7th Grade MSE Top 50 National Player Rankings for Class of 2022

Middle School Elite c/o 2022 Rankings

MiddleSchoolElite.com rankings are based on a player’s talent and character.

Rank, Name and State

Ramel Lloyd Jr #1 Ramel Llyod (California)
#2 Kamari Lands (Indiana)
#3 Skyy Clark ( California)
#4 Kevin Garcia (Texas)
#5 Mark Mitchell (Kansas)
#6 Jarace Walker (Pennsylvania)
#7 Antonio Sellers (New York)
#8 David Clark ( California)
#9 Jaden Bradley (North Carolina)
#10 Camden Andrews (Tennessee)
#11 Trevon Turner (Texas)
#12 Nathaniel Houston (Ohio)
#13 Dylan Glover (Texas)
#14 Amari Bailey (Illinois)
#15 Christian Moore (California)
#16 Jaden Johnson (Maryland)
#17 Alexandrus Antetokounmpo (Wisconsin)
#18 Prince Aligbe (Minnesota)
#19 Jaylen Drane (Illinois)
#20 Malik Bowman (Washington D.C.)
#21 Antonio Hamlin (Washington D. C.)
#22 Isaiah Foster (Texas)


No. 13 Dylan Glover (Texas)

#23 Josiah Harris (Ohio)

#24 Cruz Davis (Texas)
#25 Javon Tracy (Indiana)
#26 Chase Cormier (Georgia)
#27 Jeremiah Johnson (Oklohoma)
#28 Cam Amboree (Texas)
#29 Malcolm Hamilton (Tennessee)
#30 Omari Abor (Texas)
#31 Knasir McDaniel (Washington D.C.)
#32 Jaidan Scott (Texas)
#33 Mason Manning (Mississippi)
#34 Olaoluwa Akinrelere (Texas)
#35 Keyon Webb (North Carolina)
#36 Tayan Thompson (Wisconsin)
#37 Jett Howard (Florida)
#38 Ty Rogers (Michigan)
#39 Jaxon Kohler (Utah)
#40 Chris Livingston (Ohio)
#41 Marquis Sykes (Texas)
#42 Emoni Bates (Michigan)
#43 Aidan Mahaney (California)
#44 Derrian Ford (Arkansas)
#45 Jared McCain (California)
#46 Trey Cheatham (Texas)
#47 Bryce Griggs (Texas)
#48 Robert Martin (Missouri)
#49 Noah Shelby (Texas)
#50 Austin Nunez (Texas)

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  1. Paul McMillan says:

    Yo! Its hard to take whoever created this list serious when some of the kids home states are not accurate. Not to mention, my son Paul McMillan IV, (Ohio/All-Ohio Red) is not even on this list. Thats a joke. Please do some real research, and evaluations; because Paul dominated at least 25 head to head match ups with serveral of the players listed. (No disrespect to those kids, because alot of them are legit) But, to have kids wrong states listed, and to fail to mention kids that averaged 30pts, 4ast, 7reb, at last uear Nationals, is a joke! I’m just saying…

  2. Fan says:

    Lol. Can tell you are out of the loop. List full of 5 & 7th graders.

  3. Willie Starlings says:

    Joel Starlings 2022 best big in VA where is the VA love

  4. Bruce says:

    This ranking is laughable and make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

  5. Coach Williams says:

    Emoni Bates is from Michigan. Don’t give Ohio credit for him. Teledo is just next door to the mitten. Lol

  6. Dave Fergurson says:

    #17 Jacob Wilson SG/PG/SF
    #11 JP Ricks
    7 Troy Dunn SF/SG/PG
    The best guards coming out of Louisiana
    Sports Academy Team Glen Davis

  7. Paul McMillan says:

    I posted a valid comment yesterday, and it was took down. Any particular reason why? Is my valid and sound opinion not welcome?

  8. Smh… the #3 team in DFW has ZERO kids reppin’on this WAC list with kids who have been held back twice…lol creditability for this website has been X’ed. GET UP TO DATE with current events. This list is like saying IRAQ doesn’t have nuclear weapons.

  9. Coach Williams says:

    Jarrod Taylor out of Nashville is the best 6th grader in Tennessee and not mentioned, plays WITH Malcolm Hamilton. I think you should do your research, Any coach out of the area would see this in outrage.

  10. Teamwall says:

    Teamwall 6 grade Asa white, Marquise rice, gt be two of best big men n country both them 6 feet plus

  11. Coach B says:

    Mark Mitchell will entering the 8th grade…Wow!!

  12. Danye Frazier is the best 6TH grader in Kentucky he’s coming for a spot I will put him vs any guard

  13. Coach M says:

    David Olaniyi the most dominate PG in class of 2022 in NJ , please recognize him for all his hard work he puts in hours of work each and everyday .

