8th Grade MSE Top 25 National Player Rankings C/o 2022

MSElite 8th Grade/Class of 2022  

Middle School Elite rankings are based on a player’s performance at high-level tournaments and camps, overall team success, ability to impact games and long-term potential, plus “character, academics and talent.”

Rank, Name, State

9864AD3A-6972-4344-A8EB-41FC4B088629#1 Ramel Lloyd California

#2 Bryce Griggs Texas 

#3 Kyran Ratliff Louisiana

#4 Kasai Burton Oklahoma

#5 Trey Cheatham Texas

#6 Taylon Fuller California

#7 Ihsan Duncan Virginia 

#8 Robert Diaz California

#9 Ethan Dunn Michigan

#10 Noah Shelby Texas

#11 Chrisrian Ferguson Louisiana

#12 Russell Branch South Carolina

#13 Alex Hammond Louisiana

#14 Silas Demary Jr. North Carolina

#15 Zaireon Stewart Texas 

#16 Dionisio Martinez Texas

#17 Presley Bruskotter California

#18 Jordan Spry Texas 

#19 Corey Gordon Oklahoma 

#20 Donny Bishop Oklahoma

#21 Donovan Green Texas

#22 Quinten Hupp Nebraska

#23 Brandon Hoban Minnesota

#24 Bobby Jackson Maryland

#25 Kameron Ramsarran Florida

Honorable Mention

RJ Spencer Minnesota

Khalil Porter Georgia

Cristian Willis Georgia

Langston Terry Georgia 

Keon Hula Kansas 

Landan Maddox North Carolina

Jacques Prater Alabama

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  1. Matthew Perri says:

    Terry Elias Jr. In Illinois, Led crete-monee middle school 7th grade team to 17-0. Played on meanstreets, SOLO, and MUA AAU teams past year a force to be reckoned with this year

  2. J.R. says:

    Who is the best post player in this class?

  3. Danyail says:

    Jordan Conard is one of the best in class of 2022 he scores 20 to 30 a game you should look out Memphis,TN.

  4. MSHTV says:

    Tyler and Taylor Hendricks should be top 10 at least! They are disgusting

  5. Dawson says:

    Watch for Jonned Walker. He is ranked number 1 in Puerto Rico. No one can guard him.

  6. J.R. says:

    Wow. Kamari Lands and Chris Livingston have fell out of the top 54. I keep up with the top recruits in the class 2022. I look forward to my son facing them so I can see how he matches up.

  7. Monique says:

    Simon Tilahun go to his games, watch him play. He plays for 7th grade Edge. Usually plays at Maps Sports Facility. He averages like 30 points a game. Watch out Los Angeles.

  8. ojaryn says:

    mk mcbride is going top 10

  9. J.R. says:


  10. parker lanosa says:

    parker lanosa is one of the top players in florida he is a shifty point guard he can shoot the 3 and perfected his dribbling and his med range game he is one of the top players in his class for sure he will be at mshtv this September.

  11. Rob says:

    Tayshawn comer from team Teague needs to be on this list

  12. Leroy James says:

    Khristian Clark Lead His Middle School Team To 18-0 Last Year and 16-2 This Year Averaging 21 ppg 7.4 ast 2.7 steals and 5.8 rebounds.He should be Top 10 Rumors are he’s coming to a camp be ready for this youngbull.He Goes to School in Statesboro,Ga (William James middle school)And His Aau Team Is called Garden City Kings 2022.CHECK HIM OUT!

    • caden says:

      Too true i have personally played with Khristian Clark and i know he is a truly amazing player he can bang shots from all over the court takes countless ankles uses his size to get a lot of rebounds blows by everyone on the court with his amazing speed and his passing is some of the best i have ever seen LET’S GET HIM RANKED

    • Coach Dixon says:

      Kedric Tremaine Dixon Jr. @ #35. Best longer range shooter in the class

  13. F.C. says:

    Aden Casarez & Mike Price, Real Run 2022 in CA. Potent 1-2 combo. 2 of the best in Cali.

