The 3 P’s of Middle School Basketball

Percentage + Probability = Problems 

imageEach year hundreds of thousands of pre-high school (8th grade and under) AmAtUer student athletes anxiously fight for national rankings, exposure, and expensive free college sports tuitions.

The problem is that ninety-nine percent of players will not partake in Division I college basketball due to the NCAA’s dangerously low probability.

What is percentage and probability?

Percentage is the rate, number or amount in each hundred.

Probability is the likelihood of something happening.

The NCAA probability of competing in college athletics:

Percentage – out of 546,428 high school players only 18,684 receive DI, II, III college scholarships.

Probability – 3.4% of high school players compete in DI, II, III college sports.

Problem – “only 1.0% of HS participants do so at the Division I level,” says the NCAA.

They further warn the intense combination of athletics (performance), academics (cores, SAT/ACT and G.P.A), and politics (recruiting relationships/trade off) causes prospects systematically to not qualify at the NCAA Clearance House.

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