull up jumper. He planted his shoulder in the defender’s chest to control space. He’s an exceptional defensive challenger.


C/o 2023 Brycen Mathews (TX)

6th grade Elija Haynes Texas – He played energetic and athletic; has a variety of go to moves. The crafty hooper stretched the defense with deep three pointers.

6th grade Cayden Sato Texas –  He’s an alert, mobile big man with soft finger tips to make easy put back shots. He rebounded and blocked shots. We look forward to seeing his progress next year.


C/o 2024 Bryce Smith (TX)

5th grade Bryce Smith Texas – He won a decisive 1 on 1 game to earn MVP honors. But not before battling different players 5 on 5. He’s a tough national contender.

5th grade J’Narri Franklin Texas – He useds speed and change of direction to dictate the game’s tempo. He has skills, IQ and court presence. Curious about he he will develop in middle school.


C/o 2025 Malik Rideout (TX)

5th grade Gregory Jackson Texas – The point guard displayed superb ball handling skills. When double teamed, he passed to the open man. He’s a true champion.

4th grade Malik Rideout Texas – The feisty guard penetrated lanes with straight drives and head fakes. He’s humble and coachable, plus a fast leaner. No wonder he was MVP.


C/o 2026 Tylan Hall (TX)

3rd grade Tylan Hall Texas – Hall gave the game his all, thus was crowned MVP. He plays as if he has basketball genetics, and he’s not afraid to step-back dribble and release a jimmy.

2nd grade Tyson Forrest Texas – As the youngest player at camp, he played up a few grades. He’s a deceptive ball handler with the shooters touch. His camp experience will take him far.

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