  14. Edwin says:

    Parker lanosa should be ranked for sure no doubt he is a shifty Guard like to get his team mates involved.works everyday on his craft late at night or early in the morning

  15. TB says:

    You got Bryce Griggs ranked way to low. Re-Evaluate. Trust me !!!!

  16. Michael says:

    Get to know the name Michael Andresakis Jr. He’s a 7th grader from a small town that nobody knows. Doesn’t matter where he goes, no one player can guard him. He is a top defender if not the best defender at his age group. He’s coming!!! You can run but you can’t hide. The most complete player in the entire age group.

    • VA says:

      And is it a coincidence that someone named Michael is talking this kid up?? I think not – let your game do the talking

  17. Daniel Godinez says:

    Orlando Gonzales out of Phoenix Arizona is an absolute beast! Lethal from all areas of the court. Don’t sleep on this young stud! Should absolutely be on this list!

  18. Devin says:

    Which nba team whould be emoni bates best fit

    I say indiana

  19. joshua hardy says:

    joshua hardy needs to be on this list he averages 18.8 points per games, 15 rebounds per game, 5 blocks a game, and at least 5 steals he is very athletic and a very strong player weighing 160 pounds and standing at 6’2 in 7th grade and also having 3.8 gpa and a honor roll student know one guard him at all he is unstoppable

  20. joshua hardy says:

    he also plays aau for the DMV Vipers and goes to school at Samuel Ogle Middle School in Bowie, Maryland CHECK HIM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Mike says:

    Johnny Divane is 6’5″, great handles, can hit from long range, soft touch. Runs the floor hard. Plays at QAS on Northwest side of Chicago.

  22. Lorenzo duffus says:

    You guys should look out for my son Lamonte duffus he is 13 and 6’3 center who can handle the rock and can lead is team from one of the worst teams to one of the best middle schools team in his league in Ct

  23. Lorenzo duffus says:

    He averaged 15ppg 8rpg 3apg 2bpg

  24. Lorenzo duffus says:

    His AAU team was Ct elite ran by coach Dave Taylor check my son Lamonte duffus out

  25. John says:

    Joshua Meo top 5 least set a one V one verse emoni bates he will destroy him this year he us going to mshtv camp catch him there

  26. John says:

    He is in florida going to the 8th grade and is going to Gotha middle school season starts January email me for more bout him he us a beast

  27. Unknown says:

    There is no way that Corey Williams shouldn’t be in the 2022 top 15. Great shooter, averaging 19 points a game, great ball handler and is a beast down low almost averaging 12 boards a game. This kid is going to make noise out of the state of Michigan, also his team D3 watch for this kid he’s a beast.

  28. unknown says:

    where is taylor groves
    he should be in the top 60

  29. Parker says:

    Parker lanosa should be ranked he’s getting looked at by multiply travel teams in Florida.To play he averages more than 12pts a game and 9 ast 2 steals his ball control and handle is crazy and his iq is Veary high his skill level as a pg is amazing should be ranked top 30 he will be making noise at mshtv and cp3 combine.

  30. parker says:

    Parker lanosa should be ranked top 30 for sure.He will showcase his talent at mshtv he works on his his craft every day.the whole summer hes in the gym for 5 hours or more and he will train the whole school year he is a shifty guard that can score and shoot. email me back for more.

  31. Nahija kumar says:

    Ziyan Ali ,I have been watching this kid playing ball since he was 192 lbs and his determination and didication today basketball he lost his weight made himself so fit and strong and he proved himself that he is the best player .his hard work has proved that he deserves to be here at the top position.

  32. Huggy dye says:

    Marshawn Sayles from champaign Illinois deserve attention a natural stretch floor can knock down the deep bomb with simplicity plays the game very calm but have seen him do it at a high level !!! Seen him compete with Illinois top players and is Illinois top 5 hands down !!!!