  14. Randy Williams says:

    Please note, Kemo Millender (c/o 2022 PG) with the Houston Rockstarz. The most explosive kid I’ve seen in a long time.

  15. Johnny Bluegrass says:

    Just curious. What is the best true center or power forward in the class of 2022? I see in this list there is no mention of position or height. I try to keep up with top recruits in the nation so when my son runs up against them I can kinda measure where he falls. My son is a true center. A through back from the past. A dinosaur you don’t see no more. I won’t give up his name. I don’t market him. He markets himself with how he plays.

    • Malik says:

      Johnny i would love to get a look at your kid if he is a 2022 kid. I am looking for two true Centers for that class. Shoot me a text at 5053798180

      • Johnny Bluegrass says:

        I appreciate the interest. My kid is presently in the 7th grade. He plays on a 8th grade AAU team. Most times he is the biggest kid on the floor but everyone assumes he is a 15 year old 8th grader. I’m going to scout out a 13U team for him next summer.

    • BG coach says:

      I’m from ky like to keep track local talent sons name school?

      • Johnny Bluegrass says:

        I’m going to commit to my game plan. I don’t market my kid, he does that himself. So I’ll not give up his name. I will share just for conversation purposes. He turned 13 a couple months ago. He is 6’2″ and 165lbs of pure grade A lean muscle. With one step he can touch the rim.

  16. NJ Coach says:

    No kids from NJ, you have to be buggin.lol i guess this list should be based on the kids that have attended your camps and tournaments

  17. Team Bond says:

    Julius Reese Jr is one of the best big men in the state of NC. Great finisher around the rim. Outstanding ball handler and can create his on shot. 6’1 and @ 170lbs. National junior honor society and straight A student. Multi sport athlete and great work ethics and very coachable. If not now , you’ll hear about this young man soon. Oh, and no reclassification either. True c/o 2022
    Stay thirsty my friends because we are always thirsty

    • Coach P says:

      Agreed I saw this kid play in Richmond and in Greensboro and he has the it factor. He’s a D1 prospect for sure!!!

  18. Ronnie says:

    Someone referred this site to me.it is very important we send our appreciation to administration of this program and site.You are doing a very good job with youth basketball.On the other hand .it is very important that the high school level is what determines a players capabilities so please stop these rankings.In high school a kid who is 6 ft 1age 14 playing in the 6th grade and dominating the game right now might stop growing or grow a few inches more.Wheres a kid who has been playing local leagues in is respective home state might grow to become 6ft11 and processes a strong intellect.My point is let us encourage these young men by instilling good education and moral values in them.Nobody in the pro or college market looks at this.so please stop wasting and selling dreams to these young athletes.

  19. Zack Hodges says:

    Keep your eye on Iaiah Barganier. He is a 6’2,175lb point guard and post. He is 12 yrs old in 8th grade. Averages 25-17-5 Hodges attends Westlake Prep in Houston Texas

  20. This Kid can flat out ball Trejon Williams team Demo Prep 7th grade true 13u no hold back out of Portland Oregon

  21. Bama Boy says:

    I totally agree with Ronnie 100%

  22. Dion Johnson. 7th grader on varsity from Suagraties NY. Averaging 23 points again and recently scored 32 against a AA varsity team. Locked up Lebron James Jr.

  23. Savage Baller says:

    Yo Matt Keeler, Amare Reed, Daniel Annan Jr, and Ben Schellinger are some of the best in New York! Watch Out!

  24. Wayne Clark says:

    Is there a power ranking for girls middle school basketball?


  25. Coach mu says:

    Orion Tomlinson should be somewhere on this list. Definitely one of the top shooters in the country.




  26. Hoop Coach says:

    Hardwork front Texas has 5 kids 6’3 up to 6’5 7th graders oh by the way AAU Nationals Champs 6th grade last year. And Bates is a 6’5 PG so let’s stop complaining about this site people make these mistakes all over the country.Respect the Grind

  27. Jeremiah renchen says:

    how do people get heard of so young.

  28. Scotty Bonar says:

    I should be atleast too 50 rn but none of y’all know anything about Rancho Bernardo boys cause everyone’s focused on the Los Angeles boys like common cuh.

  29. capital says:

    How can u not rank no la raising star center please be real

  30. joyra says:

    nola rising stars is the only 7 grade with a true center an he is not on the list

  31. Scott says:

    Indiana is wrong also Tracy is not a top 25 in Indiana that’s laughable

  32. Travis says:

    Yo I’m from Arizona and I average 30 points 15 rebounds 5 assist and 8 blocks I’m 6’3 I’m 13 where am I

  33. No comment says:

    These stats don’t mean a thing they ain’t even in hs and some of them ain’t even good it’s just how tall they are so they have the advantage wait till later in all of there careers then getting ranked really matters

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