6th Grade Jerry Easter is the Next Marvin Bagley

Bagley Returns

Jerry Easter JRESPN said, “Marvin Bagley is a once in a decade player.” Right.

Although middle school sites ranked a then sixth-grade Bagley top-five nationally, MSE elevated him to no.1.

Despite pre-high school ranking turbulence, ESPN kept Bagley atop his class throughout high school.

From class of 2013 to 2023 (10 years), Bagley ruled.

The next “once in a decade player” is class of 2024, Jerry Easter, from Ohio who succeeds Bagley as the best player until 2034 (10 years).

Doctors predict that Easter will grow to 6’10”. Regardless, scouts say “he can be a 6’5″ point guard in the NBA.”

Easter’s father is 6’4″ and his mother is 6’1″. She hooped at the University of Michigan whereas he was a high school scoring machine.

Easter junior is important in the entertaining world of recruiting since he’ll remain MSE no.1 until reaching high school for ESPN to ultimately decide his college and career fate.

In addition, Easter is the most recognized, prepared and influential student-athlete to compete with Bagley.

Besides, I’ve spent time with the Easter family and became fond of their personalities. They’d be perfect for ESPN no.1 when their time eventually strolls around.

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  1. i think he will be one of the best player’s the world will ever see as long as stay focused and listens to his parents and coach and good good grades and follow God the world will be here’s what is all promise to you you will have many are called but few are chosen I believe he will be chosen you get yours little nephew God bless you and your family

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