AAU Basketball vs College Executives

Pick Your Battles

imageAre you an AAU parent anticipating your child will gain a full ride Division I college scholarship?

Athletics, academics and character aren’t the only recrutiment determinents student athletes encounter.

Players must too face ramifications from their parents outright resentment for executive sports coaches, recruiters and analysts.

Here’s a prime example:

Did you hear of NBA Los Angeles Lakers’ player Lonzo Ball who played for UCLA last year? (Kudos to Zo)

If yes, then probably you’ve heard about his domineering AAU father, LaVar, who received   unprecedented aegis from ESPN.

Lonzo has two younger brothers, liAngelo (10th grade) and LiMelo (12th grade), who are committed to UCLA and ranked on ESPN as well.

Nevertheless, LaVar is a boisterous daddy-baller who recently caused mainstream media to volte-face and denounce his arrogance.

Even ESPN commentator, Jay Bilas, described LaVar as “misogynist,” once he learned LaVar politicked to douse an opposed woman referee in a heated AAU game.

“LaVar Ball has shown himself to be a misogynistic buffoon that is unworthy of our time and attention. I’m done.”

And the word out is that LaVar’s wife (Tina) works inside the California middle school system as an Athletic Director and behind the scene to spread their hyperbole.

Will the Ball family’s legacy start and end with Lonzo, and how can you avoid the same or similar circumstances?

As Jay-Z  said – “It was all good just a week ago.”

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