Middle School Formers: Class of 2018 Marvin Bagley & Jaedon LeDee


We have released the “5 W’s of Youth Basketball Rankings” that gave a national timeline of grammar & middle school player rankings.

And two questions-and-answers show where players come from and are going to concerning youth basketball.

C/O 2018 Top 5 7th Graders Gavin Schoenwald (TN) and Marvin Bagley (AZ)

C/O 2018/7th grade Marvin Bagley (AZ)

1) Why is class of 2018 Marvin Bagley still a huge deal in middle school as well as high school?

Bagley was first ranked No.1 on MSE and became the ESPN high school top athlete.

2) Why is Jaedon LeDee as relevant to the class of 2018?

Mysteriously, he was the only legit prospect that hadn’t been ranked in eighth grade nationally.

MSE catches up with hoop fathers Mr. Bagley & LeDee

“Many people witnessed my son, but you are the first one to rank him number 1 in the nation and I appreciate it.” – Mr. Bagley

Jaedon LeDee

“I can admit you was the first ever to do middle school rankings. I saw your site years before you ever ranked Jae. The fact that I have made Jae play the best of the best regardless of classification has affected his rankings, because I make him play to improve, instead of dominate weaker talent. The kid has gotten better every year, his production proves it. Plus the Lord has bless him with continued growth. He is a legit 6’9″-220lbs, with unbelievable skills because he works extremely hard and started off as a PG. I can tell you there aren’t many better than him, in which he proves Year after Year. I know he will do it again this summer, but the true test will come his freshman year, because he will be one of the most dominant freshmen in College ball. That is what we have been focused on since 8th grade. In his case soon enough you will be able to tell folks I told y’all. Lol.” – Mr. LeDee

They both probably deserve some last laugh.

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