Student Athlete 8th Grade Ziyan Ail

Student Athlete

image8th grade Ziyan Ail, Texas is an extremely bright registrant at AMCMS. He also was accepted into the National Junior Honors Society (NJHS).

Ail is a well rounded guard who can plays both sides of the floor and is extremely competitive as a player and person.

He wishes to attend UCLA, Texas A&M or Kansas and then partake in the NBA or be a successful businessman.

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  1. Glenn Thomas says:

    I have been watching Ziyan Ali play and practice basketball since he was 5 years old. He has improved each and every year. He is really good at 3 pointers. He has a great sports ethic.

  2. Sumera Lakhani says:

    Shine bright superstar Ziyan!!! Excellent work in all your games!!

  3. Laila says:

    Congrats Ziyan!! Keep up the good work!!

  4. Razia says:

    I read this quote 1 time but when I saw Ziyan Ali’s passion for the basketball this quote immediately came in to my mind “No Alarm clock needed.My passion wakes me up”.
    Ziyan Ali well deserved what he got, he is hard working and best basketball player on both end of the floor.

  5. ZIYAN ALI says:

    He is an awesome player.

  6. faiyaz adatiya says:

    I know ali since his birth and as he grew up he was taught by his mom to never give up. Every game, no matter how important or not it may be, he never takes anything for granted and he never gives up. He is a complete package of hard work and determination.

  7. Neha Kothari says:

    Awesome job! Keep it going buddy!

  8. Sameer says:

    Good luck bro

  9. Ashish Parbatani says:

    All the best Ziyan!

  10. N Veerani says:

    Very ambitious kid he has a goal and I think he will achieve it good luck kiddo hope to see you in NBA

  11. Minaz says:

    Wow ..keep rocking Ziyan Ali…

  12. Jo Ann Thomas says:

    I have known since he was in the second grade. Not only are his basket skills and knowledge of the game, he is a very god student. He knows the importance of balancing sports with his school work. He is an A student and he excells in everything he attempts.

  13. Ashraf Dharani says:

    So proud of all your hard work Ziyan. You balance both your school work and sports very well, excelling in both.

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