Powerful 6th Grade Antwan Tharpe

Powerful Antwan

image6th grade Antwan Tharpe from Miami, Florida has a lot of potential for his age, and attends West Little River for academics.

Tharpe is a physical threat especially down low, and bangs his body against bigger opponents to control boards.

His dream college is Duke, and he wants to be a doctor. Sky’s the limit.

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  1. Coach White says:

    Stop !!!! 6 the grade, please !!!!! Looks like a 4 year hold back !!!!

    • MeeMeeLosa says:

      Keep yo Head Up lil Bruh, They Mad cause you not on They Team Like Kodak Said “They Don’t wanna See You Winning” They Hatting Even Grown Ups Size You Up You Gotta Keep Keep It Up F–K a Hater Honey keep it Going’! THey Aint Seen NO Blessed 13 yr Old Before.. It’s sad For The First Comment to be Negative and To Be Grown We Thought They would have been mature and Keep they Trap Shut But They Devil is Busy so “*PUT GOD FIRST* Stay Prayed up, Keep up the great Work And Keep Your eyes on The Prize” -That Time Of The Morning Why You Even Up? Cuz) They Lurking Bruh

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