Recap: 2017 MSE All American Game in Ohio

MSE All American Game


C/o 2021 Wisler Sannon (NJ)

The Middle School Elite All-American Game happened on Saturday January 7, 2017 at Pro Bound Sports in Blacklick, Ohio. Despite snowy conditions, over 65 players, third through eighth grade, from 25 states, ascended to the gym for intense training and talent showcasing.

In no particular order here are some top players that caught our attention.

8th grade Skyler Schmidt from Ohio is tall, strong, mobile, athletic and skilled. He can play high school varsity basketball as a freshman if he gets the opportunity.

7th grade Darion Smith from Indiana is a top-notch floor general, and he took no plays off. On offense he either dished, kicked, or up-and-under layup.

8th grade Jamari Buddin from Michigan offers nice size and athleticism. He grabbed boards, involved teammates, and played above the rim. He has a bright future.

5th grade Azavier Robinson from Indiana is the best kept secret that catapulted to No.1  nationally for class of 2024. At camp he averaged 15 points, 3 assist and 4 steals.

8th grade Travoone Jackson from Ohio is one of a kind and keeps the ball on the string. He dictated the offense and his shot fake had defenders in the air. High school varsity is next stop.

7th grade Nathaniel Houston from Ohio represented his state well. He is able to score near the basket, mid range and perimeter. Keep an eye on him.

4th grade Evin Eversole from Kentucky attended several MSE camps where he has vastly improved. Besides gaining a few inches and pounds, he’s fundamentally sound and physically aggressive.

8th grade Wisler Sanon from New Jersey earned MVP at camp. The young stud also demonstrated exceptional skills at the MSE Virginia Camp. High school scouts could sort after him.

3rd grade Aaryn Tate from North Carolina runs the fast break expeditiously. He has the sports genetics because his uncle plays for the NFL Buffalo Bills.

5th grade David Keary from Tennessee was unstoppable regardless of game situation. He is crafty with a deceptive ball handle and consistent jumper. His ranking moved up.

5th grade Donny Yeager from Michigan performed exceptional with and without the ball. He is a superb ball handler with perfect form and follow through on his deadly jump shot.

5th grade Julian Bunton from Kentucky used change of speed and direction to throw defenders off balance. He is a tenacious lockdown defender.

8th grade Neyland Jean from Tennesee was his usually self: grabbing rebounds and putting back shots off the glass. He is a beast with a high potential ceiling. Be on the look out!

5th grade Mason Carpenter from Ohio is built to last. He has the natural talent and necessary intangibles to be a successful athlete. He is a scorer and team facilitator though defensive minded.

4th grade Nick Moss from Geoegia has good ball handle, IQ and feel for the game. He is a scorer and team facilitator, and pest on defense. The future is yours.

2nd grade Shane Frantz from Ohio is the best 2nd grader in town, which he proved this past weekend. He is in tiptop shape and has a nonstop motor.

5th MJ Yeager Michigan from Michigan put pressure on defenders with a tantalizing crossover. He is able to stop and pass, or pop from anywhere on court.

3rd grade Isaiah Trelles from Florida is defineltely a top player his grade. There is no denying the lil one called “Hit Man”. He overwhelmed opponents with decisiveness, preciseness, and mojo.

5th grade Raylin Grant from Georgia used size, speed, skills to vanquish opponents. He is a hard-nosed warrior on both ends of the floor.

6th grade Makaen Hastings from Kansas ran the secondary break like a pro. He rushed the inbound pass, speed dribbled up court and executed play after play. He’s a top PG nationally– hands down.

5th grade DeMarr Foster from Ohio stepped up against the best players available. He has court presence and awareness. His overall skill set is up to par.

5th grade Nino Nesbitt from Ohio is a top 5 player in America. He broke traps with patent dribble moves, and scored before defenders collapsed. He has the goods.

5th grade Dontae Potts-heard from Georgia is a highly skilled athlete who can score at will off the dribble. His competitiveness  earned him top 5 player nationally.

8th grade Josh Wallace from Michigan is 6-2, agile and versatile. Has a back to basket game and able to face up down low. Wears size 14 shoes and predicted to grow 6-9.

6th grade Kizer Slone from Kentucky held his own against seasoned guards in the country. He showed he belonged by continually battling.

4th grade Colton Rawlings from Kentucky has improved his game every MSE outing. He’s a skilled, athletic playmaker who may be towering like his dad in the near future.

4th grade Tydus Summers from Kentucky sprouted a few inches since last year. He’s a bully when it comes to rebounding, scoring, defending and even tackling a lose ball.

5th grade Derion Reid from Georgia is one of the premiere big men in the country, and displayed elite skills at the MSE All American Game. Put him in the books.

7th grade Yamere Diggs from New Jersey was MVP of the MSE VA Camp. He has a knack for attacking while making plays in the lane.

5th grade Kyree Christian from Tennesee put on a point guard show, creating mismatches and picking apart teams with passes. He has an advanced skill set and high IQ.

3rd grade Chris Peavy from North Carolina performed admirably. He is strong with a tight dribble and ball handle as well as capability to lead a team.

7th grade Kasai Burton from Oklahoma played extra big for his size. He took advantage of smaller defenders and used quickness to blow pass bigger opponents.

6th grade Marquese Josephs from Canada made a name For himself in the U.S.A. The feisty lefty point guard kept his head up on fast paced breaks.

5th grade Fredrick Bailey from Tennessee is a straight A student athlete, and adept in basketball. He is tough, quick, and a fast leaner of the game. He should go far on-and-off the court.

5th grade Damani Day from North Carolina has a nose for the ball. He seems to always be at the right place at the right time. His AAU play on the summer circuit will elevate him.

3rd grade Amari Addy from Ohio deserves recognition for contesting the best of them. He is a heady guard that creates his own shot and gets teammates involved.

4th grade Darius Acuff Jr. from Michigan is an unselfish pure point guard with experience. He plays with moxie, grit and poise. Do not forget his name.

6th grade Demarris Day from North Carolina is ranked among the best in his class. He is a killer scorer in isolation on the wing. He’s definitely on our radar.

4th grade JR Bates from Ohio has unbelievable swag, style and skills. He more than held his own against a bunch of his savage peers.

3rd grade Brandon Mercer ll from Michigan handled his business. He found the open man in transition and set screens in half court. He back cut and v cut to gain possession of the rock.

6th grade Christian Burnett from Georgia dominated opponents with stamina, strength and skill set, and is able to shoot the skin off the ball from NBA range.

6th grade Kobi Gorman from Ohio played tough defense near the basket, boxing out for rebounds. On offense he made the extra pass to open teammates for easy shots.

Stay tuned for more camper evaluations and honorable mentions.

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