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CFA033E7-AAEA-4DF3-B6BB-B14D3F9F59B3Middle School Elite first mentioned or ranked No.1 the following players in their respective class.

The problem is that no one mentions it as if the recruiting news is irrelevant or unimportant.

Although MSE is grammar and middle school oriental if you cold shoulder the idea of our early exposure of potential top middle, high school, college, and professional athletes, the shallower your basketball well.

The resolve is to expose anyone hyping overjoyed AAU players, and claiming to have found them.

Class-of-2014, Brooklyn Nets NBA player Isaiah Whitehead attended the MSE NYC Camp in 2011. Time flew.

We first ranked the class of 2015, 2016 and 2017, besides we originated youth player basketball exposure and rankings via Internet.

Class-of-2018 ESPN No.1 Marvin Bagley from Arizona we ranked No.1 in 6th grade, and he maintained his rank throughout high school.

Class-of-2019, ESPN No. 25 Tyger Campbell from Iowa who committed to Depual was first ranked by us in 6th grade, and class-of-2029 ESPN No.1  Charles Bassey from Texas who we ranked No. 1 in 8th grade.

Class-of-2020 Kyrie Walker from Georgia/California we captured in 4th grade and then gave him a write up and No.1 ranking. He’s widely considered the top high school freshman. We also first promoted Shemar Morrow (CA), who’s since then been developing off the grid.

imageClass-of-2021 Zion Harmon from Maryland/Kentucky we ranked No.1 in 4th grade. He recently made Team USA and could be an ESPN 25 player next year.

Class-of-2022 Ramel Lloyd from California, we ranked him No.1 nationally in 5th grade. He’s currently 6’4″ and predicted to grow 6’7″.

Class-of-2023, 6’3″, Angel Corona from California, dropped into our hands in 5th grade at the MSE West Coast Camp over one year ago.

Class-of-2024, Jerry Easter II from Ohio, received national prestige after we ranked him No.1 nationally in 4th grade. The top grammar school player might enter 6th grade still at No.1.

We’re intensly working to identify the top player in each class of 2025 through 2028 for more future references.

We’re guessing this particular information, or basic words that are meaningful within itself have no affect on you, right? We know that which is why we wrote this truthful article as intellectual Gods. Everyone feel free to carry on with your academic nonsense.

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