Basketball Player Rankings are Matter of Fact

Reality Rankings

imageI’ve heard people say rankings “don’t matter”. My goal, however, is to prove exactly the opposite.

What are rankings?

Accordimg to the dictionary, ranking (noun) is a position in a scale of achievement or status.

Ranking (adjective) is having a specified rank.

What is matter?

Matter (noun) is a physical substance in general, as distinct from energy and spirit.

Matter (noun) in printing means “written and printed material: Reading matter.”

I just proved rankings matter.

I call it visible-matter when we publish rankings via Internet.

Matter (verb) means be of importance; have a significance.

Is MSE of importance or have a significance?

This brings to mind the dozens of major news companies that publicized MSE.

ESPN, ESPN Mag, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Ohio Observer, Bleacher Report, Daily News, Hoop Scoop, Bloomberg News, Wall Street Journal, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, Yahoo Sports, Sports Illustrated, Dead Spin, Miami Tribune, Business Insider, CBS Sports, Fox and many, many more.

Not to mention, they reached out to MSE first.

“For a guy who taught himself the art of digital promotion, Jerry isn’t the easiest guy to reach. His voice mail is always full, and emails, if he doesn’t know you, aren’t answered promptly. But with persistence, I get to Jerry, and once he hears of my interest in his son’s story, he invites me to visit Fresno in December, a few days before the first high school game of Jerron’s career.” – ESPN

Why was ESPN and others adamant to contact MSE? Does MSE matter?

imageRemember that matter (noun) is a physical substance or reading matter. Matter (verb) means be of importance or have a significance.

I’ve clearly demonstrated rankings matter (noun) in a form of print, and rankings matter (verb) in terms of our importance or significance to the mainstream media world.

Later, I will discuss my thoughts about invisible matter, concerning energy and spirit, plus why parents greatly invest into their child’s exposure nowadays.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you still believe rankings do not matter after reading this article. Rule of thumb: People who propagate “rankings don’t matter” usually don’t exist, either.

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