  33. unknown says:

    If these kids are ranked based on success in games and camps and their ability to impact games and long term potential the people ranking must not go to a lot of tournaments. There is at least one player on this list in the top 20 who doesn’t even start for the teams he plays on! None of them! Please, please explain that to me?! The Northwest has several great ‘ballers that aren’t here, but in the end it all comes out. Guess some people can’t let kids get by on their own merit, so they influence so called scouts to bump em up! Most of the players on here are damn good ballers. I’ve seen most of them at tournaments/camps around the country, but how many 7th graders you seen get drafted in the NBA?

  34. JR says:

    It will be twice as hard to knock Bobby Jackson off this list.

  35. Unknown says:

    Roosevelt Washington out of Arizona, he can run the floor and play good defense get 3-6 steals a game he can get a easy 15 Plus a game he talk on defense Down or up he put his all in it he Great at grabbing rebounds and looking up for the outlets he 5″11 he should be top 15 c/o 2022

  36. Unknown says:

    Roosevelt Washington AKA true Phoenix Arizona,he will go out every game is hard to GUARD him. He locked up Ramey Lloyd at the coca-Cola tournament this past year he should be top 20 class of 2022

  37. COACH SWEET says:




  38. COACH SWEET says:

    tired of being over looked

  39. Unknown says:

    Jeremiah Talton from Quincy,Illinois is a natural big wing guard standing at 6″3 and can knock down 3’s and a dangerous mid range game. He plays the game very calm and smart. Illinois have not seen this kid yet but I assure you they will here about him. I would say that he is in the top 5 and the scary thing about him that he turned 13 years old four months ago!!!!

  40. RE says:

    Y’all quit worrying about rankings.

  41. Coach Greg says:

    Man Alex Chris and Kyran should go 1,2,3 no doubt

  42. RE says:

    David Martinez on this list somewhere at the 1 or 2 spot easy

  43. Nola United says:

    Rece Porter, 8th Grader St. Augustine High School in New Orleans by far is the best 13 year old 3 gurad in Louisiana.

  44. Nola United says:

    Isisah Barnes is the best 13 year old/ 8th Grade point guard in Louisiana. He is playing Varsity at Archbishop Shaw High School in Marrero right now. He is not RANKED. Thats why we play with a huge chip on our shoulder.

  45. Ronnie Ratliff says:

    Jaron Ratliff from Portsmouth,Virgina is suppose to be up there he 6 ft in the 8th grade averaging 24pts and 12reb and 7 ast the baskeball season.

  46. Darian King says:

    Darian King is a 8th grade 5’5 point guard for Waters Middle School. He is currently averaging 15 points, 5 rebounds , and 5 assist a game. He likes to attack the basket and finish with either a floater or a lay up. King has a decent outside and mid range shot.

  47. Lebron James says:

    Kannon Klusmeyer is the most underrated basketball player in the country. he played my sons team and dropped 60 points and dunked several times.

  48. Byron Joyce says:

    This kid Russell Branch from a Small Town in Barnwell South Carolina plays Varsity and Starts as a 8 grader is a Pro Hes 6’1 and He’s a True Point The young man Avg 14 points 10 assit 5 steals

    I have been around basketball for a long Time and this kid Understands the GAME his Dad was one of the best players that ever came out of Virginia/Norfolk area.

  49. Fools Worry About Rankings says:

    Rankings hold ZERO value. This is just some dude with a free website and his opinion on a few guys he’s heard of. I guarantee you he’s never watched 90% of these kids. So why get all worked up that this kid or that kid isn’t listed? Stop worrying about stuff that doesn’t matter. Control what you can control and tune out this nonsense

  50. Michele says:

    Xavier Fong should be here! Jorge Mas Canosa middle school he is really good and try’s his best. Che k out his Instagram at itskingsean and anklebully305 from Miami, Florida

  51. Annonomys says:

    Emoni Bates not in list?

  52. Josh philostin says:

    My name is Josh Philostin.I am the best 2 way player in the class of 2024 check my highlight tape out https://youtu.be/4pHh5YymULs

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