2016 MSE Missouri Camp Recap

MSE Missouri Camp

The MSE Missouri Camp happened on Saturday November 12, 2016 at the state of the art Bud Dome in St. Louis, Missouri. Top-notch players from Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee and Michigan, including excited spectators, flooded the building.

We emphasized to campers the importance of early academic awareness and preparedness for the NCAA, and parents were pushed to establish relationships with scouts, coaches and recruiters.

Here are some standout players at the MSE Missouri Camp. The MVPs received cash in place of a trophy.

Top 8th Grade Performers

Jaden Winfield

C/o 2021 Jaden Winfield MVP

Jaden Winfield (MO) was MVP at the MSE Missouri Camp. He wore players down with his conditioning and decision making. He uses either hand equally to score or make plays.

Shemarree Shareef (MO) scores in transition before the offense turns into defense. He has nice size, athleticism and potential.

C/o 2021 Shemarree Shareef

C/o 2021 Shemarree Shareef

C/o 2022 Mark Mitchell (KS) scored three pointers or short jumpers off fast breaks. If defense set up, he dribbled out. He sprint back in transition if he lost the ball.

Duriel Rogers (MO) attacked from the wing with in-and-out and behind the back moves. He reads and reacts and knows game situations.

Top 7th Grade Performers

C/o 2021 Mark Mitchell

C/o 2022 Mark Mitchell

Vincent Ores (TN) created space on the floor to better operate. He played relentless not letting frustration take over.

Jarin Sanders (KS) put pressure on the interior defense with straight line drives. He attacked off the bounce and drew fouls.

C/o 2022 Vincent Ores

C/o 2022 Vincent Ores

Camden Andrews (TN) kept his eyes on the rim to make defenders guard him. He has a balanced attack in half court.

Top 6th Grade Performers

Makaen Hastings (KS) ran the secondary-fast break like a pro. He made the outlet pass or got to the foul line and didn’t rely on three pointers.

C/o 2022 Camden Andrews

C/o 2022 Camden Andrews

Demontrel Jones (MO) used the fast break to attack the defense. He made jumpers inside the arc of the paint or dished to man in the low post.

B.J. Wesley (MO) used a drop step and step through to score in the red. He’s as talented as his peers.

Top 5th Grade Performers

C/o 2023 Makaen Hastings

C/o 2023 Makaen Hastings

Ahmaad Ba (MO) is a quality player with skills and toughness. He got teammates involved, scored and played defense.

Julius Thedford (TN) is a thick junk yard dog with backcourt and upfront presence. He created his shot and didn’t wait for screens. His future is bright.

C/o 2023 Demontrel Jones

C/o 2023 Demontrel Jones

Robert Basks Jr. (KS) is a rising phenom with a catch-and-go game. He got his foot pass the defender’s hip to beat him.

Gerald Burris (TN) is scrappy with skills and a high basketball IQ. He passed, sealed his man and tussled to get the ball back.


C/o 2024 Julius Thedford

Dominic Jamieson (TN) hit threes and then shot fakes if defenders closed in. He was difficult to stop with his passes as well.

Donny Yeager (MI) has a wicked crossover and foot speed advantage. He has a good drive and dish game, plus NBA shooting range.

C/o 2025 Robert Basks Jr.

C/o 2024 Robert Basks Jr.

Jeremiah Davis (TN) is a beast in the paint. He has good footwork, pivot and counter moves. He carried his squad every game.

Phillip Moore (KS) is a heady point guard with court vision and one-hand passing ability. After he passes, he flares to the perimeter for a jumper.

C/o 2024 Donny Yeager

C/o 2024 Donny Yeager

MJ Yeager (MI) runs a team fast or slow pace, and scorches the ball from deep. He attacks open seams in the defense for layups. He also matched up in a decisive 1-on-1 game to become MVP.

Top 4th Grade Performers

C/o 2024 MJ Yeager

C/o 2024 MJ Yeager

Tavion Cummings (TN) has good dribbling and ball handling skills. He’s a threat to shoot, not only pass.

Ottabwa Dickson (TN) has a quick dribble and footwork. His skill set and instinct enables him to constantly perform at a high level.

C Dehrio McCaskill

C/o 2025 Dehrio McCaskill

Dehrio McCaskill (MO) was aggressive and energetic the whole day. He’s eager for the rebound or inbound pass to get the ball up court.

Carlin McCreight (TN) suffered an eye injury at the MSE Missouri Camp. But that didn’t stop him from looking defenders away and using pass fakes to open lanes.

Top 3rd Grade Performers

C/o 2026 Joseph Aghaeze

C/o 2026 Joseph Aghaeze

Joseph Aghaeze (MO) is an animated athlete who doesn’t rest on defense. He chooses his shots wisely and does the dirty work for his team.

C/o 2026 Mashad Griffin

C/o 2026 Kain McCaskill

Isidore Ba (MO) gets to the basket from anywhere within half court. His shots created driving and passing lanes for his teammates to even score.

Mashad Griffin (TN) confused players with his dribble and then made jump shot floaters in the lane. He surveyed the floor in triple threat position to avoid dribbling.

C/o 2027 LeDon Webb

C/o 2027 LeDon Webb

Kain McCasKain McCaskillkill (MO) is a top 3 player in the nation. He played lock down defense and drained jumpers from inside and outside.

2nd grade LeDon Webb (MO) was the youngest player to show up and show out. His personality, demeanor, skills and toughness is beyond his age. Currently he’s the nation’s best player in class of 2027.

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