2016 MSE Virginia Camp Recap

MSE Virginia Camp


C/o 2021 Ihsan Duncan (VA) MVP

The 2nd Annual MSE Virginia Camp unfolded at The N Zone in Chantilly, Virginia on November 5, 2016. Campers from Maryland, Virgina, Georgia, New Jersey and North Carolina gathered to receive early intense training and instant exposure.

Parents were urged to create relationships with scouts, coaches and recruiters, and players learned that thier G.P.A didn’t technically start until high school for NCAA qualifying.

Here’s a look at some standout players at the MSE Virginia Camp.

8th Grade Top performers 


C/o 2021 Wisler Sanon (NJ)

Ihsan Duncan (VA) is blessed to win MVP in a talent filled group. The 5-11 combo guard is a natural athlete that pushed himself. Dunking is his next step.

Wisler Sanon (NJ) is a long, versatile player who dominated smaller contenders in the post. He did drop steps and up and under moves. He handles the ball like a point guard.

C/o 2021 Justin Bell (VA)

2021 Justin Bell (NC)

Justin Bell (NC) has scoring skills and NBA persona. He’s as quick with the ball in his hand than without it. He has future potential.

DJ Pritchett (VA) picked apart defenses with precision. He cradled the ball to finish layups. He yelled “Ball, Ball” on defense.

C/o 2021 Ryan Hite

2023 Ryan Hite (VA)

Ryan Hite (VA) fought hard to make steals or recover loose balls. He penetrated gaps east to west. He’s a solid point guard.

Justin Taylor (VA) played with flair for greatness. He anticipated passes in the lane on defense, and saw plays before they happened.

Jalen lowery (NC) is an athletic guard who hung in the air to finish lay ups. He attacked ball handlers instead of staying on his heels.

C/o 2021 Isiah Edmundson (MD)

C/o 2021 Isiah Edmundson (MD)

Isiah Edmundson (MD) attended the MSE NYC Camp last year. He pinned shots to the backboard and pickpocket ball handlers. He’s on the rise.

Logan Barbour (VA) has nice size and skill set, and he played with poise and control. His moves are precise and calculated. Keep an eye on him.

C/o 2021 Logan Barbour

C/o 2021 Logan Barbour (VA)

7th Grade Top Performers 

Yamere Diggs (NJ) who won MVP is a crafty and physical playmaker. He has a plethora of moves at his disposal.

Isaac Rivera (VA) has good feel and mobility for a big guard. He stole the ball to compensate for turnovers, and he muscled his way to the basket for buckets.

C/o 2022 Yamere Diggs

C/o 2022 Yamere Diggs (NJ)

Cayjoun Crenshaw (VA) is a sturdy ball handler with plenty energy. He juke defenders and lowered his head to attack the rim.

6th Grade Top Performers

C/o 2022 Cayjoun Crenshaw

2022 Cayjoun Crenshaw (VA)

Casian Richard (NC) won MVP because of his attitude, character, and focus in drills and games. He has awareness on and off the court.

Elijah Childress (VA) ran the fast break every possession. He has a nice built and strong ball handle. He thread the baseline for reverse lay ups or dish to cutter.

C/o 2023 MVP Casian Richard

2023 MVP Casian Richard (NC)

Daquan Davis (MD) inbounded the ball with vengeance. He dusted off opponents with ball fakes, and avoided trap areas.

Sebastian Akins (VA) used a stutter-step to freeze defenders. He moved without the ball to create space for teammates. On defends he played help side with jab steps in the lane.

C/o 2023 Elijah Childress

2023 Elijah Childress (VA)

Carlos Abarca (VA) improved greatly since last year’s MSE VA Camp. Hopefully he’s just as prepared for the next MSE event. He’s dertemined to improve, compete and win.

5th Grade Top Performers 

C/o 2023 Daquan Davis (MD)

2023 Daquan Davis (MD)

Chance Mallory (VA) earned MVP after non-stop back and forth battling. He has a deceptive ball handle and rim drive. He’s not afraid to take his man to the hole.

Amaree Davis (VA) played bigger than his stature; he’s gritty with heart. He hustled and demonstrated elite skills.


2024 Chance Mallory (VA)

Clark Mastin (GA) represented Georgia, proving to be a top player in the state and country. He’s an exceptional point guard with a knack for scoring.

Clark Mastin

2024 Clark Mastin (GA)

Damani Day (NC) is a top 5 player in the country that impressed MSE during check in. He has the total package but more important untouchable character.

Rodney Scott (MD) dribbled in-and-out, behind the back and spin moved on defenders. He dished the ball down low or kicked it out as defenders collapsed.

Rodney Scott

2024 Rodney Scott (MD)

Michael Bolton (VA) backed up his already huge name with showmanship. He used strength and speed dribbles on fast breaks. He’s a feisty guard who dictated the game’s tempo.

Dante Mayo Jr. (MD) has a high basketba IQ and smooth game. He used a quick release jumper off the dribble to score. His play level elevated throughout camp.

Mason Pulliam

2024 Mason Pulliam (VA)

Mason Pulliam (VA) outplayed competitors with his threatening size. He Euro stepped and finger rolled. He has defensive court presence.

3rd – 4th Grade Top Performers 

Donovan Petidos (VA) showboated for the crowd as the MVP. He distributed the ball and scored when needed. He followed up missed shots and got back on defense.

Donovan Petidos

2025 Donovan Petidos

Jaden Faircloth (VA) has a tight dribble with fast reflexes. He played spectacular as a newly ranked MSE player.

3rd grade Anthony Smith (VA) is one of the best young players in the nation. He performed outstanding under pressure.  He’s top PG in our book.

Jaden Faircloth

2025 Jaden Faircloth (VA)

2nd grade Bradyn Arline (VA) quickly moved his feet to turn players from the scoring lane. He passed the ball and cut to get open on offense. He has a bright future if he keeps up the good work.


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